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  1. Thanks Gramps. Downloaded it and I'm looking forward to a read later.
  2. Signed it. I think everyone should support this.
  3. You can access the newspaper library for free by joining Lancashire Library As soon as you join you are given a temporary membership number to access online services. My library card and welcome pack arrived within a week. There are some excellent online services. It doesn't matter where you live, anyone can join. Give it a go. Sheffield Library, how about it?
  4. Brilliant job Richard. Thanks. I agree with Bayleaf re St. Pauls'. A loss.
  5. I may be wrong, but I'm sure I've seen this for download on a Public Domain site (could be Google Video). I,ll check tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for the bump Richard. I wish we could find more.
  7. Pleased to "meet" you Shizzle. There's no better site for Sheffield history/memories. As Richard says "We're a friendly bunch".
  8. Many thanks, it's like an extra Christmas present!
  9. The same to you Detrius. 'ave a gud 'un!
  10. Compliments of the season to Plaintalker and all members of SH. I hope you all enjoy Christmas and New Year. Let's hope that 2009 brings us all much more Sheffield history to digest and discuss.
  11. Just though I'd add this. I found it amongst my old concert tickets.
  12. Interesting stuff Poppy, I'm looking forward to reading more. Please keep it coming as it all helps to preserve the history of ordinary Sheffielders.
  13. The Sheffield branch of The Incorporated Seamen and Boatmen’s Friend Society were in the Corn Exchange. They looked after the spiritual welfare of people on the canal. My maternal grandfather was full-time missionary there in the late thirties. Their address was No.4, Corn Exchange Buildings. I might have a couple of photos somewhere, I'll try and dig them out.
  14. Forgive me if this has been discussed before, Open Library is a very useful research site. There are quite a few old books on Sheffield here, also useful for old directories etc.