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  1. Thanks neddy for the link. It made very interesting reading.
  2. Took some photo's from the General Cemetery today. These are very interesting, but sad nonetheless.
  3. Another old one i found today at St Mary's Church in Ecclesfield. Very interesting writing. Margret Creswic - Died 1600.
  4. So you have an interest in gravestones too History dude. Enough to photograph them like i do. I thought it was just me that had this odd fascination . Most people think i'm weird, but i see it as just another form of people history, which i'm interested in. Yes, some that i come across are sad, but most are just humbling or just fascinating. Thanks for the link, i'll certainly look through your past posts on the subject. Thanks History dude
  5. Thanks for the link History dude. It was a very interesting read I try to read all the headstones whenever i look around churchyards / cemeteries but the Frederick Hawksworth headstone caught my eye because of the obvious tragedy involved in the death.
  6. Called in to Norton Cemetery today in my dinner break, and although i was looking for 1700s gravestones, i did photograph these two interesting ones. Each tell a story.
  7. I've found another gravestone dating from 1600. Margret Creswick, age unknown, died 1-12-1600. Here is the link: http://www.stmarysecclesfield.com/files/Churchyard_Burials/Index_CHA_to_FIS.pdf I'm looking forward to seeing this one too!!
  8. I took a look around St Mary's at Ecclesfield this morning. It was certainly very interesting, with plenty of headstones / graves from the 1700s. I did track down Richard Lord's gravestone. It was laid down and quite weathered as you would expect.The stone was in two halves too, so it was a bit difficult to photograph. Here are the best ones i took:
  9. Ann Appleyard - Died / or buried 4-10-1846 aged 22. You can find her here. Scroll down after you open this link. http://www.stmarysecclesfield.com/files/Churchyard_Burials/Index_ABD_to_CHA.pdf Here is the link to the grave site - http://www.stmarysecclesfield.com/files/Churchyard_Burials/Churchyard_Plans.pdf The plot number is 725 and this is to be found on plot 7 and the grid reference number L15. This is right in the bottom left of the church yard.
  10. Thanks Edmund. I can't wait to go take a look.
  11. Thanks History dude, i'll bear that in mind.
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone and the suggestions. I'll certainly look at St Mary's Church. Richard Lord's headstone will be awesome to see, 1600, wow!! I'll take a look at Norton too, that sounds like a winner! Many thanks everyone, you've been a MASSIVE help! Mark