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  1. 2 Maps from 1637 & 1790. Uploaded by T.Hey On the 1637 Map it shows that Sir Richard Scott owned lots of land. On the 1790 Map i have put a red ring round Barnes Hall. Your comment "Apparently it was another relative (uncle of uncle I think) who owned a substantial place nearby, which went on to become a hospital." I do remember many years ago knowing about an hospital very near to Barnes Hall. & it is within the lands owned by Sir Richard Scott on the 1637 Map. I remember seeing it from the road side. It had a very long driveway. I never went up to it because i was always told it was a mental hospital & they would chase you & try to kill you. So as a kid we never went up their. I think it as been knocked down now but i will find out & pin point it on a map for you.
  2. Just had 100s of old family pictures & slides handed over to me & WW1 medals. The pictures Date from around 1900 to 1975. Most are from England & Scotland but some are from early wars abroad some where. I will scan them all as & when i get time then upload some to challenge us all. Here is one from 1916 scouts. writing on it says. LADY DOROTHY WOOD'S OWN, HOLBECK CHURCH, 4th sw leeds b.p. scouts. S. ALLCOCK, A.S.M REV. WALTER SMITH M.A. (SCOUTMASTER). LADY DOROTHY WOOD. R. HOWLAND, Chief A.S.M PRESENTATION OF COLOURS BY LADY DOROTHY WOOD. AT TEMPLENEWS. JUNE 3rd 1916
  3. What does this OS Symbol mean from 1973
  4. Thanks T.Hey these are just what I needed. You could open a free Photobucket account & upload it to there. You can link it to this site then.
  5. This is part of a map from 1637 of high green. I am trying to find out who did this map so i can see parts thats been chopped off. & is there away of finding out who owned plot 277 at top left in 1637.
  6. It was a family member of pc john foster that showed me this. They did tell me lots more information but i have forgotten what they said. I will go & see them to fill in the blanks. They had some very old foster family photos & news paper cuttings i believe.
  7. Found a bit more information. One of the most richly scored pieces in the repertory is by John Foster, gentleman, coroner, humorist and amateur composer of High Green near Sheffield. His setting of Psalm 47 became yet another version of ‘While Shepherds Watched’, and is still sung in a cut-down version as part of the pub carolling tradition around Sheffield. The original, published around 1820, has remarkably Haydnesque instrumental passages, scored for a full classical orchestra. It was probably written for one of the choral festivals that were a feature of musical life in northern England in the early nineteenth century. It is possible that ‘Old Foster’ was written for a music festival but it is in the vernacular tradition of carol singing around Sheffield that it has had approaching two centuries of vigorous life.
  8. I am thinking of making an history film. As any one done any recently & if so what topic did you cover.
  9. George chambers from newton chambers & co also lived in this house. I went to school with a lad who lived in this house but have forgot is name. I went in this house just before it was flattened to make way for the westwood estate.
  10. There was a man called John Foster who lived in high green house. He lived there with is wife Sarah from 1782 & died in 1822. He was a coroner of west riding for 40 years & an influential man who, according to Dr Gatty, Repressed the cruel bull & bear baiting which took place in the parish. He was a well known local musician. He played the violin cello & published a book of sacred music which he had composed. & one of the tunes was called High Green. I am trying to find this book he published. Does anyone know were to start to find it.
  11. I was talking to someone who lives on mortomley lane high green. He said is land was given a name called northumley. After doing some research i found some information. I don't know how true some of it is so hear goes. Kingdom of Northumbria. King of Wessex in 802. looks like nicolas de mortumley was part of the crown & land in will or deed was given to him in the 1300s. This area was under Northumbria in the 600's to 952. after this date it came under York. After a battle. Mortomley near to Chapeltown on the north-west,has a history which goes back to 1227. :It is mentioned among the estates of Lord Furnival in 1365 and again among those of William de Furnival in 1365 as yielding 50s per annum In both cases it is spelt Northumley. How did this name come about.
  12. More info. I am getting hold of a photo before the houses were knocked down.
  13. Someone i know bought a plot of land with buildings on it that were old & falling down. Its on wortley road but the road as been called rotherham road & chapeltown road in the past. On is deeds it states on the land that there was a Pub called The Sportsman Inn. I have looked at maps dating back to 1855 were i think it says (The Old Bar) But this is lower down the road from is plot. Map Below.
  14. Link below were the stone lays http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?client=opera&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest&q=53.485654,+-1.483279&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x48797bcbee1b3663:0xf2e3ef35537e44dc,53.485654,+-1.483279&gl=uk&sa=X&ei=f5SvUcarG5C00QWWx4DoBg&ved=0CDAQ8gEwAA
  15. Found another picture of it in an old pic. It was taken from jeffcock road high green.