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  1. Chas Wilson Ld, Atlas Foundry. In the General Cemetery, near Cemetery Rd entrance.
  2. Events at the site on Sunday March 22nd. All welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/2729921603772719/
  3. Hi Edmund, I have read the part of Leader's work that you quote and also found the Improvement Act which passed permission for various work by the Corporation. It was passed on August 3rd 1846 but I can't find the text of it. Can you point me in the right direction at all? I am currently working with Decathlon for an information board in their car park which will be installed in a couple of weeks
  4. Is that a National Lottery sign on the left? If so the first draw was in November 1994.
  5. I'm looking at this area. There are quite a lot of industrial remnants. I'm wondering about a ramp or slipway that used to head down from the road. The gap in the wall and part of the structure is still there. Below it there is an island formed by the two rivers and a small culverted stream that runs under the 'ramp'. On Picture Sheffield there are several late Victorian photos that show people on the island watching the river go by. I'm guessing there was industry on the site, possibly prior to the 1864 flood. Any information much appreciated https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;t01583&prevUrl=
  6. Very good article about Bramall Lane Bridge from the Sheffield Utd match programme earlier this week.
  7. Looks like it The Childrens Shelter certainly has two of those large carriage sized entrances.
  8. Charles St in the city centre today. A brick object exposed by road works. Larger than a drainage structure it has a furnace shape. Not sure I've seen something like this revealed before.
  9. Had a closer look at this building yesterday. There is a lot more left than the plaque. Both Emerson and Jeffie Bainbridge's initials are there and male and female carved heads too (presumably the couple themselves). Here are photos of the initials.
  10. Very interesting Edmund! Several bridges across the Porter appear to have simply been called 'Porter Bridge' during the 19th century, however this one is called 'Bramall Lane Bridge' on the 1855 Ordnance Survey map (so shortly after the improvement). Towards the Decathlon end of the bridge there is a join in the stone work which seems to show a different date of construction (although the style remains the same) so the 1864 work reference is interesting!
  11. Hello All, I've continued to look into the story of Bramall Lane Bridge (earlier posts will seem confusing now as I have learned the name of the bridge since I started the thread - which is great!). A research group that I am involved in has installed an information board at the former Staples end of the bridge and I have met with Decathlon about having a display of information in their car park, taking advantage of the railings there since the partial collapse of the culvert three years ago. One main question. The bridge appears to date from the c.1840's - why was it constructed? It does far more than carry the former route of Bramall Lane. Presumably an industrial site needed the structure in place before building? If so what would that have been? Many thanks for the information people have posted here. Your work has been a great help