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  1. The address on the census is only given as Coisley Hill, number 114 is the schedule number on the census. No house numbers are given.
  2. Reference...Walter WILDGOOSE..was he married to Ethel GOODISON. Marlene on the Sheffield Indexers has his service records as I got them for her from Kew. Angela
  3. Do you have the burial record for Judith ALDAM aged 54 of Commercial St wife of John, Shoemaker buried 22 Oct 1840. This puts her birth date at approx 1786. I cannot pinpoint a John with any certainty. There is no baptism for her at SS Peter & Paul.
  4. This is the cholera burial ground...and the Rotherham cholera outbreak was in 1849 Bonnie
  5. Hi You could also try. www.sheffieldfhs.org.uk OR http://sheff-indexers.thewholeshebang.org/index.html this site has parish register transcriptions. Bonnie
  6. The book is available form Sheffield and District Family History Society. Sheffield Scene on Surrey St also stock it. ww.sheffieldfhs.org.uk
  7. Try this link. http://www.jewishgen.org/jcr-uk/Community/Sheffield.htm
  8. What are they? You never know someone may have spare copies.
  9. I searched high and low for it, even asked Douglas Lamb (the author)if he had a spare copy. I managed to get it on ebay last October. Good Luck