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  1. No problem. By the way, Vinnie is singing at The Forest again tonight!
  2. Hi Athy, sorry I haven't been on this site to reply to you (I lost it! lol) Vinnie does lots of the old favourite soul, Motown & Reggae songs that we know and love from the sixties onwards. He's at The Forest again this Saturday - so it'll be a late one! I've found some photos of Vinnie if you're interested, they are all mine except for the one of a younger Vinnie which he put on his facebook page..... https://www.facebook.com/vinley.gayle At the moment he's singing mainly at The Forest https://www.facebook.com/groups/22459892565/ It's always a fantastic night
  3. Vinley certainly is still performing! In fact tonight he'll be singing at The Forest on Rutland Rd Sheffield where he is a regular artiste. He's still resident in Sheffield and the selection of songs he performs is second to none! If you get the chance to see 'Vinnie' don't miss it!
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    The Whitehouse

    The White house was, for many years a fish and chip shop in Pitsmoor, now it is a residence. I'd like to find out exactly how old this building is. Local heresay claims it is Tudor, and at some time was a coaching inn. But contradictory evidence claims it is 19th century. Whatever the case, locals thought it was a listed building, but it turns out it's not. Anything could happen to this fine building, if we could determine it's history we could get it listed. Can anyone help us?