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  1. I thank you for your interest, I have only just seen your msg, I have arranged for someone to take photo's which I will post on here.

  2. I have found this topic listing most interesting and thought that readers may be interested in hearing about a piece of Sheffield football history and memorabilia that was sent to me by a lady who to this day I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Also I would be delighted to hear if there are any others in existence. I have a half pint size beer glass which has etched on it on one side the words: Gilmour's Celebrated Windsor Ales And Stouts and on the reverse is etched with the words FA Cup Season 1934 / 35 complete with an etching of this world famous football trophy. Ray Parkin Sheffield Football fan and lifelong Owls Supporter. If there is any interest I will try and get a photo taken and post it on here.