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  1. La Favorita was a coffee bar whilst I was a regular (1965-66) they did serve meals of which my favourite was beef ghoulash. It was very popular with all types and much favoured by the scooter boys because we could all park opposite on a piece of spare ground. The kitchen staff were mainly asian and I particularly remember Munchi & Paris who were really nice guys. The Ajanta entrance was next next door and dowstairs this was a very nice Indian restaurant frequented by people with a few bob.
  2. Have you tried this https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/libraries/archives-and-local-studies/collections/police-force-records.html My father joined Sheffield City Police 1945/6 ish he was based at 'C' Division, Whitworth Lane, Attercliffe. I am not 100% but I think HQ was at Castle Green, at the rear was Water Lane, Charge Office & cells, 'A' Division, CID and CRO. 'B' Division was at West Bar (the Police & Fire Station Museum now), 'D' Division, Woodseats (The Police Station is still in use) 'E' Division, Hammerton Road, Hillsborough. It would be interesting to hear what you find out and what has prompted your search.
  3. The whole estate was built in the fifties I remember an Aunty was dead chuffed when she got a new council house up there around 1957
  4. Very observant Thylacine. Back in the day there was a lot footy played in the amateur leagues, and I seem to remember a few from here.
  5. There are two types of people, Sheffielders, and them's that wants to be. My son in law elect was told he could become an honorary Sheffielder by passing a few basic checks. What is Hendos, where would you find Stones, what is weshy and deedah, and what is a sneck lifter.
  6. It is not on the pubs list, Thylacine. Hence my post. A BSA 650, I used to dream of owning a big bike, which model? I had to wait until I was in my late fifties before I passed my bike test and got my first real bike.
  7. This was a frequent destination in the early/mid sixties for me, they had a good concert room which was always full on a Saturday night to watch the live turn (they had some crackers on). when I turned eighteen I used to love going in, always a chance of leaving with company. It was also a bit like the Wild West sometimes, the odd chair flying around and even people wasting beer! But good memories for me. I have not been back in over forty years, I wonder if it has changed much?
  8. I would be interested, especially a pint and a chat.
  9. This brings back memories! I think this was taken mid fifties. My Mum used to walk down to Gunstones at the bottom of Duke Street for bread (Dad insisted it was to be from there). We used to walk past the Norfolk Picture Palace on the way down. And sometimes back on the tram to the top of Fitzwalter Road (quite a treat). We used to live at 13 Seabrook Road, which was off Stafford Road. My wife has had a look and seems to think that is the Victoria Hotel, now the Holiday Inn?
  10. Good point about the use of 'NEWBIE' it is something I have clearly picked up from t'internet, however you can see I refer to myself as a new member in the text. I think that my Mum, who chose my name must have had an interest in America as my name is not the traditional Geoffrey, so I may be showing a slight leaning. As a proud Yorkshire man I will give myself a good talking to, and correct this tendency to Americanisms.
  11. Thanks for that, I have not been around there for years. But nice memories.
  12. In the late sixties the snooker room was considered state of the art and I remember going to watch John Spencer take on some lesser known, for money. It was a busy place at that time. The barbers below was owned by a really nice guy, I think he was Italian (alfredo comes to mind) and was very popular amongst us young trendies (
  13. Very interesting reading. I left Hurlfield Xmas 1962 (last of the Xmas leavers) could not wait to get out. The standard of teaching was poor generally with many of the masters ruling with fear, and I believe one or two were deranged or sadists. The people I most respected being, Mr March (History, Geography and RE), Mr Howarth (Art) Mr Jennings (Science) Mr Hartley (English) Mr Machin (PE) Mr Coldwell & Mr Crawshaw (Maths) and Terry Wilson (Woodwork). They were all people whom I found fair, and able to stimulate their pupils, these guys were no pushovers but were not over enthusiastic with the stick or slipper and always commanded respect even if it was grudging from a bunch of adolescents. I am still in touch with Terry Wilson who still lives in Sheffield. A lot of the lads did well after leaving school but I lost touch down the years as i moved around the country.
  14. Just to say hi as a new member, I have visited the site many times and must say how much I have enjoyed ambling through.