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  1. In a similar thought, those arches have stood for 160 years, unlikely to burn down, but, in a modern day equivalent - how about some bright spark suggests that they are "unsafe" - brilliant, huh ?

    Clean 'em up, bit of spit and polish and a magnificent entrance as already stated and a magnificent monument to Victorian England, when w

    e used to have businesses that ruled the World.

    The Arches were steam cleaned and some repair work done about 35/40 years ago, and they did look very good, but now ,with the clean air in force, its time to do them again , skeets

  2. i recently bought this old bottle. embossed on the front it reads W.S.STRAKER ANCHOLME YARD BRIGG AND SHEFFIELD does anyone have any information on this company !

    HI ex cavator l have the same question re; an old bottle with a ship inside it do you collect bottles as a hobby, heres mine

    [i hope]

  3. Not only is there the stream but other areas of the park are notorious for becoming muddy and marshy and staying that way for a long time after the weather has improved, a major reason for not building on it.

    At the southern (Hollinsend Road) end of the park which is the lowest part of the hills gradient there is evidence of drainage not for the stream but for run off from the land.

    A very interesting post Dave,l lived a stones throw from here just up Norton Ave, but you have told me much more than l knew existed there, Cheers Skeets.

  4. l don't know how he got round, the big basket was very heavy, l remember my mum trying to lift it, and could'nt. Also around this era nearly everyone applied donkey stone to their steps, usually every day not necessary but it was a good way to have a natter with the passerbyes, same with cleaning the windows, no window cleaner for my mum, she would lift up the bottom sash and sit on the sill, pulling the sash down on to her knees .


  5. Taken, apparantly, when the Tardis police box was removed from the top of Scarsdale and replaced by the telephone relay box.

    What are the odds on this happening? :o

    HI Vox l was just going to say theres somethig strange her cos l lived near there for 40 years and never saw a police box there skeets

  6. I remember the Tetley's promotion, got the t-shirt.

    Wards promotional booklet; will try to scan and post tomorrow; this booklet came fron The Queens on Scotland Street.

    The stuff sold as Wards tastes (and smells) of nothing at all.

    There was a time just before the end of the war, and a few years later, when Wards Beer had a SMELL, albeit an offensive one, also a slight vinegary taste , this seemed to coincide toWARDS the end of a barrel,it greatly improved in later years, possibly it may have been something to do with changing over to stainless vats,and a new brewer. ls there any one else recalls those times, or heard their dads talk about this perhaps. skeets.

  7. Not so much a mystery location but a mystery item, I suppose the location comes into the second part of the question

    Two questions

    What is it?

    Where is it? (within Sheffield)

    DaveH I think I told you the other day, you can't have a go yet

    Photo taken today 14/12/08

    Before somebody else says it no I have not lost an umbrella

    HI Stuart l have been served from one of these,over 60 years ago .think it was 1 /3 then it was at Ella Rr Pitsmoor

  8. Page 3 Cabbage Alley

    Said to be the only picture of Cabbage Alley; unless you know differently ...

    Where was it ? What years did it exist ? Who was known to live there ?

    l would hazard a guess, at an alley, that ran from Fargate to Church st, before it was widened ,some where between COLES CORNER and Orchard St possibly dissapeared under the new Cutlers Hall . skeets

  9. Anyone got any idea ?

    RichardB The only houses l can recall like the the ones on the left was on Champs Hill it ran from Nursery st up to Pitsmoor I HAVE A DOUBT RE; THE ACTUAL NAME BUT IT ALWAYS WENT UNDERTHIS NAME SKEETS excuse caps

  10. hello Mick,

    John William and Florence are buried in Walkley Cemetery:

    Burials in Walkley Cemetery (parish of St Mary's, Walkley)

    Grave L103

    BAMFORTH John William 25 May 1950 116 Freedom St. 77 P.E. Lawrie 21.05.1950

    BAMFORTH Mona 8 May 1937 12 Herries Rd. 22 R.C. Stevens

    SMITH Margaret Hannah 20 Jan 1938 13 College St. 46 R.C. Stevens

    BAMFORTH Florence 16 Apr 1948 116 Freedom Street 73 CW Fulljames 11.4.48.

    [name/date of burial/ address or place where death occurred/age/minister/date of death]

    (12 Herries Road is a euphemism for what had been the workhouse and is now the Northern General Hospital)

    There is no memorial on this grave.

    There is at least one burial at Wardsend connected to this family:

    Burial At Wardsend (St Philip's Parish)

    BAMFORTH Fred 3 Oct 1899 27 Rudyard Rd 7d so J William

    27 Rudyard Rd was the address of this family in the 1901 census.

    Doris BAMFORTH provides the link with the HOWSON family, since she married William H HOWSON:

    GRO Marriages SEP Qtr 1921

    Bamforth Doris (spouse: Howson) Eccleshall B 9c 928

    Howson William H (spuse: Bamforth) Ecclesall B. 9c 928

    I cannot find burials for this couple.


    HI Hugh An Elsie Howson married a Thomas Fearnehoughin 1926 she died in 1991 aged 98 she had 2 children Betty and Ralph Doe's this help Skeets

  11. Nice appraisal, family effort since 1981, daily in my case since 2002 :(

    William and Martha, no mention of Father, could be he was dead, could be they had a "falling out", could be he was seriously ill, my favourite - he died in the Flu epedemic - he certainly doesn't appear to have been at the Wedding as a witness.

    25/12/1896, both aged 21, of Dixon Street, occupation Stikey (?), marriage witnesses Harry Simpson and Mary Ann Nicholson


    and wot the heck is a Stikey ???

    Could be a spelling mistake for a Striker [ one who wielded the sledge hammer for the Blacksmith ]Skeets

  12. Purely delighted some fresh eyes are looking for the Old Bugger.

    Not aware of any circumstances that would be considered "out of the ordinary".

    We have to consider Paupers (I still think it was a requirement to record Deaths, however, pauper or suicide would mean shame etc and such details might have been "hidden" as best as possible); could have fallen on hard times through illness, however all other family members are accounted for and buried as expected.

    Not a grinder so life expectancy would have been "normal" for the times; grinders died young. Just alive on Census night and recorded on Marriage Certificate as deceased in 1898, no clue of him inbetween, other than a meaningless entry in a Directory or Poll book.

    I'd take any reason for his demise, not aware of any other sweeping illnesses around Sheffield at that time.

    Death abroad ? Doubtful, just a steel bloke, having said that my Father was dragged out of retirement at 68 to show "young blood" how to "do the business".

    I'd accept him being "hung, drawn and quartered for goosing the Queen" at present ! lol

    Hi Richard .Have you thought of any dirty deeds, by his wife and lover, and him being mixed with the epidemic victims by bribery, perhaps this may account for your familys extensive search to no avail Skeets