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  1. Abbylane street 223. Was the antique shop from my Grandfather Harry Jackson. on the corner. 1920 -1960? Who know him or his family?
  2. aha. this is hopeful. for searching. !!!!!! thanks
  3. I am looking for all the cousins Jackson. William Henry had .the followed children. (1880-1960)with Mary Ann Hulley/Roebuck they lived at the Ashley road , Sheffield Harry. .- children Eric (his children David and Brenda(or Nancy) and Robert,Brenda(or Nancy) Arthur Doris Irene Elsie Amy Florence Winnifred Marjorie(may be not her birthname) do you know any name of this, and are you related to them? who is further family of you? or you know something.?. I am the daughter of Mary Jackson, who`s the daughter of Harry, out of his first marriage with a dutch woman(who sadly deceased by birth of Mary) She had contact with him and the family until he deceased. the contact is lost. now she has this month her 95 birthday and wish that she hears anything out Sheffield.! and I am interessed too for the family tree . please tell me . thanks Harriet