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  1. Courtesy update: My cousin emailed me in September 2013 and put me out of my mystery misery...
  2. About Dec 2012/Jan 2013, I was trying to locate where my dad's brother had been buried in 1931. My aunt had sent me a photo with "Wadsley" written on the back. Turned out he was buried at Wardsend so might be a similar muddle with the names. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/259-wardsend-cemetery/
  3. My dad's dad, G.W. Glenn, [1893-1970] was a rail guard with GCR and this photo was taken about 1932-33 at Woodhouse Station. I was told the family lived in the Stationmaster's house at one time and I do not know if the house was next to the railway line/station itself, or was located at 43 Victor Street. I can only access full Ancestry records through the local branch of my public library network; which is closed for the holidays and on Summer hours (here in Australia). It's ironic that coming from several generations of railway folk, I seem to be the one who keeps 'missing the train'.
  4. Found a couple of photocopied pages from the above parish magazine containing this information: NEW ORGAN The New Organ will be dedicated on Saturday September 17th at 3pm by the Lord Bishop of Sheffield. Later announcements will give the name of the visiting organist who will play at this service. G.C. Weaver was the Vicar/Reverend at the time. BAPTISMS June 22 - James Edward Ellis, 87 Langsett Avenue Arthur Elliott, 110 Leader Road 29 - Mildred Joan Glenn, 43 Victor Street (my aunt) Trevor Wood, 22 Normandale William Richard Spivey, 487 Middlewood Road July 10 - Eileen Lily Sellars, 97 Langsett Avenue Daniel Stephenson Brown, 65 Oakland Road 13 - Peggy Houlden, Lyndhurst, Oughtibridge 20 - Joan Godley, 23 Norris Road Leslie Worth, 56 Bowfield Road Jack Woodhouse, 12 Marion Road Austin Payne, 141 Langsett Avenue MARRIAGES June 30 - John Edward Swinburn to Perla Booth Charles Bellamy Hanson to Sarah Hilda Pearson July 2 - John Robert Eyre to Beatrice Maude Reed Thomas Hobbs to Annie Pashley 4 - George Dickens to Margaret Hirst 6 - Colin Ridall to Annie Styring 9 - Herman William Thorp to Do(??) Boardman 11 - Percy Rhodes to Vera Richmond 17 - Cyril Copley to Eleaner Higton
  5. Hmm.....I have just found two photocopies pages from the Wadsley Parish Magazine, August 1927 which contains the baptism notice of my aunt. I am wondering if Walter might be buried in the Wadsley churchyard - his name appears in the birth/death records on Ancestry.com as Walter William.
  6. Making some progress now that I have scrounged up the copies of the photos I was sent in 1984. Also have a lot more family pushing up daffodils in Sheffield than I would ever have thought. A handwritten note identifies the cemetery where my teenage uncle in buried as Wadsley Bridge. Groves Walter Glenn 24 Sept 1917-27 Sept 1931. I am also wondering if the circumstances of the accident he was in (on his 14th birthday) may have been reported in one of the papers. Boy on bicycle collides with tram/truck/train sort of thing. I would like to put some facts to the vague stories that have been passed down. Diddly is coming up with searches for this cemetery. Has it changed names? Could somebody point me in the way of some links?
  7. Seems that the cutting is from the parish magazine of Holy Trinity, Darnall. Going by the dates, I am guesstimating an early May edition.
  8. Hugh, not only can you add your welcome...I will fetch your slippers for providing that link to Vulcan! It's become very obvious to me that the overlooked Sheffield chapter in my family history is the mything piece of the puzzle. Curious and curiouser. PS: So...where can I see a close-up of this statue. I want to check out his.....attributes.
  9. Gawd, "Neighbours" ((((shudder)))) Thanks for the welcome, DaveH. I'm curious about your avitar picture. Is that an actual monument/statue somewhere.
  10. Bit of a long shot with this link, yet you never know. http://www.apotropaios.co.uk/ritual_marks.htm
  11. Apparently J. Haythornthwaite was the Vicar at Holy Trinity, Darnall appointed in 1912. This is a first: the name of the Church in which my grandparents were married...... I reckon it could be safely assumed that all those weddings and baptisms were performed at Holy Trinity in 1916..... This is fun!! Source Link: Fifty Years of Sheffield Church Life 1866-1916 by The Rev. W. Odom http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mossvalley/mv2/wo/odom02a.html
  12. This is a list from a photocopied clippings from a 1916 newspaper (name unknown) that was sent to me in 1983 as it included the date of my grandparent's wedding. Not good enough quality for scanning. Baptisms 1916 "In one Spirit are we all baptized into one body." March 8 - Edna Cunningham, 16 Arkle Road 8 - George Crawshaw, 85 Wilstrop Road 8 - George Shaw, 30 Whitby Road 8 - Olive Camm, 262 Coleford Road 8 - Frank Simpson, 9 Hurworth Road 15 - Fred Deakin, 41 Cravens Road 15 - Samuel Carder, 22 Studley Road 15 - Arthur Hirst, 33 Flaxby Road 15 - Emma Florence Burditt, 367 Darnall Road 15 - Thomas Newton, 32 Wilstrop Road 15 - Kenneth Percy Hewitt, 28 Station Road 22 - Daisy Chadbourne, 352 Main Road 22 - George Russell Carr, 27 Wilfrid Road (geez, do you think they changed the water between baptisms?) Weddings 1916 'Heirs together of the grace of life." Feb 26, Groves William Glenn and Mary Mildred Turner, 185 Owlergreave Road (my kin) March ~ 6 - Joseph Needham & Mary Helliwell, 18 Station Rd 11 - George Henry Bower and Gladys Greenwood, 2 Smithfield Road, Gleadless 15 - Joseph Jabez Carless and Arabella Coulbeck, 14 Mortlake Road 25 - Ellis Watson and Beatrice Shepherd, 132 Phillimore Road April - 5 - George Learad and Irene Atkin, 334 Coleridge Rd. 10 - William Luke and Mary Emma Allsop, 7 Calvert Road 15 - Leonard Grayson and Edith Keyes, 233 Coleridge Road 20 - George Cocker and Iris Maude Booth, 859 Attercliffe Road 22 - John Henry Knight and Gladys Bunting, 15 Boden Road 22 - Robert Frederick Stevenson and Florence Caroline Davis, 22 Malvern Road 22 - Charles Chappell and May Wheeldon, 35 Eleanor Street 24 - John Barker and Ellen Bunton, 10 Kirkby Road 24 - Walter Jakes and May Empson, 122 Stovin Road 24 - Robert Boid and Edith Slack Sunderland, 55 Church Lane, Dinnington 24 - Archibald Stuart Cawthorn and Rose Ellen Mawson, 223 Main Road Also this announcement that might help to track the name of the paper and the reference to 'the Mission" is intriguing!