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  1. Before Langsett Estate

    Can't thank you enough.
  2. St Mary's, Walkley

    I went to St Mary’s in 1970 – 74, more or less. Every year they had a nativity play at the Church, I always wanted to play Joseph, but ended up a Sheppard, every year. Still it was honest work for a budding actor of 5 Another recollection was looking into the eldest year class, and seeing them doing joined up writing... in pen!
  3. Before Langsett Estate

    Hello Only just joined the site, and already I am hooked. Just was wondering if anyone knows the name of the streets that were knocked down to build Langsett Estate. I am writing a book based around Sheffield, and it starts on the estate. It would be good to mention what was there before it. Thank you (In advance of any replies)