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  1. I know Genevieve (Max's daughter) quite well, used to see her in The Bath Hotel for several years - never knew the club though it was before my time - Max had a lot of ventures, I remember Max's bar (on West Street) was the first bar (not club) that sold alcohol till 1am back in about 2001
  2. I was only old enough to remember the final two years of the limit, it was an atmospheric, scruffy little dive and you feet always stuck to the floor, remeber that raised seating area that was to the right as you walked in where we sat drinking and smoking all night - good times as an 18/19 year old
  3. I was too young for Romeo and Juliets, Cairo Jax wasn't my scene, so all my memories of this place was as Corporation.
  4. I voted for The Limit, although I was only old enough to enjoy the last two years of its existence so I missed it's glory day, atmospheric scruffy little place but I loved it
  5. I only went to Josephines a couple of times, would have been early 90's and it was always hit or miss whether I would get in, not because of being too drunk or being a nuisance, just some days they didn't like the look of you.