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  1. I remeber having my photo taken with him as a mascot against Darlington in the Cup. I was about 8 at the time.
  2. I was at the Frankie Goes to Hollywood gig - it was an incredible night. The first date on their UK tour - they were awesome - and until recently it was prbably still the best gig Id ever been to. Ive seen OMD, Depeche Mode and Van Morrison there too.. as well as Lee Evans and Chubby Brown!
  3. May have been after Marti passed away - but it was definately Marti Caines Sherbet. I knew a girl who worked there... :D
  4. U.K Vision - Lucifers Friend - Now there was a record.... I remember a mate doing a mix of it - with Blue Monday drums... Rubbish it was
  5. She had a fitness club in town (I think on the Moor) as well - called Marti Caines Sherbet....
  6. Poxy Roxy's! Grab A Granny on Thursday nights was legendary - they came from miles around!! And I remember seeing Limahl onstage there - the music failed and he had to sing acapella!!
  7. Loads of George Benson, Alexander O Neal (Whats Missing), Luther Vandross - plenty of disco and soul music... I always though the music had the edge over Josies at the time... I used to park round the back - you could get in the car park by moving a beer barrel strategically near the barrier! Shane and Jean were the Management - there was a bouncer called 'Bruno' - who has a gym in Rotherham now I believe. There were two lesbians behind one of the bars - one of them was absolutely gorgeous... Thursday nights were the best, though Sundays were good too. Sinatras was open til 10.30 in those days - then it was down to Charlie Parkers for a bowl of chilli and music through til 1am - that was the only way you could have a late night in those days such were the licensing laws.... Stevie Splash was also responsible for Millionaires on Carver St - he refurbed it but was run out of town after his bouncers had a bit of bother at Charlie Parkers one night - they cancelled his license, refused to renew Sinatras license, and refused him a license to open Millionaires - or so the story goes.... Steve was a HUGE Wedesdayite - went all over watching them. Happy days.......
  8. Also - the scene outside the school was just up from David Fords on Penistone Road - and the scene where Gerald buys the papers and dumps them in the bin is at the Newsagents on the top of Granville Road
  9. Saw a doubl bill here - Airplane and Life of Brian.... those were the days...
  10. I queued all the way down the road at the side of the Gaumont down past Coles and round the corner again onto the Moor to see Return of the Jedi the day it was released...
  11. Where is he now - the best and most enthusiastic stadium announcer ever... And he always wore white loafers. Welcome to Wonderful Wednesdayland....
  12. If your hunting for pictures get some of her on here. You'd be beating the site members off like flies round a stick...
  13. An absolute legend. I still know people who have his name on the back of their shirts.