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  1. Norfolk Street, (Norfolk Row to Surrey Street), 1957 directory.
  2. Salt Mrs. Eva, confectioner, 661 Attercliffe Common. Kelly's dir., published 1957, (also in 1965). Edit:
  3. Sheffield Road, east side, as seen on map. Published 1957.
  4. No listing of 681-683 Attercliffe Common in Kelly's, published 1957.
  5. Was a pub at one time. Garner Geo. Dalton, beerhouse, 683 Attercliffe Common. 1925 Kelly's directory.
  6. Where abouts on Weedon Street or Attercliffe Common? 681-683 Attercliffe Common marked. 1950's map. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/index.html#/Map/435973/387740/13/101329
  7. Saw this on facebook a couple of months ago, apparently it was cleared for bridge inspections by Network Rail.
  8. Link not working? More detailed information about these events, direct links or contacts required please!
  9. One of the photos, extracted from the document.
  10. Just seen an interesting post on on sheffieldforum.co.uk, which includes 'this link' to download a pdf document, that describes (with photos) the experiment carried out during "October 1972".