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  1. When was this picture taken? The guy holding the trophy looks like either Mr Ferris, Lord Mayor 1966-67 (I think!) or Cllr Harold Lambert. The Sheffield coat of arms neckless suggests he has been Lord Mayor. Wazzie Worrall
  2. Wonderful! I'm now seeing this guy in an entire new light, I used to think he was just another boring old teacher - but now I wonder? I think more digging is necessary, is there anybody out there who can help us? Cheers, Wazzie......
  3. Borgward Isabella. Did Mr Ioson really have a car which looked like this in the early 60's? I'm seeing him in an entirely different light! Wazzie
  4. Hi. We lived on Ridgehill Avenue and I'm sure that Mr Ioson didn't. If he did why would he cycle to work or use the Borgward Isabella? This is another mystery, who was the real Mr Ioson? Cheers, Wazzie
  5. Hi Bob, Yes I remember Mr Spur's Beetle, although I'm a little vague on actual detail. Did it have the 'split oval' rear window? Was it only three speed? I've no memory of Mr Ioson' s Borgward Isabella, but I remember his bike. My brother always insisted that he llived on School Lane at Norton, but my brother was prone to get things mixed up! . However, I do remember that Mr Dyson had an 'inverted rear window' Ford Anglia - must have been quite a new model when we were in J3/4? We'll keep on probing my old pal! Best wishes, Wazzie
  6. Hi Bob, I think Catherine Cox did live on Seagreave Crescent. I've no memory of David Jones. Another girl who has come to mind is Linda Willis, she lived in a big house somewhere on Myrtle Springs. I once went to a birthday party at her house and cut my lip on a plastic trumpet, my Dad had to come and fetch me - blood everywhere! Cheers, Wazzie
  7. Hi Bob, Another name that has come to mind is Catherine Cox, I can't remember which secondary school she went to. There was also a Brian Cox, but I think he left when we were in the lower juniors. Cheers, Wazzie
  8. Hi Frechylass, The Berni Inn we used to go to in the late 60's/early 70's was the one at Norton. What a treat, steak, frozen peas and chips followed by Black Forest Gateau and washed down with schooners of sherry! The Queens Head in the centre of Chesterfield (one of the timbered buildings) was also a Berni Inn. We used to call the manager Napleon Solo because he looked like 'the Man from Uncle'! On one particular lively Saturday night Rob Fiddler swung on the chandellier and brought it down. My brother in law was the contract electrician and he had to go on Sunday morning and put it back! To my knowledge the Dore Grill was never a Berni Inn, in the 60's/70's I think it belonged to Marsdens, an old Sheffield catering family. Unfortunately I can't remember what the tables were like in either establishment! Wazzie Worrall
  9. Hi Jackanne, You must have been about the same age as my late brother - John Worrall (1945-2004) and his best friend Pete Cousin. John went onto City Grammar School and Pete also went to Hurlfirld. Pete still lives in the Base Green area. Cheers, Paul 'Wazzie ' Worrall
  10. Hi Bob, I forgot about the bell ringing, thinking about it I remember the bell with its shiney wooden handle, they are often for sale in antique/junk shops. I also went home for lunch so I very rarely sampled the delights of the containerised food. However I do remember times when we were given left over custard. Going home for lunch is a piece of social history which has all but disappeared, at Gleadless PS we got in the region of one and half hours for lunch, ample time to get home and back again. The down side of the arrangement was that the juniors didn't finish until four o'clock in the afternoon, these days schools have a shorter lunch break and finish around 3-3:15. I've also a memory of a schools science radio programme when we were in Mr Dyson's class, the only topic I can remember was something about earth worms. We've still not any interest for any other ex-students, where are they all? Where is Bob Pratt or Mick Hartley? Cheers, Wazzie.
  11. Hi Bob, I think it's one of those things about getting older, things from the past keep coming back. It was when I started reading the stuff about Hollisend Rec that Gleadless Primary School memories came flooding back. The other thing which I can remember about Gleadless PS was the free milk is those 1/3 pint bottles, were you a milk monitor? The milk used to come from the B&C Coop in those mini sized crates and the monitors job was distribute them to the various classes, I remember streching the job out so that we would miss the BBC radio schools programme 'Singing Together' with William Appleby, it was awful, twenty minutes of sea shanties and other nonsense. On the positive side though, which I didn't realise at the time was that William Appleby was one of the first BBC presenters to have a northern accent! Cheers, Wazzie Worrall.
  12. Hi Bob, I've ammended the 1963 J4 class after our various communications. Gleadless County Primary School – J4 Classes 1963 Mr Dyson’s Class Barbara Bradshaw, Lynn Buckley, Christine Burrows, Sandra Callaby, Jane Goodson, Wendy Handley, Vicky Johnson, Christine Lindley, Linda Neville, Susan Parsons, Barbara Wright, Neil Bissatt, John Burton, Paul Creaghan, Philip Downing, David Frost, Mick Hartley, Alan Munro, Richard Nickleson, Robert Nutton, Robert Pratt, John Pursehouse, John Siddall, Stephen Smith, Robert Thorpe, Geoffrey Turner, Paul Worrall, Miss Metcalf’s Class Ian Bickerton, Steven Clarke, Julie Evans, Steven Hardwick, Robert Lancaster. Some of the people who I've included in Mr Dyson's class may actually have been in Miss Metcalf's class, it's all such a long time ago! Judging by the lack of response to our posting I'm wondering where everybody else is? I'm just sorry we don't have a class photo to put names to faces. Cheers, Wazzie
  13. What are peoples memories of 'The Stamp Shop' on Westfiled Terrace, off West Street? The Stamp Shop was every philatelists dream come true. My visits with my pals Philip Downing and Mick Hartley would have been around 1962 to 1964. I think the owner at that time may have been called Mr Edwards? I remember him as a very serious man, with grey hair and glasses? He was a bit torn when we went in, on one hand it was these pesky kids asking silly questions but on the other he knew we would be responsible for keeping the noble art & science of philately going into the future! Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  14. Hi Athy, I also had a Brownie 127 - you could take ghost pistures with it by holding it very still, taking a frame with x2 people in it, removing x1 person and taking another frame before winding on. I had some ghost pictures which were taken in Gleadless Church yard, I've no idea what happened to them or the 127! Bob Nutton and I have started a Gleadless Primary School page in the school section of the forum. Bob mentions mentions Mr Fulford because when we were at Gleadless PS, he used to come and take our pictures. Unfortunately there were never any class photos taken. I bet his darkroom was a treat? Things were beginning to change in film processing around the mid-60's, but I bet Mr Fulford was old school? Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  15. Hi Bob, I don't remember Peter Robinson. One ex Gleadless student in the year above us at Hurlfield was Ken Wilson, two years above us was Dave Crapper (I think he became a bus driver with SYT) and somebody Webster - 'Webby' (he left school at 15 and went to work for WM Monks as a tiler). In our year at Gleadless was Steven Hardwick, I think he was in Miss Metcalf's class, he also went onto Hurlfield. I don't remember where we went on the way back from York. I do however remember the allotment and the greenhouse, a group of us (can't remember who) painted the inside with red lead, who we be allowed to do that these days? Cheers, Wazzie.