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  1. Ivory with a silver collar
  2. I have acquitted this mystery item , made around 1906 , the Ferrule is hallmarked by the Yates brothers, not in any catalogues , any ideas ?
  3. Anyone know which company made knives using the Astral Brand ?
  4. Quite number of Sheffields makers marks unknown , come across this one quite often , anyone any ideas
  5. Can anyone identify the makers mark O&W , ofter appears on pearl handled items, not listed in any of the usual places
  6. We have some more example of H G Long knives in the Hawley Collection at Kehlam Island Museum , they look like Shear Steel , before Stainless , If you would like to see the knives pop into the Museum on a Wednesday . we have knives by over 800 Sheffield Makers
  7. Yes the Atkin brothers made really nice items and I can also endorse the great book by Geoffrey Tweedale `Tweedale Directory of Sheffield`s Cutlery Manufacturers`A few more examples of Atkin Bros work
  8. Sheffield United Walking Club were part of Sheffield United Harriers , in 1976 the running side of Sheffield United Harriers became part of Sheffield Athletic Club , the walkers remained as a separate unit outside of this .At some time in the last decade Sheffield Athletic Club became City of Sheffield Athletic Club and the walkers rejoined. They were never part of Hallamshire.