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  1. Athy

    Shops In Gleadless

    Hunt's doesn't ring a bell - perhaps they came after Quirk's, who were there when we left Sheffield in 1962. I rather think that the people before Quirk's were the owners of Major, a friendly boxer dog which used to walk down to our house as he knew he's get made a fuss of and be fed some table leftovers. But I just can't think of their name at the moment.
  2. Athy

    Manor Top Telephone Exchange

    It was our actual number: Sheffield 37605. STD codes had not yet been introduced then as far as I'm aware. We were in Gleadless Avenue, Sheffield 12.
  3. Athy

    Manor Top Telephone Exchange

    Interesting, Andy, though I don't quite grasp it. So, our phone number in Sheffield in the early '60s was 37605. What can I deduce from that number? (And, I wonder, why on earth do I still remember it?)
  4. A McDonald's has closed down? That must be a step forward for civilisation. It's a pity about BHS and Woollies, though, two shops which had "always been there" and which many of us thought always would be.
  5. Athy

    Who has played Sheffield City Hall?

    I rather think that there is an older thread which covered this ground. I'll start you off with The Original Drifters + Ronnie Jones & The Q Set, The Trends and Alan Bown (with lead singer Jess Roden) in, I think, 1967 - the first proper gig I ever went to. The "Original" Drifters weren't the ones who were currently making records; they were led by Bill Pinkney who had been a Drifter some years earlier. The show was a fund-raiser for the Mojo Club and I think Peter Stringfellow was compering. He was certainly there. There may have been one more act which I have forgotten.
  6. Athy

    Another mystery building in Sheffield

    It looks like Icarus....Sun Alliance Building Society?
  7. Athy

    Old Sheffield Shops...

    I definitely remember it as being on the opposite side - that is to say, the left-hand side as you come up from Gleadless. But this is 50 + years ago, so who knows?
  8. Athy

    Old Sheffield Shops...

    Has anyone yet mentioned the Fifty Shilling Tailors, in a parade of shops somewhere opposite the Manor Cinema? It was a good name even though the price was probably way out of date by the time (late 1950s) I first noticed it. My Dad said he thought that when they first opened they would make you a suit for fifty shillings, but I don't know how long ago that was. EDIT: Wikipedia suggests that it was one of a chain, founded in Leeds in 1905, which eventually grew to 400 shops, and that it was later sold and became John Collier ("The window to watch").
  9. As well as hamburgers, Wimpy was the home of "Bender - The meaty Frankfurter", not the greatest choice of name, and "Shanty - The golden fish fillet".
  10. I remember, as a small boy, the Whitsun parade in Gleadless, as it went right past our house on Gleadless Avenue. How proud I was, as a slightly larger boy, actually to take part in it with the group from our Sunday School. I don't remember my clothes being brand new for the occasion but I do remember Mum making sure that I was turned out smartly, shoes shined, hair tamed and so on. I don't know if they still have the parade but I fear not.
  11. Athy

    Kinks on Southey Green

    I looked at the thread title and was expecting a reference to an open-air gig by Ray Davies and his group. I wonder if they would have been so successful if they had called themselves The Kirks.
  12. Good luck with your article, Rob, perhaps it will stoke up public opinion and get things moving.
  13. Athy

    Grandma's Coal Crystals

    Blimey, you've revived a VERY distant memory. I think that when I was at Gleadless County School - and probably still in the infants - one of our teachers had a jar of them in the classroom. Or it may hav ebeen one of my numerous Aunties in her house. Certainly I was still very small at the time.
  14. Athy

    Street Photographers

    Yes indeed, I have one of me aged about 4 or 5, with my late Dad, standing (I think) in Fargate. I posted it on Face Book last December in celebration of my Dad's centenary. I don't recall the snap being taken.
  15. Athy

    Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    You found something which you could taste in a McDonald's? Aren't you the lucky one?