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  1. boginspro

    English, circa 1895

    From what I can see this advertisement only infers that this is Sheffield made c1895 and the rhetoric on the page is interesting. Observations on this would be interesting please? ----------- https://www.nugentappraisal.com/multi-blade-exhibition-knife-english-circa-1895/
  2. boginspro

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    I believe the Chantrey terminus was only the end of the track for a short time in 1903 until the track was extended to Abbey Lane and that the caption inserted on the original postcard has obliterated the track in the foreground, but the overhead wires are still visible. I would appreciate expert help here, first to correct me if I am wrong and secondly to say when car 24 got it's covered top deck.
  3. boginspro

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    Could be, it's very blurred, but zooming in it just looks like a young lad on the same type of trolley that myself and friends made as kids. Possibly someone smaller behind him facing backwards as a means of leg propulsion, we did that too, but that could be just blur on the photo'.
  4. boginspro

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    I like the lad on the trolley, bottom left. I wonder do kids still make trolleys in Sheffield ?
  5. boginspro

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    Opened to trams on 14 April 1927 if the information I have is correct.
  6. A postcard on Ebay with an interesting picture of Woodseats tram terminus, posted just twelve weeks before the end of The Great War. ---------------- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352486327999?ul_noapp=true
  7. boginspro

    BBC2 - Made in Great Britain

    Thanks SteveHB , I rarely watch television, I use it more for YouTube, but I will make a note and tune in for this one, it sounds interesting.
  8. boginspro

    EWSCC - What Cricket Club is that?

    Thanks johnm , I could only find it referred to as Sellers Street. I knew the area quite well many years ago having lived not far away as a kid in the 50's and visited family round there for years after that. I also worked not far away in the 60's. I may be wrong but I think your Grandads house would have been relatively new at that date, I believe that area was only developed in the late 19th century. Back to the medallion, Wesleyan was also one of the first W's that sprang to my mind, I seem to remember you mentioning previously your family having been associated with Wesleyan Chapels.
  9. boginspro

    EWSCC - What Cricket Club is that?

    Quite a mystery this one johnm , I think even the experts on here have been stumped by it previously ( edit, no pun intended ). Have you any more information about your Grandad that might give more clues. Also I can't place Sellers Road, could it be Sellers Street, or if not do you know where Sellers Road is or was please?
  10. boginspro

    Star Links

    I wasn't aware of any problems with Star links so I would be interested to know other members experiences of this. I am not registered with The Star and don't even allow their cookies but can see all the pages linked to from this and other sites. I do get a message at the top of each Star page asking me to register or sign in, I just ignore it and can see the pages OK. I am not able to judge The Star's content, politics or policies, I have not seen a printed copy for over thirty years.
  11. Though in not usual family circumstances my Auntie was put to work from a young age in the 1920's until war time. She was put in a workhouse when her parents died ( later they called it something else but not much different) . My Dad was put in a bad lads home though he had done nothing wrong. My Auntie didn't like to talk about it but I gathered that she never saw a school or was given any education, and was put to heavy work, mostly inside but sometimes outside the workhouse. Though this made her very nervous and insecure I was very proud of her, she taught herself to read and write with some arithmetic in later life.
  12. boginspro

    Bunneys Electrical Shop Firth Park

    I had forgotten that one, I had a feeling there were more than one but can't remember where any others were. That one is pictured in this Firth Park post towards the bottom of the page, there is also mention of other shops including "an electronic store which had a record department downstairs" -----------
  13. boginspro

    Bunneys Electrical Shop Firth Park

    I think it might have been Wigfall's (Wiggies) they had a shop on Bellhouse Road. I may be wrong but the only Bunneys I can remember from the 50's was a clothing shop, they were in the front of the Norfolk Market Hall and later on the opposite corner of Exchange street in the Castle Market.
  14. According to the article in The Star linked to below --- " Children as young as five worked in the cutlery trade, working 60-hour weeks in terrible conditions. The average life expectancy of an adult in Sheffield was just 27. " https://www.thestar.co.uk/whats-on/out-and-about/debauchery-workhouses-child-labour-gin-palaces-welcome-to-19th-century-sheffield-1-3516585
  15. boginspro

    WFC 1920-1 Unknown Football Club Help needed .

    Can you tell us please Tania , where your grandparents were living and working at the time? That information together with the one or two clues on the photo's may help. The club look to be quite successful by 1920/1 so should be on record somewhere.