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  1. Does anyone recognise this place?

    That's a very good suggestion. So, not long-forgotten Hallamshire Troglodyte dwellings after all, but likely something more prosaic!
  2. Does anyone recognise this place?

    Once seen, never forgotten I should think - I can't remember seeing one as tall as that! The buildings (?) to the left intrigue me. Were they some sort of railway arches or caves let into the embankment? If so, what for?
  3. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Yes, but on a Saturday night?
  4. Fargate postcard

    They were evidently astute, changing from "furrier" to "furniture"! It would be hard to make a living selling furs these days as they've been out of fashion for 20 years or more.
  5. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Blimey, I counted 13 of them (though I didn't notice any turning left). Would it have been beyond the wit of the timetable department to stagger the departures by a couple of minutes each? 11.15 sounds rather early for last departures in a major city.
  6. Fargate postcard

    Good, so we now know that the photo is from 1951 at the earliest and 1961 at the latest. I am looking for other details which might be clues. When were those concrete 'bus shelters introduced? North British & Mercantile Insurance was taken over by the Commercial Union in 1959, but it is unclear whether their branches were rebranded straight away.
  7. Fargate postcard

    A bus enthusiast may perhaps recognise the single deck bus or coach coming up the road - it looks as if it was a quite modern one at the time. When was that type introduced?
  8. Gloops Cot Fund

    I was a member of the Gloops Club circa late 1950s, I had (and possibly still have in a box somewhere) a badge which I think was yellow. But I don't remember ever realising that Gloops was supposed to be a cat.
  9. Yes, this just gets better - quite fascinating. I am not sure that I would trust an accountant called "Short".
  10. So, 1902 at the earliest. This is great detective work! I can read "Factory" on the upper walls of a building on the left, but not the writing above it. Can anyone decipher it?
  11. That's good information, Arif, and corroborates my estimated date for the photograph. Where on the internet can it be found? I am asking because I wonder if you have published other, similar, photographs there.
  12. Without having noticed Calvin's post, I thought "Edwardian era" too. Electric trams didn't come in until 1899, and the clothing, especially that of the ladies, suggests pre-WW1. Perhaps someone who knows more than me about which routes were electrified in which years, and perhaps when car 158 was built, could help us to pin down the year. Note that the trams are the only wheeled vehicles in sight - I would think that by 1914 a motor car or two would have probably been on the street. But whatever the exact date, it is an Exceedingly Good Picture.
  13. Victoria Train Station

    Several railway companies acted similarly: the LB&SCR with 'Remembrance' and the LNWR with 'Patriot', I can't think of others off-hand but there may be some.
  14. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    It had the last 'bus stop before Pond Street - a request stop which was convenient if you wanted to nip back round the corner and catch a 54, 55 or 60, as I did when going to King Ted's.
  15. Excellent - and there's "my" tram 506! Who knows, my Dad and I may even have been on the upper deck at that very moment. So, the Vulcan Road route existed mainly to serve a steelworks? That would explain the "underwhelming" surroundings. I tried to give you a green point but it doesn't seem to work (perhaps there is a time restriction in awarding them?) so have a virtual one.