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  1. Another mystery building in Sheffield

    It is on the 1938 extension of the Gas Offices on Commercial Street, presumably by Philip Lindsey Clark as is the figure on the other end of that building.
  2. Made in Sheffield

    Now that is a positive suggestion, I had never heard of corn on the cob holders so Googled it and there are many different designs of those on the antique sites. Also they do seem to come in large sets so this could be part of a set of even numbers.
  3. Made in Sheffield

    Just a guess, though I have seen similar looking items but with a disc instead of the spokes. Could it be to hold meat while carving?
  4. Thanks, I will look in to that.
  5. From this site ------ http://www.old-bus-photos.co.uk/?cat=120 "54 was a demonstrator on loan from January 1940 until brought into the fleet in December of that year as number 54. It was believed to have been at the last Pre-War Commercial Motor Show. 54 was apparently a well-liked and reliable vehicle, lasting until 1955 in service before being converted into a canteen bus with withdrawal coming in January 1961." As you say it could have been working a Dinnington route but I wonder if 54 could have been working the Retford / Gainsborough route. In my time on the buses, some years later, if my memory serves me right, that route was on the Derbyshire staff allocation board.
  6. Park House in Sheffield

    I have come down that road many times but still couldn't quite put things in place in my mind, thank you. I was actually trying to remember which building Greenups were in. I remember getting pinched for speeding on my motor bike just about there, you could get quite a speed up down East Bank, the police car had been trying to catch me from where the school is/was at the top.
  7. Park House in Sheffield

    Thanks, I do have vague memories of Brooke Bond Tea, but more the vans than the building. You have jogged my memory of the garage, I was a customer. If my memory serves at all close the research labs must have been the plain flat roofed building just about opposite the garage behind a big wire fence..
  8. Park House in Sheffield

    Thanks, that's interesting for it means that I must have actually seen it, and forgotten, because at that time I was working on the buses out of East Bank garage.
  9. Hendersons Relish

    We can get it here in the Northern Isles, there are three bottles in my cupboard and I had plenty today on "toad in the hole", that's posh talk but I can't spell how I pronounce it, possibly something like "toad in't ole"
  10. Park House in Sheffield

    Great find, spot on, the two bricked up windows are conclusive evidence. This post is getting very interesting, I wonder if there is more about this house to come? I wonder when it was pulled down, that picture looks quite modern (my version of modern anyway) the Commer wagon looks late 50's early 60's, I drove a similar one in the 60's but not sure how old it was then.
  11. Park House in Sheffield

    I remember reading somewhere that it was only about a mile from the Ward's Howard Street house so always assumed that it was this one. EDIT - Just found this quote - "Mr. Thomas Asline Ward (Asline Road?), a well known Sheffield magistrate, Master Cutler in 1816, resided at Park House, Olive Grove" from this site --- http://oldheeley.org/oldheeley18.htm
  12. We covered this one here --------
  13. The Raincoat Shop

    Here on Picture Sheffield at a later date ------ http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s42030&pos=22&action=zoom&id=122642
  14. Street name help please

    Probably wrong but after seeing the address of the witness I am just wondered if this could even refer to the Bridge Street near Washford Bridge that I think became Trent Street. Referred to in White's 1862 as Bridge street, Carlton road, Attercliffe.
  15. Is this Sheffield High Street?

    In recent years the Rotherham House pub on Exchange Street was renamed Old No 12 and later renamed again to Market Tavern. I would guess they got the name from the pub we are talking about above. http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;a01403&pos=22&action=zoom&id=102150