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  1. Blimey.....they used to have a fantastic canteen!!....fat as fool after every dinner time!!.....I hate to think what strange diseases are lurking around inside me though after playing in the park stream for hours on end as a kid!!!....it was the unofficial 'sewer'!!
  2. The beautiful wafting smells of beer brewing, seeping onto the 73 bus from Chapeltown as it sped up the Wicker, indicating it was soon time for my mam to drag me off the bus at the Sheaf Market stop. I still love that smell....(..soz Admin......).............blimey almost forgot...The Coffee Shop....behind Cole Brothers....that was theeeeeeeee defining smell for me every Saturday as a teenager...the coffee roasting on the premises was soooooooooooo lovely...and the machine vented straight onto the street.....Beer and Coffee.......(..and a dripping cake from the bakers...)..
  3. ...lived in Thorpe Hesley......does that qualify?
  4. ..ooooooooooooo...just found this list. Hornes... Wilson Pecks The Co-Op with it's circular stairs and the march up for school clothes.
  5. Jonathon Silvers South Sea Bubble ..both clothes shops. The smell of Stones Brewery coming into town up The Wicker. Daveys Posh Tea Rooms at the top of Fargate. Saturday morning Kids Disco at the Top Rank...............dancing to Wooly Bully!!
  6. I loved Violet Mays. It was a regular destination every Saturday with my essential carrier bag of albums to swap and exchange or sell. I have to admit to the odd stolen album too, slid into the carrier bag below shelf level but I reckon Violet came out on top with regard my custom. I bought a 'Not For Sale' copy of 200 Motels (Zappa) from there and a whole bunch of albums that were virtually impossible to find anywhere else. I seem to recall the shop used to have a CCTV surveillance camera mounted in the corner above the counter. In reality it was two black painted boxes and a toilet roll tube with two bottle tops stuck onto it...........but I'm sure it fooled many would be hardened shoplifters back in 1973-76!!!
  7. ..oooooooo....just found this link...Ecclesfield Cinema House
  8. It was the first cinema in Sheffield to show the World Cup 66 Film...erm I think...anyways that's where I saw it. After all the hype the one thing that stuck out then and that I still remember was really grainy colour of the shirts and supporters scarves and hats.
  9. I saw an afternoon showing of the Dambusters there......with two mates....and nobody else!!!
  10. Was at the bottom of the hill heading towards Chapeltown. I used to walk there with my mam to get her hair done in the hairdressers next to it, and I'm pretty sure there was a Poodle Parlour next door. Was knocked down around the mid 60's but I've never seen any pics of it.
  11. I loved the Lane Top Esseldo. Saw all the 'big' films there. Zulu...all the Bond films...633 Squadron....Lawrence of Arabia...........Italian Job........the velour seats didn't half itch the back of your legs though.