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  1. My Mum was a 'Fiesta Fawn' and she worked on the wine bar wearing a waist coat half black and half red she was the youngest fawn at only just 18. To get a job as a fawn you had to pass a initiation test and carry 12 full pints of beer on a tray with one hand but my mum nearly didnt get a job because a couple of days before she was invoved in a car accident and broke her wrist but lucky for her she was right handed and if she didnt get the job me and my 2 sisters wouldnt be here today because my dad also worked there as the second chef and thats how they met each other. She used to send pints down in the dun waiter and my dad would send up mint choc chip ice cream (Her favorite). Heres a few Names of people she remembers , Pauline on reception, Sue Mather, Noey first chef (Long time friend of the family), Pat Bennett, Pat M'c dusky and Terry Clayton. It would be nice to hear from you.