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  1. It was still there when I was an apprentice at Sanderson Bros & Newbould in 1959. I am not sure but I think it had become a bingo hall then.
  2. Sharrow Cycling Club

    130 th Anniversary of the Sharrow Cycling Club. Club members start a club run from the corner of Rundle Road, the place where the club was first formed in 1887
  3. Chinese Launderies

    I remember Harry Wong's on Ecclesall Road with the green painted windows. An Uncle who attended the special school nearby was given the washing by Granny to take in. Inside the door was a vestibule with a small counter. When nobody seemed to come he rapped on the counter. A Chinese man then started to come up from under the counter, he was so terrified he just ran in terror! I was told by my Grandfather that at some time in the past the proprietor of this laundry had gone to look for a gas leak and found himself in Ecclesall road with a window blown out of his premises.
  4. I was an apprentice at Sanderson Bros & Newbould 1960 to 1965. Early in the 1960's when there was a bus strike there was a terrific smog. The company had laid on coaches to get us to and from work. On the way home you could not see anything out of the coach windows until suddenly at the bottom of Brocco Bank it cleared and the Hunters Bar Roundabout was clear. However as I walked home up Ecclesall Road it was starting to get foggy again. Soon after that our forge furnaces and boiler house were converted to oil burning.
  5. Tinsley Viaduct at Meadowhall

    Yes it would be 1968 because I got married then, and Father in Law moved away because he got a job as quantity surveyor at the company building the extension of the M1 to Leeds. Do you remember when a speed limit had to be imposed on the Tinsley Viaduct due to its bad condition? It was built of those hollow box sections with each box section being added on one at a time to extend the bridge. It was claimed that the problem was caused by the workmen relieving themselves inside the box sections rather than having to come out to use the site facilities
  6. The Co-Op opposite the ABC Cinema

    How could you forget the staircase! Daughter had narrow feet and the B&C seemed to be the only shop with her fitting. The shoe department was up these stairs and nylon carpeted so when you went to the stairs you got an electric shock from the metal handrail. The reason was you had charged yourself with static electricity by walking over the nylon carpet and when you touched the handrail you discharged the static electricity.
  7. Help with heritage project

    There used to be a police box on Rustlings road by the entrance to Whiteley Woods. A retired Police officer told me that in those days beat police had to report in to a designated box at the start of their shift. Shillitoe did not want them wasting time by reporting to a police station and then having to travel to their beat. The retired Police officer was a friend of my grandfather's, he was a very large Irishman who reckoned he had been recruited in Ireland to help beat the Mooneys. I have heard the black and white check pattern around police caps referred to as "The Shillitoe Tartan" !
  8. Stannington college

    It must have been 1970. I did a 2 year night school City & Guilds course there starting the first year it was open. 1972 I used the City & Guilds certificate to change my job. The interviewer was impressed because I had a distinction and also had received the year prize!
  9. COCKAYNES Department Store in Sheffield city centre

    I started work in 1959 and used to cycle to work. Both Cockaynes and Walsh's were built by then. Walsh's used a building at Broomhill after their store was bombed until the new one was built.
  10. Cambridge Arcade

    I think the outfitter's shop opposite St Pauls Parade was Greville & Steward. My mother worked in their offices that backed on to Paradise Square.
  11. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    Cross Daggers pub in Coal Aston serve hash Friday night. It must be popular you should see the cars parked outside every Friday night.
  12. Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    A group of us 15 year olds used to go to a "Temperance Tavern" near the Abbeydale Cinema for a pint of Sarsaparilla. The owner claimed he brewed it himself. It was dispensed from a hand pump like those used to dispense beer into pint glasses. I think the shop front still has "Temperance Tavern" on the front below the shop window.
  13. Watch maker/ jewllery

    According to Sharrow Cycling Club records Osbert Skinner's address in 1910 was "24 The Moor". Whilst Osbert beat J.G. Shaw's first 100 Sharrow record by 8 minutes a week after Shaw had set it up the future would be Shaw's. Perhaps it was his 1911 accident on Baslow hill that ended his cycling career? From 1911 racing success was in the hands of J.G. Shaw, J. Crookes and A.C. Baynes (Stainless Stephen). Shaw was to be hailed as "Sheffield's Greatest Long Distance Cyclist" by The Sheffield Telegraph. Shaw's 24 hour record would stand into the 1940's. In the Sharrow 1914 - 18 Roll of honour there may be a misprint because it records "G. Skinner Royal Flying Corps" From the above I assume it should be O. Skinner.
  14. The Stonehouse in Sheffield city centre

    Thanks for reminding me It was The Buccaneer Bar. One of my mates called it a "Pervert's Paradise" and claimed you feel a girl up and get away with it because it was so crowded!
  15. The Stonehouse in Sheffield city centre

    I only went in a couple of times but friends tell me that many customers would leave the Stonehouse with their gasses in their hand and cross Leopold street to go into the rather rowdy bar that was under the Grand Hotel. I can't remember its name but it was so crowded you struggled to get to the bar and had to wait to get served.