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  1. Did you play shove hapeney?

    Obviously not the same game ..
  2. What do we know about this place?

    No apologies needed, your explanation is more detailed than mine was, so I removed the one I posted
  3. What do we know about this place?

    I lived five minutes walk away, on St. Mary's Road when that photo was taken in 1965.
  4. Last seen flying over Wincobank
  5. Drainspotting!

    Was on Sheaf Street in 1889, advert.
  6. Drainspotting!

    Not sure, nearest found: H G Atkinson, shown as a cement merchant at Shude Hill. shown in 1905, 1911, and 1925 directores ...
  7. SHEAF MARKET Sheffield

  8. What was this used for in cellars ?

    I live in a council house that still has the stone cold shelf in the pantry.
  9. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    Yes neddy, six years ago in the Parkwood Springs topic, page 7.
  10. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    To be honest, I'm not convinced that any of them were taken in Sheffield, but could be wrong.
  11. Can you identify this Sheffield street?

    Same group of people and a few names .. Teddy Boys Picnic: Back Line - Rockin Jim Newark (29) Boppin Brian Dixon (19) Jumpin John Hunter (20) Rockin Ron Lewis (19) Alan the Jet Duel (22). Front. - Laurie the Lar Bell (22) Mick Rankin Pink Panther (26) Chris Crazy Legs Magee (23).
  12. Seen in same location on Google, October 2016. https://goo.gl/maps/yyfm6xXkQGS2
  13. The box stood on East Parade when I took this photo back in 2011.
  14. The Farm

    Yes dude, it was published on October 4th, 1851.