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  1. Can anyone say exactly where this is - like overlay it on a map? I know some of it is underneath Midland station and extends towards Park Square but would be interesting to see exactly where.
  2. So those arches appear to be holding up Brunswick Road, or at least the slope down which it runs. As do these baby ones, which I've driven past hundreds of times but never noticed til I was looking at Streetview just now https://goo.gl/maps/xvK4mrrHar72
  3. They have stated they are not going to demolish the Henderson's factory - time will tell.
  4. If you want a really in-depth look at the growing Corporation and its activities I can recommend a book called "Sheffield - The growth of a city" by H Keeble Hawson.
  5. Unique in Sheffield I believe, as it controlled two roads, Barnsley Rd and Pitsmooor Road.
  6. Yes I meant the like button on here,not Facebook, but if it's inactive, fair enough. Thanks
  7. One for Vox maybe; everytime I try to "like" a post it says I have reached my quota of positive votes for the day, when I haven't yet "liked" any posts that day. Forum glitch maybe?
  8. I'm now informed the site was occupied (1950's - 1960's?) by a company called Kenworthy Coaches but can't find any info on the net about them? Anybody remember them, or have any pics of their buses or site? Thanks,
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows what used to be on the site before the Tesco petrol station was built there? Thanks, http://goo.gl/maps/VHpKQ