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  1. Where is this?

    Well another great topic is revived! I lived in Peckham whilst at University many years ago too. Very interesting.
  2. Interactive map of today and yesterday

    Now that is fun!
  3. The slope of the road looks like where the Banner Cross is, but the buildings are different.
  4. Looks And Smiles

    Just watching this on YouTube. I thought knew Ken Loach's stuff, but this is new to me too. Great shots of the city - you'll find lots to like.
  5. Drinking Fountains

    There are the remains of one on Broad Lane in the city centre. They were ornate as well as functional, like so much else from the time.
  6. What was this please?/ Police Boxes

    Good stuff. Couldn't see what else it could be really, but that's what I was after. I've never seen it in any other photos of the area before. Cheers
  7. What was this please?/ Police Boxes

    I live round the corner from this 1955 view of Nether Edge. What was the hut on the left (top of Moncrieffe Rd at the junction with Montgomery Rd)?
  8. Edwardian. Trams heading for Millhouses and Walkley.
  9. Where was this Sheffield photo taken?

    Certainly looks like it with the flats in the background.
  10. Walkling through the River Porter culverts

    I posted about Patrick a few weeks ago in the 'videos' section. Anyone know him? Certainly a character and I'd be happy to walk around with him!
  11. Drainspotting!

    The middle of the three 1890 examples only appears today dated from 1890 to 1892. I've often wondered why it was discontinued. There are a good few about, so they have lasted. However a different style was adopted after that by Sheffield Corporation.
  12. Ebenezer Elliott

    As far as I remember from my A Levels it was a protectionist measure taxing foreign corn to protect home grown crops. Therefore having the effect of keeping food prices high.
  13. Drainspotting!

    And yet all date from the same time. Any thoughts on the reason? Appreciate you reading the thread John, it's took me back a bit
  14. Sheffield Council plan to chop down around 30 trees along the road. They have been held up by protesters, including me.