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  1. I am trying to find out where my grandfather was Baptist his name is Joshua William Fothergill born on the 5 Oct 1887 on his birth certificate the address he was born was 424 Brightside lane Also I am looking for my grandmother baptism her name was Florence Fedora Corker born 25 Aug 1884 she was born in Carlisle Street the last one iam looking for is my father's baptism his name was Stanley Fothergill born 5 Jan 1921 he born at 43 Charlisle street I would be grateful because I do not live in Sheffield and I have tried before without any results Thanks
  2. When I came back to Sheffield I bought a book called Sheffield castle and at the back wall of the meat market they is still walls of Sheffield castle
  3. I been looking at my parents marriage certificate and notice that my mother was a riveter during the war then a few weeks ago I was watching Flog it and Paul Martin was talking to two women and they was talking about there time working in the steelworks during the war and what happened was that if you was single or married and no children then you had to go to the labour exchange and given two choices you could work in the steelworks or being a land girl most took working in steel works and it was hard work but if you asked about what you was making they just keep your nose out and most women did not ever talk about it is there anything on women working in the steel works
  4. Thanks Steve I do not know if your family know mine my family name was Florence and Herbert Goodinson also my gt grandmother surname was Wragg also my GT aunt and uncle was Bertha and James Myers I always wonder where Athrol Street was I thought it was around Heeley Emma
  5. Where was Athrol Street I know it was some where in Heeley also have any body got any photo's my family lived there until the late 1960's before been demolished
  6. I remember Setts Market I had a uncle who owned a fruit and veg stall every time I saw him I used to be given a apple also used to see him wheeling his barrow and I used to go with him to fetch the fruit or veg
  7. I found a cousin while researching my father's side of the family and we go back to Saxon kings you will find it interesting
  8. I am trying to find any information on Public hospital in West Street I know it was not there very long I know that it was a hospital was there in 1883
  9. Iam trying to find out what pit my gt uncle would have worked in during the Edwardian era he lived in Carlisle Street and was a coal miner is there any info on pits in Sheffield
  10. I am trying to find 2 school which my ancestors may have attended the first one I am trying to find is around Brightside Lane, Don Road, Alfred Road/Street and Newhall Road Iam looking from 1893 to 1920 the second one is around Burngreave my ancestors lived on Carlisle Street from 1895 till 1930 Also iam trying to find out when the houses on these street was pulled down I do not live in Sheffield and unable to get to Sheffield any info including maps t Thanks
  11. I came to Sheffield to go around the cities cemeteries to look for my ancestor's I went to Abbey Lane and I was shocked with the state of the cemetery and how neglected it was I was looking for my 2nd gt grandmother grave armed with a map I thought no problem but where she is buried there is no headstone just smashed or broken headstones
  12. I just can not understand why castle market is not a listed building it is part of Sheffield history and it should be I was reading once a book called Sheffield castle and that the castle went a far as the queen head
  13. I am trying to find any info on Little Italian West Bar during the 1850 till 1900 is there any photo's which shows how west bar looked