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    That's Homan and Company of Cincinnati and Chicago 1847 - 1941. The word Sheffield was used on a lot of USA plated ware (Sheffield Design Made In USA) but according to the site linked to below they were one of the first to stop using it. It's hard to tell what size the object is but it looks like a crumb tray so presumably would have originally come with a crumber or brush. "The Seventeenth Annual A.N.R.J.A. Gathering Held at Cincinnati Aug, 29-Sept. 1, 1922 The Homan Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, featured Homan Plate in hollow ware. One of the first to abandon the use of "Sheffield" on their nickel plated ware, they have already made the Homan Plate stand for quality. The most favorable attention was given by all to the new line of electric candle sticks which they have recently placed on the market. Eighteen styles of these were shown. A large line of hollow ware was exhibited and much favorable comment was made for the table mats which they manufacture to match in design the baskets and bowls. Source: The Jewelers' Circular - 6th September 1922" https://www.925-1000.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=45678
  2. Thanks History Dude, found them here ------- ------------- and here EDIT --and here -- EDIT AGAIN --- Nice to here that Patrick is OK again after his recent serious illness.
  3. I sometimes called in the Athol, the pub was interesting but the beer was awful so I drank Guinness. I also stood under the Pepper Pot a few times, I used Faie et Cie for my motor bike and car insurance, they were above the tailors shop and right under the Pepper Pot with their door being on Cambridge Street. As for the new development, it is said that the frontages will mostly be kept but if this picture has anything to go by the street level will not be in keeping with the upper floors and there is going to be a very tall monstrosity over shadowing everything. Also the whole thing is going to be broken up by a boring building where the Athol was, surely the common sense thing would have been to take the fake Tudor cladding off the Athol and restore the Victorian frontage which must be almost intact underneath, therefore keeping some kind of symmetry . I often wonder about the sanity of architects and town planners.
  4. Looks to me more like someone is making a lot of money by destroying what is left of old Sheffield. I have seen, often through this site, a lot of the new constructions in Sheffield and dread to think what might appear on this site.
  5. These pictures are from a postcard on Ebay but as bidding has ended on the item I thought they would be better in this thread. ----------- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Advertising-Postcard-The-Lounge-J-Marples-Fitzalan-Square-Sheffield-/303298984825?ul_noapp=true&nma=true&si=eQsVCh%2BPzwXhY2FB6lCsCJ9DuOU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  6. The link doesn't work because the post has been put on as an image as opposed to text, this should work -- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/joined-up-heritage-sheffield-26822589959
  7. That's looking from the bottom of Ecclesall Road, so the opposite direction to the picture put on by southside, to the left of the chapel is the gap where the Porter ran under the culvert and the Vestry Hall is far left. It will be the same building shown on the first map, the Chapel was built in 1833 and demolished 1956. EDIT - The site of both the Chapel and Vestry Hall are now under the end of St. Mary's Gate. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/spy/#zoom=18&lat=53.3732&lon=-1.4760&layers=168&b=1&r=15
  8. Fanfare of Trumpets announcing the commencement of Empire Day ( I think it says 24th May 1906 ) at Bramall Lane. There is also a picture of the City of Sheffield Pipe Band at Sheffield’s Coronation pageant on Empire Day 24th May 1906 on this link to their page. https://cityofsheffieldpipe.band/p-m-george-urquhart/
  9. To me the over sized glasses were not necessary, it was always the quality that counted and anyway if you thought it was short ( I think we called it a duck-egg) you could always ask the landlord to top it up. One of the best pubs I ever knew was the Cross Daggers at Woodhouse where the landlord came round with a jug of bitter straight from the barrel and kept you topped up through the session, adding it to the slate. When you left you paid him and wouldn't dream of questioning the slate. Apart from that the old hand pumps with the big pipes were the best as long as the landlord knew his job, the best pint out of these to me would have been in the Adelphi or the Lord Nelson at the corner of Arundel Street and Earl Street.
  10. Thanks Edmund , I should have noticed the date. I will keep an eye out to see if it re-appears for sale in a modern format.
  11. I haven't a machine to play VHS tapes but this one was on Amazon on DVD, now unfortunately "Currently Unavailable". I see that it says " Online Video " that seems to suggest that it may be, or has been, viewable on a website somewhere, if that is the case does anyone know where?
  12. ****************************************************** I think that is the culvert that went under the bottom of The Moor, back of Ellin Street, so through the gap would be the Yorkshire Penny Bank at the bottom of The Moor, now long gone. Brunswick Chapel on the left and to the right where the bike is parked is a gennel to Ellin Street by the side of the vestry hall where we had to go for chest x-rays in the 50's.. Map 271 -- https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/page/11/?tab=comments#comment-23552
  13. You don't see that angle so often, it's a shame it's all gone. Curtis music shop is in the background at the top of Porter Street, they had a few shops around. When the Porter Street shop was demolished they opened up on The Moor. Karen Young who sang with Johnny Tempest and the Cadillacs worked for them about that time.
  14. That's makes quite an amazing "then and now" , from the latest image you couldn't guess that it had been a heavily populated industrial area not long ago.
  15. Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing it, I really like then and now images, many areas of Sheffield have changed so much and so many times.