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  1. I am trying to trace my second cousin - Paul Cartwright whose last known address was Crimicar Ave where he lived with his grandmother Rose Cartwright. Rose died many years ago but I believe Paul continued to live in the family home. I also believe that in the 70's or early 80's Paul gained a social science degree from sheffield Polytechnic. Does anybody have any idea where Paul is now? Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  2. Hi Steve, Thanks for the clip. Jack was a neigbour of a friend of mine and I remember him training around Gleadless in the mid 60's. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  3. Does anybody remember Jack Warhurst from Gleadless winning the Star Walk? It was probably the mid to late 60's. Wazzie Worrall
  4. I've just had a look in my 1954 Kelly's Directory. The house holder for No. 81 Ridgehill Ave is shown as Ernest Hibbert - Boot repairer. Wazzie Worrall
  5. Hi. I've a memory that there was a brick built toilet block at the bottom of the park near to the Hollisend Rd/Gleadless Primary School enterance, does anybody else have a memory of these toilets? Wazzie Worrall
  6. Hi, I remember the old man and Carol his granddaughter, because we lived just a few doors down on the other side at No. 64. My brother and I shared the front bedroom and if the window was open you would hear his two sticks rattling on the path as he made his way back from the Hollin Bush, I think pubs shut at 10:00pm in those days, maybe 10:30 on Saturday? We never knew how he lost his leg. I think Carol's family name was Christan, but I don't think that was the old man's family name. Wazzie Worrall
  7. Hi Athy, Wasn't that teacher called Mr Ireson, he was the deputy head, when he left Mr Dyson took over his role? There was also a Mr Cook while I was there, he later became an Education lecturer at Totley College. The other teachers I remember are Miss Grandage, Mrs Marshall, Miss Melcalf and Miss Parkin. Miss Parkin left when I was in about J.3 and moved to the West Country. The caretaker was Mr Lancaster, his grandson - Rob was a good mate of mine at Hurlfield. When Mr Lancaster retired, Mr Stothard took over. The caretaker always lived in the first house on the left hand side of Ridgehill Ave. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  8. Hi Arif, That's a lovely picture of the park. It's taken from the path which leads from the entrance at the side of Gleadless Church, the opposite side of Ridgeway Road to the Graves Trust Houses and shops. It's interesting that you mention that Mr Spur was killed on Hollisend Rd. I heard that he was killed in a car crash around 1964. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  9. Hi again Bob, I also heard that Mr Spur was killed in a car crash, I would say around 1964 when I was at Hurlfield. However I got a posting from another member who said that Mr Spur was knocked down and killed on Hollinsend Rd. I also have a vague memory of of being told that Mr Spur was involved in an earlier road accident. Mr Dyson had a daughter called Jane who went to High Storrs from 1963-70. Cheers, Wazzie Worrall
  10. Hi Bob, Are you Robert Nutton, who then went on to high Storrs? If yes, I remember you we went out on bikes together a couple of time, Graves Park/Coal Aston - Ford? There was also a Robert Pratt and Robert Thorpe in Mr Dyson's class. Cheers, Paul 'Wazzie' Worrall
  11. I grew up on Ridgehill Ave leaving in 1966 when I was 14. Hollinsend Rec was our local park, an all year round venue. I remember the Whit Sunday parade and also have a vague memory of a fun day, with a clown and other entertainment. The park keeper (parky) in those days was Jack Metcalfe, a pleasent chap who knew most of our names. Every evening at dusk the parky would blow his whistle, clearing the park before locking the gates to the main park and play ground. The park buildings were all painted Sheffield green, a paint source which found it's way to various houses around the city! The large wooden hut in the play ground was open at the front, so once we knew the parky had gone home we would climb over the fence and use it as our den. I have a broken front tooth which is a result of an accident in the play ground. I was climbing on the front of the cast iron rocking horse when my pal Timmy Brammer jumped on at the back causing the head to fly up and clout me in the mouth! I attended Gleadless County School and the headteacher at that time was Mr Jack Spur. Our teacher in the top juniors was Mr Dyson and I also remember Barbara Metcalfe who was the other top junior teacher. She used to take us swimming to Park Baths on City Road. I remember Mr Spur passing away when we were in the early years at Hurlfield but I can't remeber the circumstances of his death. In those days the school was only on one side of Hollisend Road, the new buildings on the other side of the road were added later. My brother John passed away in 2004 and so we scattered his ashes in the long grass by the little stream. I was surprised to see that the stream had almost dried up, when we were kids it was quite fast flowing and was full of frogs and tiny fresh water shrimps. Wonderful childhood memories of a much loved park! Wazzie Worrall
  12. I forgot about the penny farthing. Heading towards Leyburn Road from Broadfield Road were a row of shops including 527 Walker's Chip Shop (excellent pickled eggs), 537 Abbeydale Road Post Office. The post office was recently relocated from Nether Edge Road into Rehman Brothers grocers, however I understand that this has now closed, leaving no post office between Highfield and Millhouses. Wazzie Worrall
  13. They have recently taken down the hoardings above Butterworth's cycle shop on the corner of Abbeydale Road and Leyburn Road (opposite Abbeydale Primary School). My 1954 Kelly's Directory shows the shop as '547 Abbeydale Road, Butterworth Albt E. cycle dealer'. The shop is still open and run by a member of the Butterworth family. Wazzie Worrall
  14. Hi, That looks like the one - it brings back many hazzy memories! Wazzie