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  1. I was there for a short period in Miss Metcalfes class, I failed the eleven Plus and then went on to Hurlfield S M boys. (1958) I remember Keith White, Martin Oakes, Peter Challans and Ernest Booth who all come to mind. I have some great memories of Hollinsend Park, 25 a side football, the Park was always kept immaculate and a pleasure to be in.
  2. Thank you for that very interesting, we lived on a diamond mine which had it's own fleet of aircraft which flew regularly to Nairobi, there was a Dakota and two DeHavilland Doves. I was allowed on a couple of flights to sit next to the pilot which was a big thing for a young lad like me.
  3. In October 1955 as an 7 year old I accompanied Mum & my little brother to join my Dad in East Africa. We flew back from Nairobi in 1958 the pilot a Captain Cooke recorded the journey (see below) it is a bit quicker now.
  4. I am sure Roger Sherwoods (hair salon) and Moss Bros or another gents outfitters were on here.
  5. My Father used to frequent both of these pubs when he was in CID late 1940s and early 1950s as they were good sources of information.