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  1. Sheffield Council plan to chop down around 30 trees along the road. They have been held up by protesters, including me.
  2. The Crimea Monument

    I care equally for both aspects of Sheffield's heritage.
  3. Hammerton Road Street Lamp

    Don't know of any still in existence. Were they doubling up as tram/coach stops?
  4. The Barrow Boys - Pub n Grub

    The entrance is still visible on Shude Hill under the bridge.
  5. Are you on here Patrick? Or does anyone know him? Several wonderful films on YouTube and I'd like to work with him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCBf7ueZ55s&t=1438s
  6. There's a thread on here about the inspection covers. It was one of the first things I posted about. Maybe someone clever can post a link?
  7. I think there might be a couple but they are painted white. The one on Abbeydale Rd is pretty intact. It's before the big Tesco, on the left heading out of town.
  8. There are a few tramway poles around. One on Abbeydale Rd is in good condition. There are also scores of inspection covers in the pavement in various parts of the city including Rustlings Rd, South Rd, Crookes Rd and many more.
  9. Drainspotting!

    H C Atkinson, Shude Hill. Never seen one of these before. On Hunter House Road, near Hunter's Bar.
  10. Laundry

    The building is still there, but the square is an industrial premises now.
  11. This is the sign. They are stunning, when you get close up it can be seen that the hands are carved, not just painted. https://postimg.org/image/mkss9spct/
  12. A large building appears to be being demolished here. I notice because it had one of a handful of remaining street signs dating from 1890 which has hands pointing in both directions as street rationalisation of that year changed 'Upper' and 'Lower' to just one road. However the building itself appears to be quite sizeable. Does anyone know what it was? The street sign has disappeared (the best remaining example is on Graham Rd, at the junction with Hangingwater Rd).
  13. Railway PH

    This pub doesn't seem to have been very close to a railway?
  14. This is a fantastic and informative thread!
  15. Street Name Signs

    I believe I've read that this name change happened a few years either side of 1900 (there were a lot of street name changes at the time as the city grew, to avoid duplication). Got to love the fact that no-one alive remembers the old name and yet there it is!