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  1. boginspro

    Greyhound Stadium

    Hyde Park would be under the place which appears now to be known as Manor Oaks Gardens. There was another cricket ground established up Plantation Road, an extension of Park Hill Lane, presumably for the local matches. Maps (C) NLS ---- https://maps.nls.uk/
  2. boginspro

    Kirk Alley, Hackenthorpe c1890s?

    Did you find where this was please Nathan, also did you find the enclosure map ?
  3. boginspro

    Catholic Church of St Charles, Attercliffe

    Yes the school was on Heppenstall Lane, you can see it on the map above posted by SteveHB . If you search for St Charles School and/or Heppenstall Lane in the search box above I think there are a few posts mentioning it, including a reunion from some years back. EDIT added a couple of clips from Google Earth of the old school gable end.
  4. We seem to have got you thinking you may drop into an abyss now mounsey , and everyone is quite right to advise some caution. Though it would be a shame ( just for the mystery ) if it turned out to be a base for something like Edmund said, at least you would know you had not got a large void under your garden. Whichever way it turns out the investigation is very interesting.
  5. As RLongden has said the best place to look for aerial photo's is Britain From Above, here is a clip from a 1950 one but if you search the site you may find better ones for your purpose, ---------- https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW031292
  6. boginspro

    Greyhound Stadium

    I agree with Peter Walker, it has to be Hyde Park or Darnall, Picture Sheffield has images of both, here are a couple with Hyde Park first ----------------- http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s28589&pos=4&action=zoom&id=89701 --------------------- http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s28593&pos=3&action=zoom&id=89705
  7. boginspro

    Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe

    It has changed beyond recognition, the undertakers building has gone and is replaced by a car park for Highfield Motors who have the old Wigfalls building out of shot to the right and their garage has extended over the shared yard. but at least the school building and the church on the corner of St. Charles Street are still there. Perhaps I am getting old but to me almost everywhere looks plain and boring now days.
  8. Unfortunately I think everything in the photo' has gone, (apart from all the horrible flats in the background,) Rag and Tag, Electricity Supply Offices, shops and other buildings on Sheaf Street and South Street including the Norfolk Brewery buildings and of course back loader buses.
  9. boginspro

    Catholic Church of St Charles, Attercliffe

    I have just come across this old post, thanks dunsbyowl1867 , it's nice to see a bit of old Attercliffe survives, even though all the houses around have gone. As the post is ten years old I checked on Google Earth to make sure it was still there.
  10. boginspro

    The missing pubs of London Road in Sheffield

    Tell him thank you from me, though I still couldn't remember that name, the location sounded about right so I Googled "Derby Lansdowne Road " and it came up with a Picture Sheffield image of the Lansdowne with the Derby Hotel just visible on the left. I had actually looked on Picture Sheffield but failed to find it without the name. This picture brings back memories for me of a night before the breathalyser when a policeman had my mate walking up the white line in front of that mini, a few lads turned out from the pub and we suddenly had about a dozen of them wobbling up the white line, the policeman gave up and dispersed everyone. ----------- http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s21603&pos=2&action=zoom
  11. boginspro

    Remember when Moorhead looked like this?

    As is often the case the best place to look is this very site, links here------ https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16504-the-crimea-monument/?tab=comments#comment-139368 ------------ here ------ https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/16570-a-birds-eye-view-of-old-sheffield/?tab=comments#comment-139917 ----------- and here ------ https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/3866-crimea-monument/?tab=comments#comment-21165 ---------------
  12. boginspro


    Hello hilldweller , it looks like it’s Sheffield, Addy has similar in his Glossary of Words Used in The Neighbourhood of Sheffield 1888. --------------- MIMMY-MAWKS, sb. wry faces, grimaces. 'Gi' o'er makin your mimmy-mawks,' i.e., stop making faces. MAWKIN - a mountebank, show actor. MOGE,v. to mock, to make fun of. The g is hard, and the o is sounded like oa in soap.' Compare the Greek pookos, mockery, MUG below, and MIMMY-MAWKS in the Sheffield Glossary. “Tha mun tak no notice o' him he's nobbut moging thee” MOKE, sb. a donkey, ass. This word is constantly used in Ecclesfield and about Sheffield, but I think it is mere slang. MUG, to make fun of, to expose to ridicule. Probaly slang “We did mug him.”
  13. boginspro

    The missing pubs of London Road in Sheffield

    Not the Star of Brunswick, isn't or wasn't that a Tetley house further up Cemetery Road. The Stones house I am thinking of could be seen from outside the Lansdowne's front door but closed in the first half of the 60's and I probably only remember it because the landlord was a friend of a friend. There must be a lot of Sheffield pubs I have forgotten about including, until now, the Vine, wasn't that even further up past The Star of Brunswick.
  14. boginspro

    The missing pubs of London Road in Sheffield

    You could perhaps refresh my memory here please? Though it was a little bit before your time there, we would sometimes start at the Lansdowne with a Black and Tan or a pint of Queens because Tennants bitter was never to my liking. Before heading up town we would perhaps then go up Beeley Street and turn right on to Cemetery Road to a pub that may have been called the Royal Oak. There was also a Stones house (still good stuff then) very close to the Lansdowne, I think on Lansdowne Road or perhaps Boston Street, whichever, it was to the left of the Lansdowne looking from London road but I can't remember what it was called.
  15. It was just the (apparent) lifting eyes that made me think of that type of cover but I don't see how the edges of one of those would come away as yours did. I am definitely no expert on such things but from memory even a heavy duty one, perhaps 10 ton load bearing, would only be recessed for about 2½ to 3 inches for fill by concrete or tarmac etc. I doubt any kind of large chamber would be totally filled with concrete, if only because of the cost. Again I may be wrong but I doubt an air raid shelter would only be accessed through a hatch in the top, surely there would have to be another entrance so presuming it is a shelter and it was not originally built in to a bank is there any sign on the ground that there may have been steps down at one end. Please keep up the investigation, it is enthralling, though it sounds like a lot of probing / digging will be necessary