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  1. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can help me, In the 70's my mother left our family home in the north east with me, my brother and sister to escape my father in the 70's,we ended up staying for a year or 2 in Sheffield, At the time I vaigly remember it was refered to as a 'battered wives home. Only recently I've been wondering where it was, is it still there, etc, but at the time I was only about 7, so only have a few memories of hostel like large rooms with several beds in, and a railway line near by which some of the kids used to play on. If it helps jog anyones memory of such a place 1 thing I do remember of while we were staying is there was some kind of documentary or tv program filmed there, and i can remember kids dancing to ' ring o ring o roses' nursery ryme. Thanks