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  1. Haha. Yeah good point! He was shown as his apprentice in the 1851 census
  2. Hi I wondered if anybody had any info on this man. One of my ancestors a William smith was an apprentice to a William Harrison living at 152 ranmoor. I was wondering if this was the same William Harrison that went on to be quite a large firm or they just happened to have the same name. If anybody could help on the history of the firm it would be much appreciated. Kindest regards Sally
  3. Hi imuman, Only just seen your reply! If it would be possible for a copy of this that would be great :-) Kindest regards Sally
  4. Hi Matthew, I've found the burial this weekend at archives and it is loxley cemetery buried with her husband John . So I am going to try and find a map and hopefully locate their grave. Many thanks for taking the time to look for me :-) Kind regards Sal x
  5. Thanks HD, I will look into that. Thankyou for your time :-)
  6. It seems she may not be buried at loxley after all as she is not on any records. Anyone got any good websites that may find her grave. I've tried a couple but they come up with zero matches
  7. Does anybody know of a way to find out if one of my relatives is buried at Loxley Cemetery? Im looking for an Elizabeth Mitchell who died 1st December 1963. My family seem to think she is buried there but cannot find any listings and the cemetery is reported to be quite neglected so walking round it to try and find her seems like a no go. Any help much appreciated.
  8. There is reference to the riot in Margaret drinkalls book the Sheffield Workhouse. But only states it as eyre st
  9. , thanks Lyn. I feel very silly now!!
  10. Did you mean Mary's maiden name is collier?
  11. Thanks a lot for looking Hugh. I would not have known where to start!
  12. Unfortunately we don't have a clue on dates :-( It is a story my nan was told as a little girl. Interesting that it could be true tho, I would love to find out more. The story goes... Henry Mitchell b: abt 1834 d: 1901 who was a sporting agent disowned John C Mitchell b: 1865 d: 1937. It is thought the fall out was to do with the family's disaproval of his marriage to Elizabeth Beatrice Alice renshaw (poor girl). He married her in 1901 so it could be about this time just before his death.
  13. After a conversation with a relative of mine I was told that my 3rd great grandfather disowned my 2nd great grandfather and it he put a notice in the times about it. Could this be possible? Has anybody ever heard of anything like this before?
  14. Thanks that sounds perfect! On the birth certificate it says born at grenoside workhouse in 1876 but on the net it says it wasn't built until 1881! Puzzle upon puzzle this one