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  1. Mine was "China Seas" starring Clark Gable l went to it 3 times the week it played at the Wicker and a couple of times at other houses Skeets
  2. l would have thought that the Tivoli picture house would be added to the list of cinemas in Sheffield, perhaps its too old HAha, By way of interest the cinema was severely damaged except for the facade which ironicly l worked on in 1944 we turned it into 2 shops, an electrical and umbrella besides repairing all that block including Union st and St Pauls Parade Skeets
  3. Before the blitz, and part damaged by the blitz there was a building 1st on the left on Change Alley which was owned by Mudfords the rope and tent firm would it have any connection with the building that was known as the Rotherham House Hotel
  4. When l was still a schoolboy l was stood in the foyer waitng for my pal who was reading the coming attractions, there was lots of plants and ferns and l saw one was bent almost to the floor, l was just in the act of placing it behind its next frond when a heavy hand grabbed me from behind , a deep voice said, l have been waiting to catch you, l was dragged struggling to the managers office who phoned the police, l was taken home still pleading innocence to my parents, my mother stood by me saying how could the usher say l was guilty of the act before when it was the first time l had ever been to the place, l still was not exonerated because we had a demand for 2/6 in the old money, which after lots of arguing we still had to pay. l still have feelings of injustice about this.Skeets
  5. Are there any gas lamps still in use some were in use to burn off methane at one time
  6. l was about 7 and stood with my mum who worked there as a cleaner and watched it on fire
  7. Can anyone tell me whether this writer was from Pitsmoor as l knew Bill Banks in my youth we drank in the Normanton in Grimesthorpe rd 50 yrs ago he lived on Malton st Skeets
  8. Bit more useless info the pub was built on the site of a tea garden and named after it but do not know when, anyone any idea. skeets
  9. On Tree Root Walk in the thirties, opposite a small housing estate,there was a large orchard where the local kids did their scrumping l was once left up a tall pear tree when the owner opened the door and all the others ran to the wall opposite and over they went to safety. He didnt see me and l was left for 2 hours before he left, the next time l visited that land was 12 years later to have a tooth extracted, the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital had been built there, l had to have it removed without any gas or an injection,l had eaten dont know which was more painful the cramp in the tree or the tooth extraction Cheers Skeets
  10. Steve HB I Have course to remember this PUB Steve,66years ago my wife Betty and l had visited her parents in Alderson Rd and had called in the Sheaf, and was in a quandary over where to live, as l had left my parents home saying l would not return, at that time some seats were back to back and a nieghbour of Betty's had heard our conversation and called us to sit with him, we did, and to my surprise it was Alec Bowler, an old workmate from my apprentice days. He was as astounded as l. Without another word he gave us a key to share his home. Does anyone else Have memmories of early war years with nowhere to live Skeets.
  11. Hi History members, does any of you recall the street games of years gone by, like kickcan, relieveo.getting into an awful mess on very hot days playing with molten pitch from the cobbles in the road,the only thing to remove it in those days was lard applied by an angry mother, making a lyons roar, news paper stuffed uo fallpipes and set alight, all this before many had even a radio. Happy days some 80 years ago Cheers Skeets
  12. HI Steve, This topic brought back memmories,it was aprox;1945 or thereabouts, before l was married, we were in a mixed group in some pub in town possibly the Rainbow, somebody came in dishing free tickets for the Lantern Theatre, we were off, and the driver of the car l was in did not know where it was,l knew cos l had worked on Priory Rd, when we were there l was begining to feel ill with the booze and stayed outside, by the time l was feeling better it was over apparently it had just been a forerunner of what was to come,that was my lackluster account of the Lantern at the time, l don't recall hearing of it again. Cheers Skeets.