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  1. Winnie Allan - Dance teacher!

    Information sent. Hope it's useful.
  2. Winnie Allan - Dance teacher!

    If you let me have your email address I'll send them to you
  3. Winnie Allan - Dance teacher!

    There are some newspaper reports of "A Bit of Brass" on Find MY Past if you have a subscription Jenny
  4. Thanks for your replies, will look into it.
  5. I found the information on his attestation record to join RFA in 18/08/1919 and at the end it said Discharged 17/08/39 Para 510 (viii) KR
  6. Hi An ancestor was discharged from the army and it gave this reason Para 510 (viii) KR. Does anyone know what this means? I can only find reasons for Para 392. thanks Jenny
  7. Copyright

    Thank you so much for the link. It was clearly written and therefore understandable.
  8. Copyright

    I'm writing up our family history and would like to include copies of the original certificates etc but I'm not sure if I can use them due to copyright laws. Could someone please explain (in plain English) if it's possible. I've tried reading several articles but I couldn't really understand them. Many thanks Jenny
  9. Does anyone have a subscription to this site please?
  10. Thank you so much Edmund. I would never have thought of looking in the Edinburgh Gazette. I was sure someone would find it so thanks again.
  11. I've just found service record for Frank Lambert Dickinson and it says he was awarded DCM which was announced in the London Gazette on 09/07/1917. I have been trying to search the Gazette to find more information but I'm not having much luck! I wondered if anyone has searched here before and could give me some tips. Thanks
  12. Barnado's/british Home Child

    Hi I have attached this postcard which I think is of the Training Ship Southampton. It was given to me by a relative and we believe my grandfather, who had been placed in a home, was sent there in the early 1900's. I went to Hull Archives to see if they had any records of boys who had trained on the ship but unfortunately they hadn't. There was mention of some boys and I wrote down the names of the ones from Sheffield but WILLIAM PARKER isn't on it. Just thought you might like to see the picture. I watched your video and it was very moving. Jenny
  13. Computer query

    Hi Steve Thanks for your offer of help, but I've found the original documents on Find My Past and have saved them. Just opened them to make sure I've done it right and I can read everything. I was panicking because the service records were really interesting. Thanks again Jenny
  14. Computer query

    I wonder if someone who is computer literate (I'm not I'm afraid) can help me. I was sent some information about an ancestor quite a while ago and I thought I had printed it off. I saved the documents, all 8 pages, but now I can't open them. They appear to be in Notepad. I've tried to open them with Adobe but it says "could not open page 1 djvu as it is not a supported file type. Is there any other way I can open them as they are early Army Service Records? Hope someone can assist. Thanks Jenny Edit: Just found records online so I will save them again and try not to loose them!
  15. The medal card you found does belong to my husband's grandfather. We haven't been able to find his service records unfortunately and as you can see there is so much confusion with the spelling of CLETHRO. I don't have access to Ancestry any more to confirm "Cousin" Harry's details but he was married to Harriet and by that time they had 3 children, Bertha, Rosey and Harold. I found this only a couple of weeks ago when I had access to FMP. Their mother Emma died in 1916. Let me know if you need any more information. Jenny