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  1. I have servised equipment at a few of these factories. The company I worked at was started in premises belonging to Flame Hardeners on Bailey Lane. We used to service Flame Hardener's induction Hardeners and their M.D Mr. Conrad Bramhill acted our metalurgist. After he died there was a bit of a split and we moved into our own factory Flame Hardeners still exist. Dormer's drill factory was on Cemetery Road. They also had factories in Worksop and Nottingham making taps & dies. They used to make drills by heating the blanks then passing them through dies that rolled the flutes into the blank. Some pundits claimed this was an inferior method of production and that flutes milled into the blank was better. Dormer was bought by Sandvik, a Swedish company. Eventually they closed the factory and sent the machines to Brazil.
  2. The Umbrella frames were produced in Penistone by a company called "Foxes Frames" There was a blue plaque on the wall of the offices recording the connection with the Samual Fox company. Today that site is now a housing estate. If you google Foxes Frames you will find the company is now in China.
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  6. Tv's used to be quite unreliable. I used to work as a TV repairman at one time. When tv's had valves and cathode ray tubes it was expected to average 3 repairs per year on a colur TV. Today with modern flat screens and solid state electronics tv's simply don't break down like they used to.
  7. I used to go there to repair machines. If I remember correctly originally it was at Templeborough just before the Rotherham boundary then they moved to factory on the industrial estate near the bottom of Wincobank hill. By that time the majority of their work was making wheelbraces for garages and single ones for Vauxhall / general motors and V.W. However Vauxhall / general motors kept forcing down the price they paid. I was told that the contract originally was for 70 pence per spanner but the constant demand to reduce prices general motors forced the price down to 40 pence. In trying to reduce cost to stay in business they lost the V.W. contract by reducing the quality of the ones sent to VW. Then because the general motors ones did not pay at 40p they went bust. The induction heater and forging press was sold to India.
  8. My mother born 1912 always claimed to remember when there was a bear in the bear pit.
  9. The land now being built upon was a sports ground with the changing room at the bottom. It was part of the J.G.Graves legacy to Sheffield. I was told that the University had used the sports ground for many years until they got facilities closer to the university, after that it was derelict for many years. I was also told that many developers had tried to get permission to build on the land but had always been refused by the J.G.Graves Trust so I was surprised to see that the entry to the land had been opened and building work was taking place.
  10. Only went to the Lido once. I went with brother in law and sister in law. When sister in law dived in she came up very embarrassed because her bikini top had come off! I read that the paddling pools we went in as kids were closed due to new health and safety rules that meant there had to be a lifeguard on duty when they were open. This meant the cost of a lifeguard and that the paddling pools had to be fenced off at night.
  11. Here is an evacuation the other way. My wife's family were Londoners whilst her father was in the RAF her mother was evacuated to Scotland where her eldest sister was born. Then to Lytham St Annes where her next sister was born. Then the family was moved to Burngreave Sheffield where my wife was born! She has vague memories of being billeted with another family in her early life. When her father came out of the RAF the family stayed In Sheffield.
  12. I saw the smoke as it came through Dronfield and wished I had known about it to take a picture.