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  1. Old Sheffield dishes

    Yes, my Mum never served it like that but I had it at other people's houses. After all, it's the same mixture as pancakes, which can be eaten savoury or sweet.
  2. Can you guess where this is?

    Fabulously atmospheric pictures, W., thanks for posting them.
  3. It looks as if Boginspro is correct. I must admit that I have never heard of this group, and I can't find anything about them on the internet. Did they, or any of them, find fame?
  4. Hmmmm....lead singer appears to be wearing glasses. From the haircuts and the fairly weensy speakers/ amplifiers, mid-1960s. But no I can't. Do you know the answer? I'll take a guess at The Zombies.
  5. The Sheffield Star and Telegraph

    Are those Model T Fords? They look like the "Lledo" range of die-cast vintage models which were popular some 20 years ago.A 1920s photo, I would guess.
  6. Goodbye Wicker Arches?

    I believe that the huge Cardington hangars are now back in use for a new airship project.
  7. Old Sheffield dishes

    I think this was the "traditional" way of serving Yorkie Pud. The idea was, it was cheap to make and it was filling, so family wolfed it down and had less stomach room left for the more expensive meat, which could therefore be served in smaller portions!
  8. Old Sheffield dishes

    Would those be two slices of potato, with a layer of fish in between, cooked in batter? If so, we used to get them from Furniss' fish & chip shop on Hollinsend Road and they were delicious.
  9. Old Sheffield dishes

    Moddies, through the wonders of technology this topic has posted itself ten times; could some of them be pruned, please?
  10. Old Sheffield dishes

    Yorkshire pud with onion gravy. Parkin.
  11. Photos of Darnall - what year/s?

    Thanks for that information: I had no idea that zebra crossings were of such recent origin, but I looked them up and yes, they were first tried out in 1949 and were generally introduced in 1951.
  12. Hmmmm... - He's one of Sheffield's first moslems and it's prayer time? - He is a pavior fixing a loose slab? - He's a member of the Sheffield curling team practising for a forthcoming match? - He's just proposed to the lady in white who has turned him down?
  13. Twikker

    Yes, my Dad used to buy it every year. Is it no longer published?
  14. The Wicker - early 1900’s

    It actually looks too good to be true, as if it's a still from a film. Can anyone make out whose horse-drawn van it is? I magnified the picture but still could not make out the lettering. Also, there appear sto be a crowd of people in the misty left background. What could they be doing? Waiting for a tram?
  15. Sheffield Scout Groups

    Regarding the 167th (King Edwards): there were three troops, A, B and C, extant in 1960. I joined C troop - because I liked their broad-brimmed scout hats and the other two wore berets I think! - but this was disbanded in summer 1961, after which I joined B troop, which was certainly still going in 1962 when I left Sheffield; indeed , thinking back, it was still going in 1964 when I took my patrol from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, where I' moved to, on a joint camp at a farm in the Peak District (Shimwell's, can't remember the village, may have been Great Longstone) with my friend's patrol from B troop. So, if B troop really was closed in 1934, it must have been revived at some later date.