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  1. I forgot about the penny farthing. Heading towards Leyburn Road from Broadfield Road were a row of shops including 527 Walker's Chip Shop (excellent pickled eggs), 537 Abbeydale Road Post Office. The post office was recently relocated from Nether Edge Road into Rehman Brothers grocers, however I understand that this has now closed, leaving no post office between Highfield and Millhouses. Wazzie Worrall
  2. They have recently taken down the hoardings above Butterworth's cycle shop on the corner of Abbeydale Road and Leyburn Road (opposite Abbeydale Primary School). My 1954 Kelly's Directory shows the shop as '547 Abbeydale Road, Butterworth Albt E. cycle dealer'. The shop is still open and run by a member of the Butterworth family. Wazzie Worrall
  3. Hi, That looks like the one - it brings back many hazzy memories! Wazzie
  4. I reckon that's the one - T Bates, 16 Dixon Lane. Does anybody know when it closed? Wazzie Worrall
  5. I remember in the mid to late 60's there was an off sales on Dixon Lane which used to sell loose sherry, you had to take your own bottle. I think it was 5shiilings/6pence a pint. My pal Paul and I were regular visitors on a Saturday afternoon. Once we didn't have a bottle, so we went round to Castle House, took a milk bottle out of the crate, washed it in the Big Hole toilet and had it filled with sherry - no top! Wazzie Worrall
  6. Brilliant! Thanks. As I remember it had an allegedly dodgy reputation? Wazzie Worrall
  7. Can anybody please tell me what the night club was called at Owler Bar (now the Moorlands Carvery) which was open in the early 70's, and when it closed? I also understand that before it re-opened as the Moorlands it was a pub called Five Ways, if it wasn't called that what was it called? The five ways are the roads from 1.Barlow, 2.Baslow, 3. Fox House 4.Totley, 5.Holmesfield which all converge onto the MASSIVE aroundabout. The the older Peacock is on the other side of the roundabout. Thanks, Wazzie Worrall
  8. It's all a log time ago, but my Granny {died 1966} used to talk about a tunnel which ran from Handsworth Church to the Cross Keys, maybe it was built so the vicar could nip for one? Wazzie Worrall
  9. I remember the Abbeydale Rd Temperance Bar, next to the cinema, it's now Dronfield Antiques - wonderful! There was also a sarsaparilla shop at Heeley Green. However the one which always sticks in my mind was on Attercliffe Common near to Banners, brilliant! Wazzie Worrall
  10. In the 60's No. 91 The Wicker was Sheffield Communist Party HQ (next to the Station Hotel). The ground floor was occupied by the Bookshop (can't remember the name) which sold books and left wing literature. During this period Communist Party membership in South Yorkshire was relatively high allowing for the employment of a full time local official. (Bob Wilkinson?). George Fletcher, founder of the famous Sheffield bakery was a party member.
  11. 'Gloops' I remember that badge and the charactor, he was a bit of a 'cat'! I have a vague memory of a Gloops Club show at either the City Hall or Library Theartre in the late 50's. It was a kid's variety show and the host was a middle aged man in full evening dress called Uncle Timothy (Timothy Tindall?). I believe that the same Uncle Timothy forwarded the Gloops Club page in the Star? Wazzie Worrall
  12. I think that photo is taken from somewhere at the bottom end of Division Street (Devonshire Green) looking towards the Town Hall. The square tall chimney in the centre is the boiler house of the Old Royal Hospital which was located on Westfield Terrace. Westfield Terrace was also home of the Stamp Shop. The clock tower with the 'onion' dome also rings a bell but I can't quite place it. There's another mystery? Wazzie Worrall
  13. I was a keen train spotter in the 60's. During the school holidays we used to go and see the Harwich - Liverpool boat train at Victoria Station. The boat train came in around lunch time and was usually pulled by a 7P6F 4-6-2 Britannia class the locomotive (a Brit). The Brit was taken off the boat train at Victoria Station and replaced by a EM1 electric locomotive for the journey via the Woodhead route to Manchester. The Brit was then taken to Darnell Loco Sheds to be serviced and re connected when the boat train returned. Wazzie Worrall