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  1. Does this image with a wider wheel pre-date SteveHB's photo above ? The building on the left seems to be partially demolished in Steve's picture so I would suggest so.
  2. One of Tansy Lee's drinking songs... Now give me a nail and a hammer, And a picture to hang on the wall, Give me a pair of stepladders, In case that I should fall, Give me a couple of waiters, And a dozen bottles of ale, And I'll bet you I'll hang up that picture, If somebody drives in the nail!
  3. Thanks Peter (Hall) for the Class 15 gen and Peter (France) for the pub singalong gen - very interesting indeed.
  4. Thank-you Peter. D8209 must have been a whopper of a working down the Hope Valley - what was the back story, please ?
  5. Thanks for the top gen, Peter. Have you any suggestions for the top 10 diesel loco workings through Dronfield? :-)
  6. am contributing a brief article for the Holmesfield Parish Newsletter regarding the end of Holmesfield's direct bus service to Sheffield with the introduction of the new timetables next month (October 2012). Does anyone know when the first proper corporation bus service from Sheffield to Holmesfield first commenced please ? I expect it would be in the 1930s but it would be useful to have some accurate information regarding this. The route was No.22 in the 1960s and No.286 in the 1970s, 80s & 90s. It is currently the No.89 Any other Holmesfield anecdotes and memoirs would also be of interest. Thanks in advance Nick Holmesfield Village Society
  7. Nice price ! http://www.ebay.co.u...s-/271053479086
  8. I live in Holmesfield over the fields from Cartledge Hall (now occupied by Mr. Yorkshire Crisps!) and am very interested in Holmesfield's 2 famous former residents(*) - RMG and Edward Carpenter who must have been associates. Is there any more info to add, please? (*3 if you include G.H.B. Ward)
  9. The police station viewed in the film is on Archer Road near Millhouses Crossroads (the Robin Hood pub can be seen in the distance) - the former police station building is now an expensive Italian restaurant. The policeman's body looks like it was collected on Hutcliffe Wood Road (I'm not 100% sure but I think it is), the chase then barrels down the embankment from HWR to Archer Road and onwards across the River Sheaf to Millhouses station. The burglar is probably arrested at Millhouses too (different angle) but may possibly be at Beauchief station, the next station up the line towards Dore & Totley.