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  1. Saw this on facebook a couple of months ago, apparently it was cleared for bridge inspections by Network Rail.
  2. Link not working? More detailed information about these events, direct links or contacts required please!
  3. http://www.picturesheffield.com/Ref_No_s26859
  4. One of the photos, extracted from the document.
  5. Just seen an interesting post on on sheffieldforum.co.uk, which includes 'this link' to download a pdf document, that describes (with photos) the experiment carried out during "October 1972".
  6. I think it is more likely made to resemble maple seeds, which do have culinary uses.
  7. To remind people that things have and do happen in Sheffield. I doubt the site owner will be complaininig that they are taking up server space.
  8. Sheffield Fayre Monday, August 26th. 10.30am - 5pm. Norfolk Heritage Park, Guildford Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S2 2PL. Horticulture Show and Craft Tent The RSPCA Fun Dog Show National Fairground Archive Exhibits Birds of Prey Displays Board Games Corner Sheffield Kite Flyers – Kite and Boarding Demos Maypole Workshop Family Fun Fair and Bungee Trampolines Excellent Food, Trade and Exhibitor Stands Kids Crafts and lots of fun activities and more…… https://www.theoutdoorcity.co.uk/sheffield-city-life/events/sheffield-fayre-p1038801
  9. https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-1950s-over-300-of-them/?do=findComment&comment=22435
  10. "Housing awaiting demolition on Walker Street" (1937). http://www.picturesheffield.com/s20263 Map, circa 1903.
  11. Sorry Voldy just seen your comment, RichardB purchased the OS maps as a batch from an ebay seller, I do not know any other source where individual maps could be bought.
  12. Embassy Court flats, built in the mid 1930's. http://www.picturesheffield.com/;s26150
  13. Kelly's directory, published 1925. Simmonett Walter, plumber, 43 Sitwell Road, (Sharrow). Simmonett Walter, plumber, 14 Ellin Street, (Town, Moorfoot area). Simmonett Arnold, (junior), plumber, 24 Rushdale Avenue, (Meersbrook). Simmonett Walter Ernest, (junior) plumber, 26 Murray Road, (Greystones). White's directory, published 1911. Simmonett Walter, plumber, house: 37 Sitwell Road, (Sharrow). Simmonett Walter, plumber, Hermitage Lane, (Town, Moorfoot area). Simmonett Walter Ernest, (junior) plumber, 26 Murray Road, (Greystones). White's, published 1905. Simmonett Walter (junior), plumber, 37 Sitwell Road, (Sharrow).
  14. https://goo.gl/maps/PJM3bKwVJ8dVTEnC6
  15. Extracts from The Tour Of The Don, Vol.1, originaly published in the Sheffield Mercury in the year 1836. https://archive.org/details/tourdonextempor00rivegoog/page/n7
  16. Note the spelling on maps 'Beely'. Side by side map, https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=
  17. Some history here, refers mainly to coppicing (PDF). Woodland Heritage Manual - 2008. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=17&ved=2ahUKEwjirN70mPXjAhXhThUIHTftBU8QFjAQegQIBxAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.iufro.org%2Fdownload%2Ffile%2F5998%2F4744%2F60702-woodland-heritage08-c_pdf%2F&usg=AOvVaw3ozyhsxqPveX98YYU4BZ8E
  18. Was in Town today, so spent some time looking at the stones around the Cathedral, did not come across Martha Pass, but I did notice that a few of the stones were partialy grassed over.
  19. Sheffield Carnival, Free Multicultural Family Event. Saturday 17th of August, 2019 Norfolk Heritage Park, Guildford Avenue, Sheffield S2 2PL 12:00-8:00pm. https://www.sheffieldcarnival.org/