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  1. Hi Peterinfrance lots of similar memories or is it just because I am born in 1946
  2. All very interesting reading about 'The Boys Brigade' I in Fact Belonged to The Church Lads Brigade I Think the difference was Boys Brigade was Chapel etc & CLB was Church of England , I was in St Andrews , there was St Peters & St Oswalds from Abbeydale & Nether Edge I think , we all had fabulous Uniforms & Caps , dark blue-broad red stripe down the trousers, I was in the band , started on the Bugle , then cavalry trumpet , Then on The Back row Playing a Valve Trumpet , John Clayton was a Great Drummer & Tony Heath played The Trumpet , often about 30 marching along all the roads around Sharrow , with us The Scouts & There Band , lots of people stood on the doorstep to cheer us on. At Whitsuntide it would be Lots & Lots of Marching Bands etc up to Ecclesaul Park where there was lots going on all day
  3. Very Interesting Re subject of Old Bakery Firms in Sheffield , My Dad Ken Astill after WW2 Worked at Gillots Bakery for a While , I am now 69 but Remember so Well Davys , E C Bell , Shaws of Hunters Bar, Transfield Ham & Potted Beef & Pork Pies, Hartleys Potted Beef & Salmon, We went into Business on our Own in 1958 , Taking over from Mr & Mrs Charlie Bedford 794 Chesterfield Rd Woodseats it then became K & V Astill about 1961 we bought another Shop at Walkley . Our Shops were very busy , & of course in the 50s & 60s there were lots of small bakeries in Sheffield & Flour Mills , Fletchers made a good loaf for a plant bakery , also there was Gunstones-Newbolds-Sunblest -Styans-Baltic Bakery-Don Bakery -Hammonds Bakery -J W Turner [Brian ] Arthur Black ,Woodseats, Mr Binks Healey -Arnold Myers-Fretwell Downing amazing confectioners & caterers-Storys Bakery Darnall - Winters Bakery famous for M & P pies- and so on--------------
  4. Thanks SteveHB great Photos of the Old Mattocks Butchers Shops Empire , Strangley Enough whilst looking for Tony Mattocks Grave in Eyam Derbyshire I bumped into a Gentleman who latterly worked for the firm as an accountant & was involved closing down the firm. Any photos of Central Dairy Products Shop in King St Sheffield ? [This was Tony Mattocks Shop ]
  5. Hi anyone out there who went to this School , it was pretty New when I went there , Mr Biggin was Headmaster-Mr Shooter-Mr Taylor -Mr Wasnidge Music teacher
  6. Hi Steve I definately remember that Name 'Smeeton' about 15 years ago I did a lot of research on Knowle House i.e. when was it built , by whom etc I am pretty sure 'The Lodge was Built First ' My sister & I Remember a Date Carved on The Large Fire Place in The Sitting Room about mid 1850s , Over the last few years when I visited Sheffield I often with permission walked up the drive , bringing back Wonderful Childhood Memories Living There , Dad kept pigs & chickens , in the extensive grounds was an orchard full of fruit Trees & Bushes , It would be great to find out more about The House , who lived there ? there were servants quarters and seperate staircase , huge cellars
  7. Does anyone have any history of Knowle House & The Lodge at The Bottom of The Drive , my Family Ken & Vera Astill My Parents lived there from about 1948 to 1956/7 Mr & Mrs Armitage lived in the Lodge , I believe the Properties Belonged to The Duke of Norfolk
  8. Having Just Spoken to my Aunty Vera [was Astill] she remembers they had shops at Pittsmoor & Spital Hill and Arthur Mattock became famous for sending our his High Quality Meats delivered with Pony & Trap , the Trap Beautiful Livery , all the way out to Ecclesaul etc
  9. Thanks for The Picture SteveHB I left Sheffield to Move to The South West 50 years ago , I am trying to find more about The Mattock Family who my Father was involved with for many years , The Bakery I remember was in Harland Rd of Ecclesaul Rd, Mr Tony Mattock lived in Iyam in Derbyshire near Bakewell , I believe his grave is in the Churchyard I remember in the 50s he drove in The Monte Carlo Ralley, He was in The RAF as a Pilot I believe he Flew Mosquitos also I think his wife was Swiss and they had a Son called Ricki The other part of The Firm Mattocks High Class Butchers had several shops , Arthur Mattock was I understand a fine business man , also I beleve there could have been other family members in that firm , Two Distinct Butchers who worked for the Mattocks were Harry ??? & John ???? and not forgetting the fantastic Character who rambled around Derbyshire in his Mattocks van Buying Poultry & Game Joe Williamson I can remember him now saying to me Dad NA THEN SURREY , Some of My Dads Sisters also worked at The Bakery in Harland Rd , May Astill , Vera Astill , even for a while in his 60s my Grandad Franklin Astill
  10. My Father Ken Astill met Tony Mattock just after The War about 1947 Tony didn't want to join the Butchery Family Firm so Ken & Tony set up Central Dairy Products it Was Bakery & Butchery Combined they took a Shop in King St , I just remember how busy it was , also in the 50s they supplied Billy Butlin with Pork Pies to some of the holiday camps , Dad kept in touch with the Family Till the 90 s I think Ricky sadly died in a car accident, anyone else any memories of the firm
  11. Hi Redgates what a fantastic toy shop ! I clearly remember a disabled man in a wheelchair ran the Model Railway Layout, with my five shilling spending money I was there every Saturday adding to my Model Railway , first it was 'Triang' I so remember buying my first Pullman Coach. one day I accidently took my engine apart & it fell into pieces, I took it to the kind man in Redgates & he just put it back together, this was all about 1956 to 1962