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  1. Bev's photo now has 26 "likes" on the vintage reggae forum, so obviously quite a few people remember the name.
  2. I posted it on the old ska and reggae forum and got lots of "likes" and comments. One music historian from Sweden even sent me this photo from 1963. It shows Vinley with compere Anthony Cobb at a big show, headed by Jamaica';s biggest star of the time Derrick Morgan, on which he appeared. Thanks to Ludde Myrsell for permission to reproduce it.
  3. That's how I remember it, yes - though, as an Old Edwardian, I would say that, wouldn't I?
  4. Superb, thank you very much for going to the trouble of posting these. Would you mind if I reproduced the photos on a vintage ska and reggae forum of which I am a member? Not for any commercial gain, you understand.
  5. It's still of considerable interest, don't worry!
  6. Thanks for posting that - though it appears to refer to a covered driveway where the carriages and horses can wait, rather than the cabmen's rest room shown in the photo.
  7. It is ironical that this, the last main line to be built in Britain, was also the first to close, or at least most of it was. Thanks for the information about the bigger loading gauge - I never knew that.
  8. I never knew that there used to be a cabmen's shelter, not unlike the ones you used yo see in London, outside the Mid.
  9. I used to walk past it every day, as Chapel Walk was on my route home from King Ted's to Gleadless. I also went to a few services there with my friend and his parents. I may have got this wrong, but did they have exhibitions there? About 1962 I went to a model railway exhibition in some large hall in Sheffield, and got a photo of me me admiring a model railway layout printed in the 'Star'. I really can't remember if it was Victoria Hall or somewhere else.
  10. I remember it well. On the top floor was a barber's where my Dad used to take me to have my hair cut when I was quite small- so small that they had to put a board across the chair for me to sit on. I remember how grown-up I felt the first time that they dispensed with the board. Oddly, he never had his hair cut there - he remained faithful to a barber called Henry Wheeler in Woodhouse, near where he taught.
  11. Who remembers 41209 and 41245? The two 2-6-2 tank engines which were used for shunting ("station pilot" I think it was officially called) duties at Sheffield Midland?
  12. Perhaps the more neutral "Mark" would be an appropriate verb. On the other hand, the final end of this terrible conflict must indeed have been just cause for celebration.
  13. What a fascinating post. I hope you get some answers. Quoting the car's registration number may jog someone's memory. For no apparent reason, people tend to remember that sort of thing. I still recall that my Dad's first two Hillman Minxes were KAL 554 and 772 WB, and that's well over 50 years ago.
  14. Excellent detective work! It is interesting to note, from one of the reports, that attacks on players and/or officials by spectators are far from being a new phenomenon.
  15. The player at front right is the same person in the top two photos also - and is that him,a bit older and now moustached, in the third photo too?