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  1. Many thanks SteveHB, the map you produced is great, it really is.So looking say from Halifax Road towards the Centenary Methodist Church there are a row of buildings . . . the Church cannot be in view . . . would that be correct and maybe the reason of my not noticing it?
  2. Am i correct in thinking there are or were three Churches within say roughly 300/400 yards of each other on Halifax Road ? If so could someone be kind enough to explain to me exactly where they were positioned ? 1).The above one Centenary Methodist Chapel .I have passed many times by the funeral home and had not noticed it ,so where on a map might it be? 2)There is also a little Church /Chapel on the same side of the road about 100 yards above the bridge . 3)The third one . . . now this is a real mystery to me.A family member once told me of a Church being somewhere near the junction of Halifax Road / Penistone Road.This one is a real puzzler. Any help with maps of all three Churches would be kindly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  3. Wonder if someone can help please . Just a few things that maybe someone can help and can sort for me. (1). Is the Church and / or Priory the same building ? (2).Where in Ecclesfield are they exactly /addresses ? (3).Are they still in use for services? (4).Other than St Mary's Church are there any other Churches in Ecclesfield? (5).There has been talk that Ecclesfield Church is the same as St Mary's Church. (6).I personally believe the two are not connected , but would love someone to solve the mystery for me please.
  4. Hiya -Voldy pal, can't recall the Wednesday 3-1 v Utd match during War Years . On the 6th of February 1943 Utd beat Wednesday 3 - 1 at Bramall Lane.I believe it to be a Lge North / County Cup match. (Could this be your first Wed v Utd match ?). On the 13th of February 1943 Wednesday beat Utd 8 - 2 at Hillsborough in the return match Lge North / County Cup match. You're absolutely correct in saying Albert Ashley wore the No 2 shirt at right back , he played in both matches.
  5. Well done Voldy, it was Charlie SHADDOWS Tomlinson outside left ( 1944 - 1951 with the Owls ). In 1949 he scored the fastest ever goal by an Owls player in 12 secs PNE v Wednesday at Deepdale. John Pearson equalled this achievement (12 secs ) Owls v Bolton in 1982.
  6. Not Dennis Woodhead although he too was a very fast winger who totalled 21 Lge and Cup goals in the 1953/54 season. This was a great achievement for a non striker providing crosses for Jackie Sewell, Albert Quixall ' Golden Boy ', Redfern Froggatt, and ex Miller Jack Shaw plus Clarrie Jordan ex Donny Rovers. You're absolutely correct Voldy in saying Cyril " Mother " Turton the defender. Well done. Just waiting now for someone to name the player given the nickname " SHADDOWS ".
  7. Anyone remember these two Post - War Owls players. One a flying winger - - - he partnered Redfern Froggatt . One a stalwart defender - - - known famously by fans as being able to run faster backwards than he could run forwards.
  8. ​Remember Harry very well , he was the pilot (cyclist )of all Sheffield United Harriers races and major races that took part  In the 50's/60's/70's.  
  9. Can anyone sort and explain some rivers out for me please. Steve produced the Ordnance Survey map showing the river Loxley passing Eaton &Booth and Swift Brothers . Didn't the river Rivelin join the river Loxley at Malin Bridge ? If so is it correct then it became the river Loxley ? So did the Loxley join the river Don ? If it did at what juncture would it be ? I never imagined the river Loxley to come so far down as Eaton & Booth/Swift Brothers.
  10. Thanks for confirmation Eaton & Booth. What a lovely photo produced by Steve. The forge emitting steam through the pipe outlets above the river Loxley. Don't know if anyone noticed on the Ordnance Survey map it included the letter " r " by mistake in Livesey St.
  11. On the photo 'Picture Sheffield ' corner of Livesey St/Penistone Rd during the 1950's/1960's there used to be a forge . I believe and am almost certain it was called Eaton & Booth ( forgers). Wonder if someone would be able to confirm it for me .
  12. Murdoch Road is the CORRECT spelling and NOT Murdock Road . I lived just around the corner on Adlington Road and passed Murdoch Road on my way to school , Southey Green Secondary school for ten years every day. I used to take a particular interest in street names , as I was pretty good at spelling.
  13. When Colin played during the 1950's the maximum wage for a professional footballer was £20 a week. With Colin being an exceptionally good singer he supplemented his wages by singing in pubs and working mens clubs throughout South Yorkshire.
  14. Thanks neddy I somehow knew you would come to help.It was today a relation gave me the following information.1911 census .6 ct 5h Brunswick Rd William Henry Fisher age 33 Minnie Fisher 31 Nellie Fisher 7 May Fisher 5 William Henry Fisher 3 Minnie Fisher 1 So I was trying to find out if the family still lived there in the 1921 census and the 1931 census, so I could bridge the gap as you know where my grandmother lived at 114 Pitsmoor Rd and where I was born 4ct 1 house Pitsmoor Rd/Tower Hill in 1938.
  15. I am trying to get some Information about my mam. Only yesterday did l happen to find out my mam lived at 6 ct 5 house Brunswick Rd with her mam and dad, sisters and brother in the 1911 census. What I would like to know is did they still live there at the 1921 census and the 1931 census. Also I would like to know when Brunswick Rd was demolished for slum clearance. The family name is Fisher.Someone please help. Does anyone happen to have some photos of Brunswick Rd, as having never seen where my mam was brought up, it would be very nice see some.