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  1. had to do it in 2 parts because its a MASSIVE piece of paper.. printing and putting together would be best thing to do.x left side styring family.pdf right side styring family.pdf
  2. This is the piece of paper, sorry if they are big files but you may want to see these.thanks
  3. Vox- Does that make us cousins? You've come down Elizabeths (Styring) side of the family and i have come down William Henry's (Wright) side of the family.. This is crazy- thank you so much for this information. I find this incredible with what you can do!! HughW, this is amazing...so i have to find Lucy's other 5 brothers and sister now and see what became of them.. Can i ask where you got the information from so i can try and research a little deeper? thanks so much. Jess
  4. Hi vox. My piece of paper has quite a few of these names on but I havent got far enough to know how or if they are related to us-can scan and put on yor post tonight if you would like to see..just wondered if you had heard of winifred unwin who was born and bred in sheffield or my granddad who was called joseph ernest kitchener ellis? Trying to find a link?
  5. Hi all...just doing some digging in the family past-only just started and am a complete novice..my grandma was from sheffield and lived there until she died, she was called winifred unwin.when she died we found an old piece of paper from october 1958 that had a plan of all properties own by a harold k styring and an almost family tree of this family but not sure how this related to our family..my granddad was an ellis?!?! Anyone have any info please get in touch Thanks very much Jess ellis