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  1. VicRichardson

    Hunters Bar School

    The teacher on the right looks very much like Mr Whittlestone who was the head teacher at Firs Hill in the 50's
  2. VicRichardson

    This is what made Sheffield great

    What a shame such a wonderful industry disappeared.
  3. VicRichardson

    The Wicker/Around The Wicker

    Wasn't Samuel Osborn's Rolling mill in the Wicker?
  4. VicRichardson

    Abbey Pub, Woodseats

    I remember it used to have a beautifully kept bowling green back in the 60's
  5. VicRichardson

    Have a look at this Sheffield photo..

    Yes I was thinking early 60's
  6. VicRichardson

    School Class Photos

    I was at Firs Hill from about 1951 to 55 would love to see any class photos anyone has from around that time.
  7. VicRichardson

    Nether Edge Grammar School

    I didn't go there but my elder brother Tony Richardson past his 11+ and went there, must have been about 1950.
  8. VicRichardson

    The Heartbeat nightclub..

    Name does not ring a bell, but I left Sheffield in 1965, where abouts was it?
  9. VicRichardson

    Victoria Hall

    My Gran used to be a cleaner at Victoria Hall back in the 50's and during school holidays I would go in to see her, I was fascinated by the huge organ in the main hall with the pipes going all round the place, never did here it played but must have been wonderful.
  10. VicRichardson

    Abbeyfield Park

    I went to Firs Hill School and always went down to the park at lunch time. The also had a giant chess board with big steel pieces you moved with a stick with a hook on the end. Spent many happy hours in that park as a kid.
  11. VicRichardson

    Van driven by blind man !!!

    I also remember being confused by the "A Blind man drives this van" when I was a kid, trying to work out how he knew when to stop and when to turn.
  12. Looks like Sheffield took quite a few hits, but it did give us somewhere to play as kids.
  13. VicRichardson

    London Ww2 Bomb Map Website

    I have found on my PC some old maps of where bombs were dropped on Sheffield
  14. I have already been to some of the forums which I have found very interesting. Just wanted to let you know some things about me. I was born at 61 Brunswick road in Pitsmoor back in 1946.I left Sheffield in 1965 and went to live in Leicester and married a Leicester girl and had two wonderful sons. We moved to Devon in 1978 where my ex wife and sons still live. I divorced in 1981 and moved to Africa to get a clean break. I have been living in Botswana since 1987.
  15. VicRichardson


    I found this very interesting, I'm sure I must know the man that wrote it as he was living there right through the period that I spent so much time there. Reading it really brought back some very happy memories.