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  1. Okay, loads of info there. I think an educated guess (the only kind i know........) would put the boarding house just south of the extention of Charles Street on the east side of the street, so between Cross Burgess Street and Union Street. That's a little lower than were I'd pinned it in Google Earth :-) Thanks. Dave.
  2. Hi guys and gals, I've been hunting down my relatives over the past few years and at the moment I'm researching "The Sheffield Connection". There are (of course) two avenues to go down : 1. The Abrahams family (thats mine) 2. The Scales family. I've traced both lines back to 1841 and i'm concentrating now on my lineage. Apparently my great, great, great grandmother Ruth was running a boarding house (boarding house keeper) in 1851, the address of which was 43, Coalpit Lane (now Cambridge Street). I was wondering if that building was still around. Personally, I reckon it's where John Lewis now stands but then i don't know how the numbers ran at the time. Any info is welcome. Dave.
  3. According to one of my relatives we're related to a bunch of sheep <removed> from the 14th century, so most of my relatives eat grass !!!! :-( Seriously, though, I've only got back as far as 1841 at the moment. Just another 1000 years or so to go. Dave.
  4. Hi guys and gals, I'm Dave and a new member. Half of my family are from Sheffield (my fathers side). I was born in Birmingham, but i'm alright now. At the moment I'm living in the Netherlands (since 1978) and this is a good way to do some research into my background. I've already traced the family back to 1841 and found (nearly) all the places they lived and pinned them in Google Earth, but there are loads of questions i still have so you'll see me around on the forum. Have a good one, Dave.