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  1. Ratners - Globe Works

    My Granddad was MD when G.P.WALL STEEL WORKS occupied GLOBE WORKS building he was there during the first and second World Wars until he died in 1946 then my Uncle took over until he died and then I think the business closed down.
  2. Thought I would put on site how Upperthorpe Shops were situate in 1958, and after, if some are wrong or any missed out, Sorry but it is a long time ago. From Addy Street end. Furniture store then Twelvetrees carpet store on corner Upperthorpe Road & Addy Street Upperthorpe public house. Bernard's Hairdressers & Jewellers. Wrays Butchers this became Roland Lee's Butchers. Hallam Wool Shop, Yvonnes then Mables. Cammocks Wine shop, this became Fine Fare supermarket. Post Office Mrs Norwood? then Mr & Mrs Bacon. Simpsons Butchers. Shentalls grocers this changed to Styans then Davys Bakers when Shentalls moved to Cammocks after Fine Fare take over. Alexs Gents Hairdressers downstairs & Mrs Anson Ladies Hairdressers upstairs. Fred Taylors Pork Butchers. Billys Hardware. Lens? Greengrocers. Newsagents. Mrs Straws Hosiers on corner of Upperthorpe Road & Oxford Street. ACROSS ROAD. Large private house Mrs Brennan. Beightons Greengrocers this became Mr Greens Launderette. Gladys & Jacks wet fish shop. Friths Chemists. D.G.Ridge Butchers. Ladies Hairdressers. Mrs Solitice General Store, I went to Crookesmoor School with her son Derrick. Cartledges Clothing Store, when this shop closed Lamberts moved there Greengrocers business from the top of Portland Street into it. Last shop before Lane down to Hay, Straw & Animal feed store was Denniffs Butchers.
  3. Boys Brigade

    Hi Charlie Wag it was St Nathaniels Church Lads Brigade I was drum major about 1955 to 1958 Graham Simpson