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  1. thanks for that Barry ,same here.
  2. I have just watched the film , what brilliant memories it has brought back of a mucky owd City who's citizens loved the more simple pleasures available at that time, cheers .
  3. any photo's would still be appreciated , cheers
  4. Once again radio Sheffield is asking why the Moor market is failing . The answer is obvious to all but the Sheffield Council planners ,it is in the wrong part of Town ,put there to take trade to the Moor at the expense of the traditional Market areas around Exchange Street, The very name speaks volumes.
  5. That was the biggest lie ever to be inflicted on the citizens of Sheffield many stalls are still empty ,I know one bloke that actually broke down in tears ,the reason he was refused a stall because he did not know how to forward a business plan. A business plan to run a Market stall I ask you.
  6. We lived and worked on the South Yorkshire canals for approx fourteen years . We converted an old Leeds and Liverpool short boat [NIDD] built in 1936 iron riveted] into a live aboard while at the same time running a trip boat [Ashanti Gold] out of Thorne later moving to Stanley Ferry near Wakefield. We visited Sheffield canal basin [Victoria Quays who thought that one up LOL] in Nidd on one or two occasions ,the last being just as the new basin along with posh offices and hotel opened. We moored up in the basin to a welcome you would not believe as B.W.B staff descended upon us telling us we could not moor Nidd up in the basin as it was now being upgraded to a more upmarket image. We let the cat and dog of the boat to do what cats and dogs do when one moors up any where in the World and told the job worths to pith of explaining that in 1941 Nidd and boats like her kept Sheffield supplied with necessities while dodging German air raids and also breaking the ice in winter so as to keep the canal running. The new uniformed staff retreated to the corner office then came back and told us we could stay for four days but then we must move on [we stayed two weeks]. Now this may seem a little out of order to some but we had been part of the basin community for years and remember it when it was a close nit community of rag tag and bobtail boaters ,building repairing and generally messing about on boats. No posh sixty thousand pound narrowboats [they were never part of the South Yorks navigation until the leisure boating fraternity started arriving in the basin], just ordinary often skint Sheffielders messing about on boats. The posh solicitors offices as well as the Hotel had now taken over the basin and the very people who made the place a living, clanging,sawing ,hammering happy place to be were evicted. Will continue if any one shows any interest.
  7. Any one decided to give me a photo of my father yet, I live in hope [not Castleton].
  8. Brilliant I stood on the last step about fifty years ago and never thought that a set of nutcases would destroy this iconic building along with others built around that time. At least Park Hill has been saved [originaly the town plan was to join the flats up with the Market by pathways in the sky another plan abandoned by the new kids on the block].
  9. Does any one remember the El Mambo coffee Bar Sheffields first den of iniquity it was located in the Cambridge Arcade situated between Pinstone Street and Union Street.. This glorious Arcade was some how allowed to be demolished by our council. In the late 50's and early 60's the Mambo was the place where Sheffields more coloufull folk hung out inc local hard cases, Teddy Boys, ladies of the night, and the teenagers who were just there for the Juke Box and Pin ball machines. It was also the place where you would meet recent imigrants from the West Indies and to say that the place could get a little lively at times is an understatment to say the least. Any memories on this blast from the past any one.
  10. Hello there buddy Are you with the people who are interviewing Market lovers on the lower ground floor if so thanks for your interest.
  11. Thank you. Yes that is the Sherwoods that I am related to lets hope some one will have a photo of George who was age 12 on that 1901 cencus. He had two sons born on the official side of the blanket one was called Ron and the other Ken, They went on to run Richmond Road Garages Haulage Company I tried over the years to get info from them about my father but was refused point blank . They are now dead so perhaps later members of the family may help.
  12. There is a good chance I was there as the sports day was a big event in the 50,'s
  13. Any one got info on George Sherwood born aprox 1895 ish. He died in aprox 1954 . George started a Garage on Richmond Road in Sheffield which later became Richmond Road Services a haulage company. I am trying to obtain a photo of George as he was my father and I cannot remember him . I was born on the wrong side of the blanket and adopted at a young age . I have tried for the last twenty odd years to obtain a photo but not been succesfull so if any one out there can help I would be very gratefull as I have just found out that I also had a sister who has died without finding out who her father was. Cheers .
  14. The fields that were emediataly to the rear of the stone cottages used to belong Davy United sports club there was football ,Cricket, and tennis pitches. The groundsman lived on Gleadless Crescent [no70] and he could walk from his house through a cornfield , two cowfields, [one with large pond later built on by Ashliegh School] . no roads to cross the only houses enroute being Gleadless Crescent its self.
  15. Well thats a turnup for the books I was born 2 mins walk from there on Townend St never knew Maurice had lived so near.