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  1. Here is an evacuation the other way. My wife's family were Londoners whilst her father was in the RAF her mother was evacuated to Scotland where her eldest sister was born. Then to Lytham St Annes where her next sister was born. Then the family was moved to Burngreave Sheffield where my wife was born! She has vague memories of being billeted with another family in her early life. When her father came out of the RAF the family stayed In Sheffield.
  2. I saw the smoke as it came through Dronfield and wished I had known about it to take a picture.
  3. I was promised a new bike with drop handlebars and gears if I passed. I failed because my maths were terrible and went to Wisewood School. I got an electrical apprentice ship in a steelworks and never looked back. Eventually ending up as Chief Service Engineer in an electronics company. My wife didn't pass because her papers were lost and they would not let her take the 11 plus a second time. She started work as a comptometer operator then studied accountancy and ended up as Managing Director of an electro plating company. Failing the 11 plus doesn't seem to have done us any harm.
  4. I don't know about a water tank but the stone built house behind the council houses was a little grocer's shop. Before the council houses were built the area in front was built up by a stone wall. As a child I was sent by my grandfather to go to Mr Jennings shop to buy a loaf of bread and half a dozen eggs. So what does a young lad do coming out of the shop? Jump over the wall and crash the shopping bag on the floor breaking the eggs! OOOPS!
  5. All that little row of council houses at the start of Bannerdale road were tenanted by councilors according to mt Grandfather. Do you remember Mr. Jennings shop behind that row of houses?
  6. I remember residents walking up from the bus turning point just down the road from the building at the end of what would have been a working day.
  7. According to the writing under the picture it was Harold Lambert as the Lord Mayor and picture taken in 1966. The double door at the bottom when opened revealed a very small dance hall. We used to have a trio play music for the dancing after the speeches and prize presentation.
  8. Opposite the cinema by Leppings lane was a newsagent run by Ron Starling who was an ex professional footballer.
  9. I was at Nether Green school. One afternoon a week we had to go down to Hunters bar school for woodwork classes. My mother went to Hunters Bar school as a junior. The attached photo could be the pupils celebrating the end of WW1 when she was there.
  10. As a child living in the Middlewood area we often walked up to the old Middlewood Tavern where there was a bridge across the river Don. After crossing the bridge a footpath circuited the Beeley Wood Forge to the road that ran up to the forge. The forge was in full production at the time with lots of bangs going off and it sounded like the hammers were steam driven. This would be about 65 years ago. Beeley woods was a noted sight for bluebells in the spring. The road from Wadsleey Bridge to the forge had a brewery and a soft drinks factory as well as other enterprises. unfortunately I can't remember all of them. A common saying at the time was that if you didn't know where some body was it was said "they must be in Beeley woods picking bluebells"
  11. The Sharrow cycling club used to have their Annual dinners there with the prize presentation and a dance later in the evening. Here is a picture of the chief guest admiring the trophies.
  12. Is that the statue that was moved to Endcliffe Park where the statue was placed on its base without the column? A friend of my father's told me his company had done the removal.
  13. 1959 to 1965 I was an apprentice electrician at Sanderson Bros & Newbould where they had a File department making files. I don't know where the blanks were made but there was a file grinding machine where the operator ground both sides of the blanks. After that they had file cutting machines operated by women. The ground blank was put on to a block of metals with the a depression the size of the file. Then the table of the machine moved forward carrying the blank towards a chisel like cutter that was rapidly moving up and down driven by an electric motor so it cut the teeth into the file. The blank was then turned over to cut the teeth on the other side. After that the files went to the file warehouse where they were they were passed edgeways through a sandblast I was told sharpened them.
  14. I was at Nether Green school and left 1959 before Tapton was built. Mrs Korklin was my form teacher for two years. She was a little terror. On one occasion she was coming to our classroom when a lot of the pupils were talking. When she got in she said "WHO WAS TALKING". Nobody owned up so she got the two in the front desk to come forward to her and gave the both one stroke of the cane on the hand. She then proceeded to give one stroke of the cane to everybody in the class then said "Ive got the one who was making all the noise now". I think a parent must have complained about this so we got a screaming from her at us about her being "The Jewish holy terror of Nether Green and only five feet tall" She certainly was fond of the cane. I don't think teachers are allowed these days to act like she used to.
  15. I remember those "Tub Boats" with the flat prow. In the late 50's it was the place the teenagers who attended my school collected. One of my friends was into fishing and got me fishing in Forge Dam. The man who took the money for the boat hire also took the money we had to pay to fish there. I never seemed to catch anything in fishing and therefore gave up.
  16. For your interest here is a picture of a "Glosswood" canteen of cutlery produced by Hiram Wild. I went there once to repair a machine and when I told them I had this canteen of cutlery they said "Has it still got it's handles on?". Due to the handles being wood you have to be careful washing them and never put them in a dish washer. When our stupid rep went there he made a silly joke by asking the person he was talking to "Do you hire them tame as well?"
  17. Yes I was a milk monitor at Nether Green School. We used to distribute the crates of milk to the classroom throughout the Infant Junior and Senior schools.
  18. I left Laycocks in 1972. Camping lane originally terminated just past the camping lane works and went into a rough track serving the allotments that went up the hill, it certainly was not a made up road as shown on the side by side map . Later on the allotments were closed and a tarmac road leading to the crematorium was made. The tragedy was that one of the labourers named Edgar had a pigeon loft on his allotment. When he got notice to quit he killed all his pigeons then hung himself in his pigeon loft. Regarding the stream it was only really visible at the side of the footpath. I cannot remember any evidence of it in the Camping lane factory car park.
  19. I used to work at Laycock Engineering Archer Road Site. They had another factory and car park on Camping Lane. I used to park my car on the camping lane car park then walk along a footpath through perigree woods that was used to connect Laycock's 2 factories. To Fraser Road side of the footpath there was a stream that went into a pipe just before it reached Archer Road.
  20. If you have old glass lantern slides make a light box the photograph them with a digital camera.
  21. The same in our house. The fire was lit in the dining room / kitchen in the morning to heat the water and to cook our evening meal in the oven. Front room was only used on a Sunday until TV came along. The sometimes if it was cold father would transfer some of the range fire into the front room very carefully on ashovel
  22. This country used to equip the railways of the world. My first machine commissioning job in Asia was in South Korea. One of the British men stopping in my hotel was overseeing the assembly of 200 underground trains exported from GEC Manchester. The new trains were to improve the Seoul underground ready for the Seoul Olympics. Having thrown our industry away we have to import trains now.
  23. Was the cutlery company not called "Tailors Eye Witness? The development guy at Westall Richardsons was called Taylor and claimed a family tie up with Tailors Eye Witness!
  24. My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer who died before I was born. My father had a box of his 3" glass slides that I inherited and have now digitised. Unfortunately only 2 are of Sheffield street scenes. Many of them are in the Yorkshire dales. There is even one that he took in Bruges and took one from the same bridge in Bruges to prove it. I have uploaded Fitzalan square previously. "Blade forging" was written on the other picture and may be my Grandmother's family.
  25. I thought it was building & Engineering. 1959 - 1965 I was electrical apprentice in a steelworks. We had day release to go to Granville Road 1960 - 1963 for the 1st City & Guilds. If you passed the exam you went on to Pond Street for 2 years to get the higher City & Guilds. That was so tough that there were only 8 left in the exam year. As far as I know there nobody from Central Tech who attended these courses. My Brother in Law did construction at Central Technical School, became a Quantity Surveyor and was a director of one of Sheffield's biggest builders when he retired.