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  1. Thanks for the background reminder on company history. Some I was already aware of and some not. What would really interest me now would be seeing photos of similar pieces since I've not been able to find any to compare with. Are there any still available or are these some of the few left?
  2. I have one H. G. Long & Co. Sheffield knife and eight forks. Knife is approximately 10-1/4" long, blade length about 6-1/2", width about 7/8". Blade stamped with crossed daggers in a shield beside "H. G. LONG & Co." over "SHEFFIELD". Forks are approximately 8-1/4" long overall with a handle length of about 3-5/8". Forks have crossed daggers in a shield on back with "H. G. LON" visible on most and the rest having the "G & Co" barely discernable. Forks do not appear to be the same size. The "knife guard" on some are wider than others and the shaft between the tines and handles is shorter. Knife and fork handles are "pinned" top and bottom with one small brass pin. Blade and forks appear to be silver plated steel. Knife retains most of its silver plating along with two of the forks but other six look like plain steel with some slight rust. Long cracks in knife handle and some fork. Handles are believed to be ivory but could possibly be bone. In May 2012, M. P. "Mike" Wilcox of Wilcox & Hall, www.antique-appraise.com, identified the set as mid Victorian with most likely bone or ivory handles. I've located and read some of the history of H. G. Long & Co but have mostly been unsuccessful in locating any photos or information about the cutlery in my possession. More photos available if necessary. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.