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  1. <br>Hello<br><br>Does anyone know what kind of lathes would have been used during the war WW2(i.e make/manufacturer).Were they imported from USA or were they British built?<br><br>Thanks for any info<br><br>Ron<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;Hi I worked on a flat bed capstan lathe at Hatfields it must have been the oldest machine there, l was rough turning shell fuse adapters down to a gauge then fastened a circular clamp then a smack with a hammer to loosen it &nbsp;and then, hi ho l had earned a 1/2 penny the most boring job in my life.l was 16 yrs old l endured this for 3 months , l had left the building trade for the lure of high wages. l earned 4 time as much as l had had, in the first week l got 1/2penny each. Cheers Skeets

  2. Could anyone please tell me which school children would go to if they lived on Cemetery Avenue and then Neill Road in the early 1900's

    Many thanks for any help.

    The same one as Steve said for both Schools. Welcome skeets

  3. Could anyone please tell me which school children would go to if they lived on Cemetery Avenue and then Neill Road in the early 1900's

    Many thanks for any help.

    Mumf As Steve said 'Hunters Bar' and it would have been the same for Cemetery Avenue as it was only a few hundred metres down Ecclesall Rd from the same school,Welcome Skeets.

  4. Now that I am finally back online I can say that I did send off for the marriage certificate in the end.

    George and Elsie were married at the Register Office on 6th September 1926, George was 19, Elsie 20 yrs old.

    Many thanks to all who looked and offered help/ advice with this.

    Hi Diablo Just a little bit of info regarding a relative being related to Jimmy Child. if your Childe is the correct spelling it would appear there is a query as Jimmy's name had no 'e' on the end Cheers Skeets

  5. Hi am new to this forum. I'm trying to trace any family members by the name of Yates. Kenneth Yates, Patrick Stuart Yates. Both from chesterfield originally I think but lived in Sheffield a long time (1940's- 2000). I know they were both married although I don't know who to. Kenneth was Patrick's father. Patrick was born in 1937 and went in the army from the age of 18. He also worked on the fair when he left the army.

    That's all I know

    An help or info would be amazing. Thanks

    HI saz, There was a family named Yates lived on Harveyclough rd Norton Lees Sheffield , approx; from 1850 they were general haulage contractors,there was a least 2 sons one named Kenneth the other Ben l was friendly with both , Ken had a daughter forget her name, then Ben had a son [a slow learner,] Ken has been dead for a good few years now, Ben now aged about 88 was not in good health and was still living in the the same road when l came to France 6 yrs ago this is about all l can tell you l am afraid. Skeets PS there was another family Yates mineral water manufacturers but thats all l know

  6. HI D/OWL I don't know if it's on record , but l think it should be somewhere, but l believe Sir John Brown built and donated my old School and Church at Pitsmoor in the late 19th cen; namely ALL SAINTS C of E Sutherland Rd and l have mentioned on this forum before, the shame of such a beautiful CHURCH being demolished, supposedly to restore Petre St Chapel, but this was never done to my knowledge, l think someone at the Town Hall, chatting to a colleage on the corridors, [a very common practice] both dropped their [proverbial] bits of papers and got them mixed up, and the wrong building was demolished, for having in my earlier years worked on both buildings, l was aware of the condition of each. Skeets.

  7. People think I'm daft for keeping records of fuel prices <_<

    Turns out there are people running websites devoted to it :unsure:

    and Stuart's daft enough to log onto them lol

    Didn't I have a thread somewhere (link fairy) about the cost of fuel, something else and Mrs Miggins pies??

    HI If its of any use to your records the price of petrol in 1940 was 11 pence [a gallon] in Sheffield. Skeets



    Hi I Knew Jimmy Childs senior, the founder of the firm, when he was in a very small way, in the early years of the war he quickly expanded, when he was contracted to the Sheffield Corporation, for haulage and building work, he built hundreds of air raid shelters in Sheffield,demolished, and cleared thousands of houses, both those that were bomb damaged, and those in later years under slum clearance schemes, l did hear that the only demolishing job he ever lost money on, was the the old Corn Exchange, which was so well built, and being in such a position that explosives were not permitted, l bought thousands of slates from the firm, [ at sixpence each!] when they demolished the Crimica Lane Hospital. He had two sons, Jimmy being the eldest,he was very well known in the boozing fraternity in the town, l myself had many a drink with him . Cheers skeets

  9. As a step towards the restoration of Shepherd's Wheel, we're compiling an inventory of the building's contents. The Wheel was a grinding hull, specialising in tableware and pocket/penknife blades. The blades were wet ground to give them an edge, then glazed before being returned to the cutlers for finishing. I'm not very well up on industrial history, but I can recognise a grindstone, and a wood and leather glazing wheel, but can anyone tell me what this kind of stone was used for please?

    And as a supplementary question, there are some markings carved into this stone. At the right hand side of the central hole is a cross, and nearest the camera is what appears to be a stylised letter'T'. Any clues as to the significance of either or both?

    HI Bayleaf l can remember seeing a stone like this being used at the Union Grinding Wheel at the end of Alma St it was being used to grind gouges a tool used by joiners and carvers and others . Skeets

  10. Think this is where Skeets means.

    neddy You're spot on, Harry her brother took it over, l don't recall the date, but she was there during the latter years of the war because l used to collect swill for our pigs from there every week, almost 65 years ago [where have they all gone] Cheers Skeets

  11. Would that be Stella and Fay?

    HI W/E. My aunt kept a fish and chip shop at the corner of Vale rd and Mount rd, l don't know how long for, but l recall as a small boy about 6/7 years old going to visit them, her name was Edith and uncle's was Herbert Warwick, at this time around 1930/1 my Grandmother and Gr/D Croft lived with them Granny went blind through silver burnishing, Probably l am going back too far for anyone to remember this era,l recall there was a family across in Mount rd named Smith, had a daughter named Nellie, there was a kids playground with swings a little further up from the shop, after Granny and G/Dad died they moved to keep a grocery shop opposite the pub at Hillfoot Bridge, l hope this makes some sense to someone, and they recall some of this. Cheers Skeets

  12. Re; the building in Heeley that you couldn't find vox,

    if you take a look in your 'Cobbled Streets' Topic,

    and look at my photo of Gregory Road the house is looking you in the face.

    It can also be seen on Google Street View.

    Steve, Over the years l have seen where a petition by disgruntled nieghbours, sent to the local councillor [feather in his cap] for their area,has had a desired effect , just ringing the council is useless, maybe after your enlightenment , not only to the disgrace, but the obvious devaluement to their property, they may take some action

    . Skeets PS To you and Vox a breath of fresh air for your posts at least they are not from the web.

  13. Keepers

    1889 Clement Needham (Brian Edwards Book "Totley Tunnel")

    1891 Clement Needham (1891 Census)

    1901 Harvey Barber (1901 Census)

    Main Record updated

    HI Stuart . l worked at Piggy Hills farm, repairs to floors and roofs, and we went in the Grouse which was next door, and we were served straight from the barrel in blue and white , and red [ pink ]and white jugs , your choice, depended which team one favoured, this was 1943, and l believe this was the last year of being served in the jugs. The local mole catcher came through the farm yard every morn; he had the moles strung round his shoulders, we asked why, he said it was the best way to preserve the skins which of course he sold. Happy days. Arthur.


  14. The ad suggests that there is a milk bar on Change Alley as well as the Carlton Restaurant. The two can be seen side by side in these pictures from Picture Sheffield:




    and this one helps to put it into context for those people too young to remember Change Alley.

    HI All l used to save up to go in Marsdens Milk Bar on Change Alley on Sat afternoons, we used to gather in there to flirt with the girls, of course they were there for the same thing as the lads, this was before the war and we could not wait for repairs to be done after the Blitz, the firm that was there before the Elect; offices was Mudfords the tent and rope makers and the last shop past the milk bar was Wilks the ironmongers shop corner of Norfolk st Oh! to be that age again, [and know what l know now] Arthur

  15. Can you tell us more about this event, please Old Canny Street Kid?

    I have never heard of it, although I was born in Sheffield and have spent a fair amount of otherwise misspent youth at the drill Hall

    Hi I once went to a boxing match around 1933 at the Drill Hall and did LDV training there in 1940 , so the place has been active for many years Skeets

  16. OK, I made a mistake about Cavendish buildings, it does have a date stone, but it's not 1907, it's 1910.

    the beehive on west street has a date stone, as does the building that houses Westways bar,

    the Wharncliffe works has an 1888 date stone (houses "Needful Things", corner of Devonshire Street, and Broomhall street pedestrian area near Devonshire Green) http://www.picturesheffield.com/cgi-bin/pi...ff.refno=w00084

    I was wandering through town today heading up Division Street. I noticed date stones on the Yates' Wine Lodge (1989) and on Centre 45, (the former bail hostel, and Probation services building) the date reading 1939.

    Hi Plaintalker, You mentioned that the Beehive on West st has a date stone, but no date given, in my ancestors writings, he says when he was a small boy about 7, West st was made, and cut through the house and garden of a shoemaker, to compensate him the Beehive was built for him, so l would imagine the date stone would read around 1812 . Arthur

  17. CAN ANYBODY PLZ HELP ON INFO ON WHAT WAS Called... OLIVERS FIELD IN HANDSWORTH,My Grandma Was Born There In Caravan 2 And I'm Researching.

    There were a lot of Olivers around Handsworth, farmers and butchers, so may be it would be on one of their fields that Travellers camped on a regular basis Arthur