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  1. Jen13

    Old Sheffield Shops...

    Posted it's name...didn't see earlier posts...doh...
  2. Great to see the old menu. I had a Saturday job at Wimpy at the bottom of Cambridge Street in the 60's. My job was to clear the tables and wash the dishes and on a few occasions I got to cook the burgers. Two of my daughters also had jobs there in the 80's/90's. Brings back memories....
  3. Jen13

    Wakefield prison

    Thank you for your reply Hugh. Albert was in and out of prison many times as you found out. I have been trying to piece this family together for many years and I "think" I might have cracked it. It appears Harriet had at least 3 illegitimate children, some being registered as MCCALL even though she wasn't married. In 1904 the children were put into the Children's Homes and Sarah Elizabeth was sent to America. I was wondering if the Petty Sessions might hold a clue as to her non payment of costs? Jenny
  4. Jen13

    Wakefield prison

    Will give it a go, thanks. Just wondered if there were any court papers I could look and where I would find them.
  5. My great grandmother Harriet Beatson nee Bray was sent to Wakefield prison in 1903 for 4 days for "non payment of costs". Does anyone know where I can find further information? I have looked in the newspapers at the time but found no mention of her. many thanks Jenny
  6. Jen13

    Cutlers - Wild & Ward. Ecclesall Bierlow

    Hi Gemma I've found a couple of articles relating to the sale of his premises and household goods but I can't attach the file. I'll send you a PM. Jenny The one I have found has business premises at Whitecroft and lives at Corn Hill. Are these 2 different people?
  7. Information sent. Hope it's useful.
  8. If you let me have your email address I'll send them to you
  9. There are some newspaper reports of "A Bit of Brass" on Find MY Past if you have a subscription Jenny
  10. Thanks for your replies, will look into it.
  11. I found the information on his attestation record to join RFA in 18/08/1919 and at the end it said Discharged 17/08/39 Para 510 (viii) KR
  12. Hi An ancestor was discharged from the army and it gave this reason Para 510 (viii) KR. Does anyone know what this means? I can only find reasons for Para 392. thanks Jenny
  13. Jen13


    Thank you so much for the link. It was clearly written and therefore understandable.
  14. Jen13


    I'm writing up our family history and would like to include copies of the original certificates etc but I'm not sure if I can use them due to copyright laws. Could someone please explain (in plain English) if it's possible. I've tried reading several articles but I couldn't really understand them. Many thanks Jenny
  15. Does anyone have a subscription to this site please?