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  1. The Chippinghouse Rd sign has 'disappeared' after a recent conversion. The Graham Rd sign survives as does one on Spital St (crossing Spital Hill).
  2. The former subway for Heeley Station on Chesterfield Rd has been opened (sort of). It was bricked up before. Unfortunately the subway has been filled in halfway. Wonder what they are doing with the site?
  3. Many thanks everyone for all the information! Southside's 1853 map certainly shows Bramall Lane Bridge clearly, as does boginspro's from a similar time. It does seem that Vulcan Works Bridge was off to the side over the goit. So my title is wrong but I'll leave it to show the work done here by others I need to narrow down the date of construction now and next time I go through the culvert I'll look closer at the work as the current culvert is clearly longer than the original bridge and the joins should be clear (also the goit exit from the river may still be visible). I'll try and light the tunnel up enough to take photos.
  4. Wow, another great photo! I think that maybe by the side of the current 'Ban Thai' restaurant at the bottom of Cemetery Rd making the bank opposite the 'firework' shop on the other side of Cemetery Rd. Maybe?
  5. Here is the bridge concealed behind the trees in the above photo.
  6. This is the approximate 'now' shot today.
  7. I have seen all Patrick's videos a few times. I had the pleasure of meeting him too - top man. There is a bit in his film of the former Staples car park which is a great piece of hidden Sheffield.
  8. Many thanks boginspro! The first photo I had seen before but not got the location right - the area could not have changed much more. I'll get photos over the next couple of days of the site. The map is really interesting. I was wondering if Vulcan Works and Bramall Lane bridges were one and the same, but clearly not. The current culvert may well incorporate some of both. It certainly goes under Hereford St whereas the map shows the two as not joined up.
  9. Many thanks for that Edmund! The water powered sites mostly closed in the 1860's and this report paints a depressing picture of a pretty much abandoned river soon after.
  10. I think you are in the same place boginspro. I've never seen reference to a Bramall Lane Bridge so I'm back to Square One! Either way it's old, nice, hidden, and I'd love to find out more
  11. I attach a screen shot of the 1849 Ordnance Survey map of part of the city centre. I'm looking at the history of the Porter Brook in the area. I've walked through the culverted parts a few times and there is a lovely stone arch bridge/tunnel between the Decathlon car park and the former Staples car park. The latter entrance is visible through a clump of trees. I think from the 1849 map that this is the two centuries old, and still intact, Vulcan Works Bridge (Vulcan Works was certainly on the site at the old Staples car park end). It is best part of 100 yards long and the Ordnance survey map shows it to be of some length (Hereford St did, and still does, run over the top). Any info/dates of Vulcan works and/or better map links greatly appreciated
  12. W.Simmonett & Son, Broomgrove Rd, Broomhill.
  13. Many thanks for all the replies! Much appreciated everyone. Lots of pointers there.
  14. I'm currently looking at the large scale industrial archaeology in Beeley Woods. Between the Don and the railway there was a lot of mining and some of it is still fenced off. Nearer (and in) the river there are large weirs, slipways, and more. I can't find much about it online or had much luck finding books on the area. Can the good folk on here assist with maps and information that would point me in the right direction about it's history. It's an interesting look round if you don't know it
  15. Hi Steve, Sounds like a non-slip sanitation inspection cover which often had 'starfish' patterns for grip. I have seen William Bush on such items but it's not a very common name on Sheffield features.