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  1. jackanne


    I remember using the cigarette machine outside browns on Gleadless avenue on way home from Hurlfield school.
  2. I think it is the walk way at the back of Woolco.
  3. jackanne

    Is this the best Fish and Chip shop????

    Furness chip shop on Hollinsend road is long gone,all the block of houses has gone and it is now a row of bungalows.
  4. jackanne

    Demolition of Sheffield

    Ron Sanderson was my cousin and he was a very good photographer,he died about 20 years ago.
  5. jackanne

    What do we know about this part of town?

    Rippon Brothers garage on Ellin Street was a Rolls Royce dealer in mid 60s.
  6. jackanne

    Extinct Sheffield Food Brands

    Many years ago when i was about 10 years old,in 1957 i had an uncle who was a van driver at gunstones and some days in school holidays i would go with him,delivering biscuits.In the early 70s i was a salesman for mcvities cakes and we were based at gunstones in dronfield.It is indeed still open today.
  7. I think this is the balcony entrance not foyer, which is at ground level.
  8. jackanne

    Gentlemen's Convenience

    Lets hope we don't have to go through the motions.
  9. Yes i would agree with manor castle,which is 239 manor lane,the next house up manor lane is no113 so at some time must have been lots of houses on that side.
  10. jackanne

    The number 52 to Crookes

    Would agree with danny,drove lots of 52s in mid 70s. I think the car at side of bus is a sierra,which stated production in 1982.
  11. jackanne

    Where was this long lost pub?

    Yes attercliffe common and jansen street,my parents went in it.
  12. jackanne

    Philip CANN music and record shop

    My girlfriend,now wife,worked in the office at canns on chapel waalk in mid 60s.
  13. jackanne

    Old Photos of Gleadless

    Just got the number wrong,i think your surname is nutton,i seem to remember your dad always messing around with cars.
  14. jackanne

    Old Photos of Gleadless

    BobN. Did you live at no.90 seagrave crescent,i lived at 104.
  15. jackanne

    Old Photos of Gleadless

    The stream and park is behind the building on the left,you are correct about a similar building on the right,i spent my last year in that building with miss metcalf as my teacher.