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  1. The pub at the junction of Savile Street and Attercliffe Road was called the 12 O'clock Inn - Not the 12 O'clock pub. My great grandfather owned it from 1898 to 1902.
  2. The Barleycorn was prominent in the 1920's as a city centre pub frequented by members of the two "Sheffield Gangs" and features in the book Sheffield Gang Wars. During the Sheffield Gang wars - the Landlord whose name escapes me for the moment was a well known and well respected boxer. He was involved in a fracas with members of one of the gangs. My Grandfather - Charles William Sutcliffe was Landlord there between 1928 & 1932 before he moved to The Queen Adelaide on Bramall Lane. It's never been clear whether at that time the pub was Brewery owned, or owned outright. My Great Grandfather - William Sutcliffe owned pubs in Sheffield between 1893 and 1912 and it is believed that he taught my grandfather the licensed trade prior to him taking over the Barleycorn.
  3. 1949 to 1951 George Sutcliffe. 1951 to 1954 George Sutcliffe (Jnr)
  4. Hi I can add to your history of the Tea Garden Hotel from 1890 to 1900. My Great Grandfather - William Sutcliffe took the Tea Garden over in December 1890. He would remain there for the next 10 years. He moved to the pub from Burnley in Lancashire with his first wife Annie - who by all accounts was an "Alchy". She was apparently a drunk, was often called "An Intemperate" whilst working in the pub and she could be violent and abusive. Whilst he was away from Sheffield in September 1892, she had an alleged affair with a soft drinks salesman called Charles Gillott who provided the pub with aerated waters. He also frequented the pub as a customer because he lived locally. William filed a divorce petition against her and Charles Gillott in 1893 for adultery. Although he didn't win his petition through lack of evidence there was to be no reconciliation and he threw her out. He ran the pub with staff after 1893 until he married his second wife also called Annie in 1898. On 25th September 1898 my grandfather - Charles William Sutcliffe was born - upstairs at the Tea Garden. The family kept the pub until 1900, when they left to take over the 12 O'clock Inn, at the junction of Savile Street and Attercliffe Road. Hope this helps. Cheers Andy Fearn
  5. Hi - I'm trying to obtain information on the Sutcliffe family who owned (or tenanted) the following pubs in Sheffield on the dates given. Any help anyone can provide - pics, info, anything - will be greatly appreciated. It's known that in some cases they had Managers in to run them, so I'm hopeful someone who may have worked there or who had family who worked there during the timescales detailed below, may be able to shed some light on the subject matter for me and assist in my research. Tea Garden Hotel - Grimesthorpe Road 1891-1900 12 O'clock Inn - Savile Street/Attercliffe Road 1900-1903 Old Crown Inn - 137-139 London Road 1903-1905 Franklin Hotel - Franklin Street/Sharrow Lane 1908 -1911 All these pubs were owned or tenanted by William Sutcliffe - My Great Grandfather. Queen Adelaide Hotel - Bramall Lane/Hermitage Street 1909 -1924 Ball Inn - Crookes 1924-1932 Abbeydale Station Hotel (Beauchief Hotel) 1932-1954 All these pubs were owned or tenanted by George Sutcliffe - My Grandfather's elder brother. Barleycorn - Cambridge Street/Coalpit Lane. 1924-1932 Royal Hotel - Abbeydale Road/London Road 1943-1952 All these pubs were owned or tenanted by Charles Sutcliffe - My Grandfather. Additionally - Charles Sutcliffe owned Ye Olde Bulls Head at Little Hucklow (Above Bradwell in Derbyshire) between 1953 & 1956. Does anyone have any memories or pictures of this pub during these dates ?? Thanks. I'll keep my fingers crossed !!
  6. Hi. My grandfather and great grandfather were licensed victuallers in Sheffield between 1891 and 1946. Is it likely that the Sheffield, Rotherham and District Licensed Victuallers Association would have any archive records covering this period ?
  7. Does anyone out there have any information on the Sutcliffe family who ran the Abbeydale Station Hotel (Beauchief Hotel) between 1932 and 1954.The family would have been prominent in the Beauchief area during that period. George & Mary Elizabeth Sutcliffe ran the hotel from 1932 until 1951 when George died. Their son George (Junior) then took it over until 1954. George Jnr. may have had a wife called Marion. But not sure about that one. George & Mary Elizabeth had a second son - Reginald - Who returned from WW2 and lived at the hotel until 1947 when he moved into a newly built house just across the road from the Beauchief Hotel - No. 150 Abbeydale Road South. He lived there with his wife Raymonde (believed to be French) from 1947 until 1968. Any information, memories or photos about any of these members of the Sutcliffe family would be gratefully received as part of my on-going research. Oh nearly forgot - they also owned or rented Tyzacks Cottages at No. 183 Abbeydale Road South up until the 1950s. Which I believe is now Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Thanks for reading my post - I hope someone out there can help.