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  1. Is this the perfect Sheffield meal?

    Perfect meal? Only if tha's got a reet big gob.
  2. Miffa, I had not heard of Caramac for years either - but last week Mrs. Athy and I visited the Hatton Shopping Village in Warwickshire. One of the stores is a traditional sweetshop and, lo! and behold, they had Caramac bars in stock. I just had to buy one; unfortunately, I agree with you regarding the (lack of) flavour. It wasn't unpleasant but I wouldn't cross the road to buy another one.
  3. The Old Pond Street Bus Station

    What a memory-jerking photograph. I think my 'bus home, the 102, departed from the first lane, though whethe rit was from the single-storey glazed shelters or the taller domed bit further along I can't remember. To get to Pond Street from King Ted's I had to catch a service down Glossop Road (54, 55 or 60), get off at (I think) the City Hall, walk down Fargate, along Chapel Walk and then down a very long flight of steps which started somewhere opposite the Lyceum Theatre and came out near Pond Street. These steps were always taken at breakneck speed! OIddly, going from home to King Ted's I took a different route, getting off the 101 or 102 at Harmer Lane (the last request stop before Pond Street) and walking back round the corner where the 60, etc., began their journeys opposite the Midland Station. I can't remember why I used these two different routes.
  4. Sheffield Trams Past & Present

    Looks interesting. I still have my Last Tram Souvenir book which my Dad bought for me after we travelled on no. 506 from the city to Vulcan Road and back on the last day of operation - is there much duplication in the text and illustrations?
  5. HODGSONS Camera Shop

    How nostalgic to see a photo of a camera shop (even if the frontage appears to have been designed by a committee). Not so long ago, every town of any size would have one, and any city centre would have several. I guess that the rise of mobile telephones which can double as cameras has sounded their death knell. Any TT (tourist tat) shop at the seaside would stock some Kodak, Ilford or Agfa roll films too. Last year, on holiday in Southern Spain, I had great difficulty in obtaining a roll of film for my traditional camera.
  6. You could be right, Voldy, though I don't remember them under that name. I am not sure if anyone has yet mentioned the sweets which were immensely popular when I was a boy, but which seem to have disappeared now: Spangles.
  7. Marti Caine

    Some time about 1980 my friend Peter promoted a blues tour starring Tommy Tucker (Hi Heel Sneakers) and Chicago's Billy Boy Arnold, who was accompanied by his brother Julio Finn. When they weren't touring around the country the musicians stayed at one of the innumerable hotels in London W.2, and one evening I accompanied them and Peter to its basement bar where we had a merry evening. As the evening went on, Julio became more and more interested in a slim lady sitting alone at a table, and eventually went over and chatted to her, obviously hoping to get to know her better real soon. Peter whispered to me, "Do you know who that is?" I did not. "That's Marti Caine" he replied. I guess she too stayed there when she was performing in London. I never did find out if Julio got lucky.
  8. The Sheffields

    Christine, was that the same Chris Spedding the guitarist, who became a prolific sessionman in the '70s and had a hit of his own with 'Motor Biking'? I do remember The Sheffields ('Bags Groove' on Pye Records, from memory) but had no idea that he was a member.
  9. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    I don't know the street but I'm pleased I didn't walk down it if that lot were lurking at the end of it! There was a quite big rock'n'roll revival in the early '70s: old rock'n'roll hits were reissued, acts like Haley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee toured Britain and drew big crowds (and unfortunately Chuck recorded his Ding-a-Ling during one such tour) so perhaps the photo dates from that era.
  10. During the week, Penny Arrow toffee bars, Jamboree Bags if I was rich (e.g. after Uncle Frank, lovely man and adept dispenser of half-crowns, had been to visit), and an odd little item called Car-Tin, like a tiny shoe-polish tin with a picture of a car on top and lots of tiny, strong pieces of liquorice inside. On Saturdays, it town shopping with parents, on the way back to the car park we would always call in a marvellous sweet shop more of less opposite the Lyceum Theatre. I'm sure I bought a variety of confectionery there, but the one which sticks in my mind is Peter's Milk Chocolate with its brown wrapper, I don't think it was on sale in many places, and it was very more-ish.. I once met Arthur Haynes in that shop (and got his autograph) when he was appearing at the Lyceum.
  11. Does it still do anything? And when it did, what did it do?
  12. Thank you for this memory! Assuming it's the same shop (on the other side of the road from, for example, the Fifty Shilling Tailor and the library) then I regularly bought my Airfix aeroplane kits there, and I do remember the glass cabinet of fireworks, I bought some of those too.
  13. BO DIDDLEY (nearly)

    Who was a cheeky boy then? Best of luck explaining that situation to Bo, whom I once interviewed, and who was a no-nonsense, straight-talking and indeed cantankerous man. But surely Pete would still have had to pay them something?
  14. Redgates Toy Shop - Sheffield - Photos

    Yes indeed - I had Bayko and loved building houses with it. Apparently it was owned by Meccano. I think that a new upstart competitor was just starting off, but I couldn't see how bricks with knobbles on them would ever catch on. That was Lego.
  15. 1960 Sheffield tram journey.

    Found! (In Tesco).