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  1. The railway overbridges at London Road (also close by at Gleadless Road, Saxon Road, Little London Road, etc) are or were actually three separate spans. The outer two, which in some locations have been removed, were for the slow, local lines, while the main middle ones were for the fast, main lines. Where the outer bridges have been removed, you can clearly see the abutments and the bricked-up spaces at the top. When the local lines and suburban stations were decommissioned in 1968 the decision was probably taken then to remove some of the bridges instead of paying for upkeep. I don't know why all of the old ones haven't yet gone. From this aerial view you can see Gleadless Road has the original two outer bridges intact yet just yards away over London Road, they have long since gone. (Nothing to do with the current bridge work there.) http://www.meersbrook.co.uk/postcards/former_heeley_post_office_london_road_sheffield_tram.html