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  1. Hi Sevans, Bob Nutton and I have started a posting for Gleadless County School which you may find interesting. There's also some stuff about the school on the Hollinsend Park posting. I remember John Youle, he was in the year above me and went to Hurlfield. I think he lived on Foxdale Ave off the bottom of Alnwick Road. There was a Jane Needham in our class (Mr Dyson's) and we left in 1963 so I doubt it's the same person as the one you mention. Bob and I have tried to put together a list of the members of our class on the Gleadless Primary School posting, you may recognise some of the names. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  2. Some Kind of Mushroom was run by a guy called Dave Macvee (or Macfee) who also owned the Chesterfield shop, it was a meeting place for the alternative set. Eventually in the early seventies Dave changed from selling records to second hand books. I saw him couple of years ago when we went on guided walk about the railways of Chesterfield and he was one of the leaders. He was living in one of the Derbyshire villages and still deals in second hand books. Weren't Shaped of the Rain a Chesterfield band? Somewhere in a box in my loft I've got one of their CD's, this posting has spurred me to see if I can find it. I saw them a couple of times in Chesterfield at the Vic Ballroom which was an excellent rock venue in the late 60's/early 70's. I can't remember who they were supporting because I saw Free, Blodwin Pig, Mott the Hoople and several other top bands there. Wazzie Worrall
  3. Hi Edmund, That's a great clip. According to my 1954 Kelly's Directory it was Brookless Brothers then. I also have a vague memory of it being a branch of TC Harrisons in the 70's, was it their second hand dealership? Wazzie Worrall
  4. At the bottom of Twenty Well Lane on the opposite side to Dore and Totley Station is Mercia Motors which deal in quality second hand cars. Prior to this it was Jeep main dealers which I think was part of the Hadfield's group. I've no idea who it belonged to prior to Jeep. Wazzie Worrall
  5. We used to go in the Waggon in the late 60's/early 70's. It was considered to be the 'hippy pub' because it's where all the middle class kids with long hair met. Like the last posting many of the clients graduated from Dodcroft. It was also one of the first Sheffield pubs to have a female landlady. My dear friend, the late Carol Shepherd's mother was the landlady in the late 60's. Carol's father was orginally the landlord but when he suddenly died his wife asked if she could take over. Reluctantly the brewery agreed on condition that she completed a probationary period, this she did and made a roaring success of the business. I go in occasionally but it's lost much of it's original character. It now is part of the True North chain who also own the Broadfield and several other pubs. I think they have just aquired the Ball Inn at Crookes? Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  6. Hi Bob, In 1978 we bought a brand new bright yellow Mini 850 from Kennings in Chesterfield. I wanted a Citroen Dyane because I'd had a couple of LHD 2CV's, but the waiting list was 3 months so I went for the Mini instead. I also had a friend in the early 70's - Glynn Bourne who worked at Kennings Peel Street, so we used to get all our spares 'trade' with a Kennings cash with order. Sadly just like Kennings, Glynn is no longer with us. Cheers, Wazzie
  7. Some of the postings on this topic are wonderful - as usual they've got the old cogs turning. In the 60's my Dad used to buy his cars from Chesterield Coop Garage which I think was on Baden Powell Road not far from West Bars. I don't know if he got divvie on car purchases. There were also small garages which sold a few new cars. There was Fishers at Woodseats (I think it's now a music school), Williams on Abbeydale Road and the Waggon and Horses Garage at Millhouses, which eventually moved to Chesterfield Road near Morrisons. I think in those days you couldn't buy a new car 'of the shelf', it had to be ordered well in advance. There was also Meresbrook Garage on Upper Albert Road near to Bishop's House. It was owned by a Polish guy whose son John was at High Storrs in my year. Once when we were in there a guy came in with a Morris 1000000 for a service, they were a vivid lilac colour and produced to celebrate the production of one million Morris 1000's. They sold NSU and some other unusal make of car I can't remember. They had half a mini built into the wall. They then moved to the bottom of Albert Road and became a Datsun/Nissan main dealer. Wazzie Worrall
  8. Does anyone remember the advert on the telly for Brocklehurst's? 'You can always trust the cars you buy from Brocklehurst's of Sheffield, Business Excutive, Family man.........' The cars they sold were mainly Routes/Hillman. On the advert Ernest Brocklehurst was handing the keys of a new car to a happy customer. There was also a little cafe in the showrooms at Meadowhead. I used to go there with Pete Clarke when I helped him with his window cleaning round in the school holidays. Wazzie Worrall.
  9. I worked as a fitter's mate at Darnal Shotblasting in the early 70's. The Pheasant on Attercliffe Rd was the nearest pub. On nights we would go to the back door of the Pheasant and get let in. The pub was full of blokes from the local works all drinking in their meal break. We were very close to Attercliffe Police Station so the police must have known what was going on, but apparently they turned a blind eye. Brian the electrican would have x3 bitter/barley wine mixers during our 20 minute break and then we'd go up on the crane tracks to change a motor or similar. Happy Days!!! Wazzie Worrall.
  10. Hi. Following on from the steam special on 9 September, Galetea is back on Monday 23 September. It's travelling from Burton to Carnforth via Chesterfield, Dronfield, Dore Tunnel, Totley Tunnel through the Hope Valley to Manchester and on to Carnforth. It is advisable to re-check Realtime Trains on Monday morning. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/advanced/GRN?stp=WVS&show=all&order=wtt That's the link for Realtime Trains - Grindleford (GRN?). For other stations on route - open the Grindleford link: Change the location to e.g. Dronfield and submit. The most important information for Realtime Trains is to know the starting point/destination. Video records are welcome.... Sorry about the spacing! Cheers, Wazzie LMS: 5699 Galetea. 5Z53 0910 Burton Ot Wetmore Sidings to Carnforth Steamtown. 23 September 2019 Burton Ot Wetmore 0910 SDG Alfreton [ALF] pass 1037 ML Blackwell South Jn (Derbs) pass 1039 UDV Morton 1045 1102 Clay Cross North Jn pass 1108 EL Chesterfield South Jn pass 1111 DBH Chesterfield [CHD] 3 pass 1112 DBH Tapton Jn pass 1114 Dronfield [DRO] 1121 1123 1 Dore South Jn pass 1127 Dore West Jn pass 1129 Totley Tunnel East pass 1132 Grindleford [GRN] 1 pass 1137 2 Bamford [BAM] pass 1144 Earles Sdgs S.B. DGL 1149 1202 Edale [EDL] 1 pass 1209 Chinley East Jn pass 1215 Manchester Victoria [MCV] 3 pass 1327 Carnforth Steamtown 1745
  11. Hi Oldbloke, That actually rings a bell that it was the Red Lion, but where was it's actual location? My late brother maintained he saw Bob Dylan in there when he was playing at the City Hall. Wazzie Worrall
  12. Hi Bob, I once heard a ‘Sheffield folk tale’ about the famous Halle Orchestra conductor – Sir John Barbirolli going into the Albert for a drink when they were playing at the City Hall. On hearing the din from the Juke Box, he said to the landlord, ‘I’m Sir John Barbirolli, please turn that row off.’ To which the landlord replied, ‘I don’t care if you’re Screaming Lord Such, that Juke Box is staying on!’ Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  13. During our conversation about the 11+ exam Jen13 reminded me of Andrew's Education Supplies at the back of the City Hall. Does anybody else remember this wonderful shop? The range of material on sale was mind blowing! It was a sort of 1950/60's version of the Works or Rymans - everything from stamp hinges to poster size maps. There was also a rather loppy pub next to it, was it called the Albert? The toilets were disgusting, open air with just a urinal and seatless pot, no where to wash your hands. I never ventured into the Ladies! Wazzie Worrall
  14. I'm glad that somebody else remembers those blue excerise books with their rods, poles and perches on the back. What crazy systems of measuring they were, mind you, the money also left a lot to be desired - twelve pennies in a shilling, twenty shillings in a pound! Night mare, 'If an egg costs 3D what would a dozen cost?' There was also the range of coins which included; Three Penny Bits, Six Pence (Tanners), Florins and Half Crowns. Purses and trouser pockets bulged with the stuff, our geography teacher once told us that in times of high copper prices bent scrap metal dealers would melt down pennies because the scrap value of the bars was worth more that the monetary value. I don't know what contemporary 'copper coins' are made of because they are magnetic, a magnet won't touch an old penny! I also remembered Andrews at the back of the City Hall. It was a wonderful shop, the range of materials for sale was mind blowing. I think I'll put a posting on Sheffield Shops to see who else remembers it! Wazzie Worrall.
  15. Thanks for that wonderful clip, I'm so sorry I missed Galatea on Monday. For all the steam buffs out there, on Saturady morning the Yorkshire Man is running along the Hope Valley line. The actual times haven't been listed on UKsteam.info yet, however the train is due to leave Manchester Victoria at 09:55 so assuming everying goes according to plan it should be at Dore and Totley around 11:00. The actual times can be checked on Saturday morning on Realtime Trains - Grindleford, and Dore & Totley. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall Sat 14-Sep THE YORKSHIREMAN Crewe-Carlisle(LSL) [lsl] 34046/46100/70000: Crewe-Manchester-Sheffield-York-Todmorden-Manchester-Crewe SPHS