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  1. I came across this 1970's photo' recently, the old St. Bartholomew's, visible through the gap, and the houses on the right have gone but the old police station / dentist building is still there. I see from Google that St. Bartholomew's has been replaced by a new building on Primrose Hill.
  2. There is an out of date page on Wikipedia about the Taylor's Eye Witness Works here ---------- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor's_Eye_Witness_Works ---------- and their home page, which amongst other things gives their reason for moving, is at this link ---------- http://taylors-eye-witness.co.uk/about-us/
  3. Sorry I misunderstood. What I do is use the "unread content button" which should appear as on one of the pictures below , and when on the "unread content" page there should be a link top left or on the left of the same line to "activity". The activity page appears in order of date with latest activity first. You can also "mark the site read" so that old content that doesn't interest you will not appear in the unread content. "Mark the site read" in the top instance is in the menu extreme top right or in the second just to the right of unread content.
  4. Is this the one you need? Different browsers and zoom levels vary the page but that button should be there ------
  5. Thank you, very interesting and such high quality images from so far back..
  6. Thanks OJ-OK , I have no idea who Phlegm is, but presume it is a person responsible for that abomination painted on the wall, if so I would like to see him or her locked up, but only after being made to remove the lot.
  7. Surely no apology needed, I think it's good to add to old posts and in this case I had missed the post completely and knew nothing of the subject. Some of the images are not now available so if you are round that way again could you upload a few please, including a wider view.
  8. The Junior Technical School was part of the Central Technical School referred to by RLongden and Old rider , so presumably the Intermediate was just another level or a change of name, If you search "Technical School" on Picture Sheffield you may come up with something relevant to your search. Here is the door to the main hall at the bottom of West Street corner of Leopold Street. The building was originally the Firth College.
  9. A description of Hartshead from "The Hall of Waltheof by Sidney Oldall Addy 1893" "It seems strange to find this narrow passage, not more than five feet wide, described as "a certain street," for its only title to that name is its stone pavement. It is one of the oldest and quaintest "streets" in Sheffield, and resembles a "wynd" in Edinburgh, with houses on both sides irregularly disposed and huddled together. One of the houses, built of stone, and with old timber and plaster work over the "street," is not later in date than the early part of the seventeenth century. The curious thing about it is that it goes right over the "street" like a little "Bridge of Sighs." This bridging over of narrow alleys or lanes was not uncommon in the old parts of Sheffield, and there are two of these "bridges" in the Hartshead. These alleys were very snug and quaint places to live in, but the want of proper air and light must have been distressing. Some of the rooms on the ground floors of the houses have been paved with boulders."
  10. Addy has this in his “Glossary of Words Used in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield” And from Hunter's Hallamshire History and Topography of Sheffield -
  11. The house that I live in now, though not Sheffield, had its name changed many years ago, possibly because someone who was not a local could not understand the accent, so wrote it down as they thought they heard it. I wonder if this ever happened in Sheffield , even in my younger days the accent was considered quite strong and hard to understand by southerners.
  12. Yes, it's something that annoys me at times, changing names of roads, pubs and houses some times to something inappropriate and often because the old name is not considered posh enough. It's not a new thing of course, where I live now there are a few houses that have had more than two names over many years and as we don't have road names or door numbers here that can make research even harder.
  13. Old postcard of Moor View Road and a Google Street View looking the same way dated August 2008. But if you go up the road and look the other way you get October 2014, so if those dates are correct it appears that the trees were chopped down and replanted. ------------------- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/382858450190?ul_noapp=true ------------------------- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3414471,-1.4852026,3a,75y,90.51h,93.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7JaDPC2_pgFgEtLawT68sA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  14. That's a very interesting picture Old rider and so clear, there looks to be a Growler in that one at the side of a covered delivery/workman's cart. I think you can actually see the front window of the Growler. That picture also clearly shows the very different types of clothing worn at the time, rich man to working man including I think a smart looking tram conductor. I always look at the footwear because I was a shoe repairer before people started wearing lumps of plastic on their feet. I see you say "one of my Grandfather's glass slides", any chance you could share more with us, possibly in a whole new topic?
  15. 7 hours ago, rover1949 said: Go on, - what's a growler ?? As explained by Edmund , a four wheeler cab, and named because of the noise they made over the cobbles. This is the one I believe is a Growler as the driver looks to be dressed as a cabby, if he was dressed in a uniform with top hat it would suggest a private four wheeler and would probably be referred to as a Clarence by its owner. The open top one judging by the coachman looks like a private one possibly a Landau. EDIT, I just noticed on the close up that there appears to be another donkey advertising cart behind it.