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  1. Hi Russ, thanks for posting the pics, as always I'm struck by the wonderful handwriting, on even such a mundane doccument as a rent book! The Olympia we were looking for originally was a cinema, somewhere on Bramhall Lane. This also became a Skating Rink in later life I think. No plans for a specific section on Skating Rinks, but they could be included under Cinemas and Theatres where they'd be most welcome. Or you could make it your life's work finding the locations and history of all the other rinks. Go on give it a whirl! We'll all help, so how about it?


    PS I've tweaked the photo a little, hope that's OK.

    HI StephanRuss, A long shot ,but would either your Mother or GrandMa's name have been Rene, if so we played together as children, the Family lived close to us in Ellesmere rd ,Pitsmoor. cheers skeets

  2. So you'd have lived a couple of doors up from the Days, then?

    Yes, the drying area served all nine flats in the block, which made for tremendous fun when everyone tried to wash on the same day... hehe (I wish we'd have had balconies, like the similar flats which were on Windyhouse Lane or those at Woodhouse.)

    HI Plain Talker the Days you mentioned were they named Ted and Joan by any chance, if so. Joan was a lifelong friend of my late wife, Cheers Skeets.

  3. This is my brother Joseph born 1912 [ Broomhill school, same class as Jimmy,unfortunately a victim of 4ys as a guest of the **** in later life. skeets.

    Sorry, it was definitely Andover Street. In fact, the story (as told to me by Ben Warriss) was they were born in the same bed --Ben in May 1909, Jimmy on Dec 4 1912. I think their mothers were sisters, and the Andover Street house was the girls' parents house.

    Certainly they lived at Cobden View Road later, and, indeed, when I met Ben in 1976 we visited that road, and a photograph was taken of him playing football in the street with some kids.

    Somewhere I have a pix taken at the time I met him.


  4. So how about this for a skeets then & now

    Then is 1927, Sheffield

    Now is 1980, on the QE2 somewhere at sea

    Hope you like it skeets

    Thanks Dave that looks great i'll see l can find one of a struggling old decrepit namely skeets.

  5. I thought it the best, but , wife didn't, it was a bit too snooty for her , but l always followed my 0ld mans adage[if tha behaves thi sen,owes nobody owt,not afraid of getting thi hand down, tha can look anybody in't eye and sey to thi sen arm as good as thee. skeets

    another one was taking the car to Denmark and touring, staying in farmhouses, unfortunately my camera packed in after the first shot,my son took over, and he's still got them [ l think] skeets

  6. I thought it the best, but , wife didn't, it was a bit too snooty for her , but l always followed my 0ld mans adage[if tha behaves thi sen,owes nobody owt,not afraid of getting thi hand down, tha can look anybody in't eye and sey to thi sen arm as good as thee. skeets

  7. In another topic my Aviator has been described as a "Alsation threatening somebody the other side of a gate

    Whate about some photo's of us the members as younger people or even a "Then & Now"

    As ever to add some fun a question

    1. Who lived in the houses behind me? See post #14

    this one ok Stuart82 yrs ago skeets

  8. I remember my father telling me of his one experience of Charles Clifford's,

    the student was extracting one of his teeth when the pliers slipped

    and put a large gash in his gum.

    He had to have multiple stitches :(

    HI SteveHB Ihave memories of Charles Clifford firstly it was built on a very large orchard from where i stole apples as a young boy

    the next time l was on this land was just after it had been built about 10yrs later, l was sat in a Dentist's chair, having been suffering agonies all weekend, he said have you had breakfast ,when l said yes, he said you'll have to come back tomorrow , you have a large abscess under thi back tooth, on asking for alternatives , he said extraction without anything, after studying a few seconds,lsaid will it be quick, a second its a bit loose, he kept to his word there was very little pain, Then he said you have gingivitus [receding gum s] he gave me a date, this was a supposed new treatment it consisted of cutting a fine sliver of gum, all round then stuffing a plaster of paris pad in the space between the teeth for 2 weeks , it disintigrated in 2 days, l never went back, and had the lot removed a few years later , skeets.

  9. Just out of interest I came across Bernard Wake's signature on will on one of my ancestors.

    HI Dunsbyowl . Wqke -Smith was my solicitor in the 50ties , the solicitor who dealt with my stuff was Mr MacKinder, he was an old man in those days, and very nice too , his office was the most untidy place you could imagine ,boxes on every inch of floor space, big bundles of papers tied with string piled high on shelves on every inch of the walls , but he knew where every thing was, he had an oil painting half covered with hangiing bits of paper, hung on the wall, of the founder of the business he told me. So l assume this was the same man. Skeets

  10. DaveH HI Was it you that kept love birds! anyway i'll post them when l find them then you can zoom and have a better view, for now, heres a water colour from a photo of my neighbours horse, skeets

  11. 30 miles, did 29.5 in good time; then over two hours to get the last half mile including 50 minutes to do 300 metres; A19/A689 junction. GRRRRR :angry:

    RichardB HI My Regards, I can hardly see to type with the sun glare on my sceen ,no i'm not kidding. About this article by Tony Capstick, which you end Not a happy chap, l can identyfy with a lot of his words , he like myself did'nt have the silver spoon as the saying goes, and he would have seen , and heard a lot of this degregation , he talks of, amongt the pits of our society by working in some of the worst WMC's, and pubs when he first started out on his career, like l did working in a lot of slum housing, both as a joiner, and housing inspector ,lt sort of rubs off over the years, but l have difficulty saying where I hail from, to some people at any rate , as a hell of a lot of people do imagine Sheffield as Tony describes it, l am not a snob by any means, but l do feel uncomfortable thinking they may think of me as a person that comes from the degregation that Tony describes wether it was intended as as a joke or not l don't know. l only met Tony once about 1960 at the bar of Woodseats Social club l congratulated him on his performance and offered him a pint he said 'nay lad thanks but lv'e that many drinks paid for, it'll be a case of staying till about 2 to sup em all , winking at the steward. Skeets.

    sorry if in wrong place

  12. HI Dunsbyowl A friend of mine lived at that bricked up house next to the pub on your picture, his wife Dolly worked as barmaid at the pub when Arnie Allison the x footballer kept it , until one night she saw him having a pee in the bar sink, after closing time,_she said l bet you have done that before_ he said you/ll win your bet Dolly, she packed the job in, and George and l never went in again . Cheers skeets