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  1. 8 hours ago, Old rider said:

    I used to work at Laycock Engineering Archer Road Site. They had another factory and car park on Camping Lane. I used to park my car on the camping lane car park then walk along a footpath through perigree woods that was used to connect Laycock's 2 factories. To Fraser Road side of the footpath there was a stream that went into a pipe just before it reached Archer Road.

    Can you remember the contours of the land  Old rider  , could the woods be behind the camera? In the photo' there is a path going off at an angle up hill to the left which could possibly be the one on the map going from the stream towards Holmhirst Farm which is shown on the map linked to by  SteveHB . Is the stream you mention the one that goes underground in the sports ground on the modern map? If so it very nearly lines up with the one on the old map. I could  be in the wrong place altogether mind, I can't see any field boundaries on maps that seem to match the photo'..



    laycock.pngEDIT : I see that the stream goes all the way to Archer Road on the 50's map ----  https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/page/11/



  2. 49 minutes ago, RosePosie29 said:

    I have lived on gleadless Avenue for the past three years! Our neighbor has said there used to be an old inn at the  bottom of our garden... called The Inn... which was then demolished to  build the New Inn on hollinsend road? He states the pathway behind the pub is old original lane down to the old Inn and he has the old stone wall left in his garden. Has anyone got any further info!!? I can only find an odd building on a early 1900's map but it dosnt state what the building is. And any other history of our road would be lovely! 


    1854 /5 has Hare and Hounds Inn.



  3. 2 hours ago, SteveHB said:

    Map that shows the 'now missing' part of Camping Lane.

    I used N.L.S. georeferenced maps to make my guess as to the location.  I had the idea that the stream on the old map may be in the bottom of the valley on the photo'. I couldn't find anything conclusive though and of course if it is that location could it be facing the other way?

  4. I think this must be part of Camping Lane that has now gone. Looking at old and modern maps my best guess as to the modern location is near the bottom of Periwood Lane. I am probably miles off so would anyone knowing the area and contours of the land have a better idea. I think there was a stream in the valley bottom, I wonder if that is still open?

    EDIT - I have just found it on Picture Sheffield, "Date Period:1900-1919"


    Camping Lane.jpg


  5. Looking through forums and revue sites on the internet there are claims that the company now owning the brand has the Stanley Rogers cutlery made in China and / or Korea. I have not been able to verify this at the moment but if true it would be just another case of a multi-national company buying and then abusing a respected mark. There are also some claims of the modern Stanley Rogers stainless cutlery rusting after a short time, not something I have come across with cutlery but I have recently bought stainless sheet steel that was so badly made that it rusted in patches. 

  6. 12 hours ago, Kalfred said:

    Hello can I stir the muddy water a little bit more?


    This is from a cutlery set. 



    That's one of Stanley Rogers patterns that is now re-produced by Replacements Ltd. Picture below is Lady Catherine pattern in silver plate.


  7. 47 minutes ago, SteveHB said:

    There was a "Stanley Rodgers & Sos Ltd" on Rockingham Street, they appear in both the 1957 and 1965 Kelly's directories.

    So, no connection there then?  I must admit that I first typed it with a  'd'  as in  'Joseph Rodgers'  before I noticed it was Rogers.

  8. From this New Zealand catalogue for 2019  -------http://www.fackelmannhousewares.co.nz/Brand/CataloguePDF?id=14     --------  "Stanley Rogers was a silversmith in Sheffield before moving to Australia in 1926."  I am not sure if it was the same firm but I think there was a Stanley Rogers & (co.,  son or sons) on Rockingham Street, Sheffield in the 60's. It would be nice to hear that they are still going in Sheffield but I would be surprised because https://www.replacements.com/silver/snr.htm  do replacement bits for their cutlery sets.


  9. The maps are interesting SteveHB  , it looks like the road names moved around / changed. The maps made me wonder what it was like around the back so I had a nosey on Google. That is a place I have never been in Sheffield



  10. This had me scratching my head a bit. this must have been between platform 5 and the outside goods lines, I used the Victoria quite a lot, especially when working in Manchester. It  was a long time ago and memory dims but I must have seen this, probably from both sides because I also often travelled down Sussex Street  to the North Pole pub.  Is this it from Sussex Street ?   If so it must have been quite sturdy, the wind couldn't  half get up from that direction.     ----------------   (C) Picture Sheffield   ----------   http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s19837&pos=9&action=zoom&id=22368




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  11. Not a type of razor I have come across before, made by a company that has gone through many changes but is still going strong.

    “Durham Razor Company Inc. was founded in New York and set up manufacturing in Mystic New Jersey to make the revolutionary Durham-Duplex safety razor system, which is where the unusual name comes from. This innovative product was considered to be a major advancement in shaving especially in comparison to the traditional cut throat razor. The Durham double edge steel razor blade could be re-sharpened on the strop almost indefinitely, but eventually they could be disposed of and replaced without needing a new handle - offering both a considerable saving and a safe way to shave.

    Durham-Duplex Razor Blade Company Ltd was registered in the UK on 11th May 1910 and the European Manufacturing plant was set up in Sheffield where it has been ever since. Initially set up to feed just UK and France the plant established its quality so quickly, thanks to the skills of the Sheffield work force, that soon it also shipped back to America and Canada. The Trade Mark Durham Duplex has been owned in UK since 1910 and protected since 1927."

    EDIT -- Anyone actually used one of these ?   I have tried a cut throat, but didn't trust my own hand, and also a Rolls Razor which I still have, it was given to me nearly sixty years ago and is still in good working order..

    Full history here --------  http://www.durham-duplex.co.uk/timeline/   -------------- website here -------------  https://www.durham-duplex.co.uk/  --------- Ebay link here -------  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273832902005?ul_noapp=true


  12. 21 hours ago, theimposter1979 said:

    the wife/ landlady has been lost in the midst of time

    I will follow this one because as you suggest I can remember the names of a few landlords but can't picture many in my mind, but with the Landladies it is the other way round, I can remember what some looked like but not a single name.

  13. Putting together the information on here including the post by  Edmund, in the topic by Steve457, which has  "1891 - Police Constable Inspector living at 87 Langsett road"  it looks like at least for some time the front on Langsett Road may have been the police house with the station round the back on Burgoyne Road.
    Also St. Bartholomew's has often been referred to as being "St. Bartholomew's Langsett Road" but it ran behind the Langsett Road buildings from Burgoyne Road through to Primrose Hill with the Primrose Hill end I think being the Sunday School building.

  14. 1 hour ago, History dude said:

    Off Licenses were used a lot by women, who did not like going into public bars, indeed in some they were not allowed!

    Off topic slightly but your comment reminded me of pubs I remember in Manchester which were men only or had men only rooms. I don't remember any in Sheffield at that time but wondered if other members remembered any post war pubs with "men only" or even had information of Sheffield pubs that practised this in earlier times.

  15. Lovely vehicles, I have seen the Vixen in McCarthy's livery, in my opinion she looks better in yours. The Fordson also looks really nice. Any chance please of more details of both vehicles, e.g.. history, technical specifications and photo's of the cabs, load space, engine compartment and chassis. Sorry if I am asking too much but they are very interesting vehicles. Though I drove some late 1930's and 40's commercials and cars in my younger days I never had any experience with Guy and little with Fordson.

  16. 3 hours ago, Old rider said:

    Was the cutlery company not called "Tailors Eye Witness? The development guy at Westall Richardsons was called Taylor and claimed a family tie up with Tailors Eye Witness!

    There is an out of date page on Wikipedia about the Taylor's Eye Witness Works here        ----------      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor's_Eye_Witness_Works             ----------        and their home page, which amongst other things gives their reason for moving,  is at this link   ----------     http://taylors-eye-witness.co.uk/about-us/ 

  17. 11 hours ago, djash1000 said:

    No, I can start new threads, like this one I did here.




    What I mean is, since the site isn't hugely busy (and I've read lots of things that interest me), I find myself logging on every so often now, however, I have to scroll down the whole forum to see any new posts.

    So, I'm looking at how to just click on new posts, and read those. That will encourage me to look more often. If it's not possible then that is perhaps why the site isn't as busy as it was.


    (if that makes sense)

    Sorry I misunderstood.  What I do is use the "unread content button"  which should appear as on one of the pictures below , and when on the "unread content" page there should be a link top left or on the left of the same line to "activity". The activity page appears in order of date with latest activity first.

    You can also "mark the site read" so that old content that doesn't interest you will not appear in the unread content. "Mark the site read" in the top instance is in the menu extreme top right or in the second just to the right of unread content.



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