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  1. I agree Terry Curran was a fantastic player and did a lot for the owls. I really use to love watching him play, pure class
  2. There is a Sheffield in New Zealand, I have a photo of me stood outside Sheffield post office in New Zealand.
  3. Welcome top dollar, hope you enjoyxx

  4. Hi everyone, just registered yesterday. Im originally from Sheffield, but moved to Ireland a few years ago. What a fantastic site this is, ive spent 3 hours reading some of the topics and it brings back great memories. Keep up the good work, and im sure i will get to know you all, all the best :)
  5. Does anyone remember Christies night club? It was at the Sheffield Wednesday ground, originally it was the ozzie owl club. In the late 70's it was taken over by the singer Tony Christie (hence the name). It was a great spot, restaurant disco ect. I worked there from the time it opened to when we closed in 1982 (i was the DJ). Tony was great to work for he was always in the club overseeing things. Anyone remember or have any stories ?